Shapperzz (EUW)
: Ivern needs a new skin
I've also played a lot of Ivern games and i 100% agree with you. Sad thing for me: I also play Kindred and Taliyah a lot, Taliyah recently got the SSG Skin, which is Blue, remembers me too much of Freljord Taliyah. But yeah it's unfortunate when a champion you like lacks Skins. But how did they say in the past.... better nerf irelia... and better bring some more Annie skins... or have it been lux skins? anyway, both statements seem to be valid even today :p
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Tabaraette (EUNE)
: Draft/ranked champion select bug
Have exactly the same problem after spectating a game. For me it usually happens after spectating.
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: Quests in League of Legends
Well the thing is i really like the crafting system and combining the questing system with the Loot System would be awesome imo. i mean sure, key Fragments or smth would be nice too but for me it's clear that would be asked too much. But some Blue or Orange Essence are worthless on their own but can be combined with stuff from the looting system, which offers more choice to the player than simply doing those quests to... yeah.... well... get... another Summoner Icon. :O
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Allosen (EUW)
: Are there Problems with Logging In again ?
: Max. 3x Same Role in a row in Dynamic Queue
Well, the system is supposed to be: Focus on 2!! roles for ranked games, not only one.
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