: No it’s not, they are testing urf on the pbe but it’s not being released until later in the year
Ah, unlucky, bye bye league for 2 weeks ig
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neropa (EUNE)
: But can't you see other peoples comps anyway. Or do you mean something else. Also I often premade with my friend and we use discord so we would have the advantage (If there is one).
You can see them, just click on their islands located in the map, lol. you wouldn't see their buffs, but you can guess. (ex : zed + rengar + pyke + katarina + kha'zix, you can tell your premades that that specific person is running an assassin comp, so they can put their ADCs in the frontline and their Tanks at the back)
Nietaxel (EUW)
: Kicked out of voice chat after you lose
So you can't cheat and tell your alive friends the comps of the enemy teams :p annoying, but makes a lot of sense if you think about it, if they removed that, premades would have a slight advantage over other players. which would be unfair.
PsychoRex (EUW)
: Riot is back to its behaviour to not share anything about problems
Just look at this like a liiiiittle tiiiiiny vacation from LoL, this only shows how impatient and addicted you are to this game, It's a problem, they're fixing it, just give them some more time, they are not fkn robots. imagine if any of you were in their place, not only that they're under A LOT of pressure atm, you're literally making it worse, so dear human, stfu, and let them do their job.
Trixster (EUNE)
: NB3 received his own 14 days vacation
YES! finally, he deserved it
Cypherous (EUW)
: Make sure you have the game client excluded in any AV/anti-malware tools you have installed, this should help resolve the issue, also make sure you're running the game as admin if you have it installed inside program files
Thanks! I'll try that.
: I have a list of instructions for a permanent fix: 1. Pick up your desktop/laptop 2. Unplug and swing it round by the power cord 3. Throw it down the stairs at a 45 Degree angle 4. Place your bin/disposable container at the bottom of the stairs 5. Buy Tesla's flamethrower 6. Point at your bin/disposable container and pull the trigger 7. Sit back and enjoy a working league client from afar 8. Send a ticket to support and let them know you found a fix Hope the above helps {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Oh my god! It worked! not only you helped me fix my client, you also got rid of my addiction if this badly designed, life consuming game. Thanks man! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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: I second this ! Ap nunu is not optimal since you need to get close to people to deal your damage, so you'll end up dying a lot if you're squishy. There are also better AP junglers. That's why AP nunu sin't meta. But he isn't bad and playing him ap is not trolling as long as you know what you're doing and you're doing your best to win ! So don't mind those people flaming you and keep rolling snowballs {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Exactly, I played a game today with ap nunu, got fed. Then I was toplane and got focused by the enemy team and it took only 2 people to kill me even though I was 13/3. Maybe it was my build, or just that I'm very squishy. Do you have any builds that still allow me to get kills and survive teamfights? (and my playstyle is very very aggressive).
Pivo Andric (EUNE)
: Fps drops from around 6-7min to 12-13min
This is also happening to me, and yes it's in 3v3 too
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: We said the minimum is 100 tokens (10 token per red enveloppe) You got 100 in just one... How can you say you're unlucky? 1% chance means that you can get that only once every 100 envelopes opened.
I meant unlucky for being stuck with 90 and not having enough to buy an orb XD not about the 100 token one, I'm pretty lucky for that
: Yes ! He can get a minimum of 100 tokens to buy an orb
Not really, I opened one and got 100 one (1% chance as I remember) and bought an orb, the other missions gave me 10 tokens which ended up with me getting 90, so yeah. I'm just unlucky
: There are enough to get 10 red envelopes. All the missions details, dates and rewards are in this link : https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/special-event/learn-more-lunar-revel-2019
Which means the only thing that I can do to get more is either buy a pass or buy directly what I want from the store?
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