: > My Main Account got banned This is, in most cases, why people create threads just like this. I bet you didn't feel this way when you were on your main account. In any case, where is your evidence to league dying? I see this everywhere and not one person has been able to come with statistics and evidence with numbers to support the case that league is dying. In 8 years of trying to find stats, I haven't found anything. I believe the only people who have these stats are Riot.
@Sinful Succubus Yes i got banned, but you should know, that my Main Account was Honor level 3. I can remember this one Guy, who was just provoking me the whole game. I had some bad Matches before and that was the Moment where I activated my Capslock and completly destroyed his life in the Chat. Before that i never really have written anything in chat. Most of the time I flamed IRL not in Chat. League is dying? How do i know that? Well I don't. I can't be sure, how many people are playing league right now. How many are quitting etc. no one can but just the fact, that those Videos from YouTubers and Streamers get so incredibly many likes is telling me, that something with league isn't the way it was before. Something is wrong... But since the "Chef" or a very important person in RiotGames stoped working or got kicked out, idk, The Game is starting to get better and since season 9 started, many newcomes are joining league. So the hope for a FUN game in the Future is given! Im actually kinda Hyped ^^ Answering after 6 Months... hahaha
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