: > [{quoted}](name=4BLAZE2IT0,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UN2fF8Uu,comment-id=000200000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-29T09:20:31.176+0000) > > I will make sure every game I will be in is a loss. > Also since there is no real punishment system i can go ahead and do this. and since I won't say anything i will report the players talking to me so they will get banned. they become me... circle goes on. > > Fix the game. The circle doesn't go on because not everyone is like you. The only thing that require fixing that I see here is your behavior. And yes, if you try hard to make every game you play a loss, I expect your new account to be banned before lvl 10.
Lol dude I played 1 game on my smurf and I feed, 14 day ban insantly. But when sombody feeds my game? and goes 0 20 min 10 they walk away with 9 reports and nothing This game is shit, this company is shit Evrything about league of legends shall die soon, i shall pray for it. Tyler1 is not my idol or anything, i barely watch him. but as he said Fix the %%%%ing game i can't quit because i am addicted. well hope you all have a terrible day Shit company
: > [{quoted}](name=4BLAZE2IT0,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UN2fF8Uu,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-05-29T09:24:16.526+0000) > > Open your eyes.... I said no more then an average player. While I write my long comment you already had chats with others and I took at pick at them, you are tropical toxic and immature player, you got banned before, you say you tried to learn and you learn nothing because you are stubborn to understand advices adn to see what you did wrong. You are incapable of discussion on board where there's time, so I am 100% sure you are incapable of logic and reasoning inside game, you're that type of player that blame and if that person you blame replay with logic reason why he died, instead of realize he is right and maybe help him, you come back with things like stfu 1-3, or nice english, or x champion player talking. So hard for you to understand simple logic, permanent come after 14 days (which is last chance) so the smallest things get you banned because you are banned for all your recent history of toxicity not just the chat logs games ! and you reply "I said no more then an average player." You post here hoping people side with you (same as you ask in game the enemy for reports hoping people to agree with you that x player was bad) and when they don't you have agresive, or stupid comebacks, typical immature and insecure behavior that craves approval. stubborn, stupid, and with attitude
I like how you make a comment on who i am.... i am not this type of person at all, i get frustrated by these type of players and thos make me get the ban.... dude if you are here to come at me on a personal level????? Don't post then
: People keep complain on forum same as you, getting confused why so hard punishment as permanent ban is given for soft toxicity. Well it's simple it came after your 14 days suspension which was LAST CHANCE, so after the 14 days if you get reported and the report is valid, even if the infraction is minor you get permanent since after a long history of toxicity you just didn't learn and stop. So you can get permanent ban for less toxicity than the one that give you 10 days chat ban, but the punishment it's not only for that game(S) but for all history of past toxicity, that last game(s) just trigger the ban. Example of toxicity in your logs, for example in game 2 you cannot ask for report and haras Ryze, asking for report special to /all chat is very bad, is like assisting enemy team, you show them there's tension in your team and where to force to create more tension. (If I play mid and see that enemy top whine that he is camped by our jungle and his jungle doesn't gank, I immediately start to roam top with jungle for 3v1 gank, because if he is so mad that my jungle is ganking him which is jungle job, then he will be even more mad when mid is coming there also , and it does he usually end up saying "come all please, come more, report mid and jungle" well then game have already 20-30% more chances to be a victory) Why you ask for reports then say things like "please play I am in promo", so you harass somebody, humiliate your teammate to enemy, you assist the enemy showing them there's tension and to keep pressure mid, create toxic environment, but then you ask your team to play good and behave because you are in promo ? so you do everything you can to make game worse but expect game to be good ? If you care so much about the win that a bad player trigger you, and that you beg your team to play because you are in promo why you don't do EVERYTHING you can to win and create good attitude in your team instead of creating fights and blames ? you think asking for reports and speaking bad about a player to enemy chat will make that player to magical play good ? or take back the kills that he gave ? When i meet players like you that keep blame and ask for reports I think they don't actually want to win, they just need their report and if they have reason to report they feel warm and fuzzy inside and that's it, win is not important even they think it is since that's why they get triggered and angry.
Open your eyes.... I said no more then an average player.
: > [{quoted}](name=4BLAZE2IT0,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UN2fF8Uu,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-29T09:13:08.162+0000) > > Lol oke i have seen it all. im done..... Not sure how to understand this one.
I will make sure every game I will be in is a loss. Also since there is no real punishment system i can go ahead and do this. and since I won't say anything i will report the players talking to me so they will get banned. they become me... circle goes on. Fix the game.
: > [{quoted}](name=4BLAZE2IT0,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UN2fF8Uu,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-05-29T08:49:14.877+0000) > > 1 : i recieved a 14 day before yes. It was written that the 14 days was the final warning, and that further toxicity would result in a permanent suspension. You saw it right ? Now all we need to do is find some toxicity, and you'll know why you were banned. > [{quoted}](name=4BLAZE2IT0,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=UN2fF8Uu,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-05-29T08:49:14.877+0000) > > 2 : i dont see me calling out any names nor and i blaming. i am just reacting on what other people text me. on a slightly frustrated way. if i could i can make sure the others get banned for toxic, but my account is banned. Starters : 4BLAZE2IT0: nami lvl 7 4BLAZE2IT0: yuumi lvl 5 4BLAZE2IT0: nami is so bad and yet they win that lane => Soft blaming. You could get away with it if the rest of the logs were clean. They're not. Calling for report : 4BLAZE2IT0: report yuumi flaming me and now say i am tilting her xD => Useless and considered toxic by Riot. Return of the blaming : 4BLAZE2IT0: better mid wins] 4BLAZE2IT0: report ryze please this guy is hard eloboosted] 4BLAZE2IT0: 1 5 => That alone could get you permabanned after a 14 days. 4BLAZE2IT0: dude u are special boosted 4BLAZE2IT0: monkey => That too.
Lol oke i have seen it all. im done.....
: permanent suspension?
Somebody filter me what exactly got me banned please?.
: - Were you issued penalties before on this account ? - Do you realize your chatlog is toxic af (namecalling, blaming etc) - Tyler1 never saw any accounts that was banned back. He was previously banned as soon as an account was linked to him. This "autoban" (or ID Ban) is what was revoked.
1 : i recieved a 14 day before yes. 2 : i dont see me calling out any names nor and i blaming. i am just reacting on what other people text me. on a slightly frustrated way. if i could i can make sure the others get banned for toxic, but my account is banned. 3 : my bad...
: permanent suspension?
I want to let you guys know I had a permanent ban before, it was back in season 5/6. I learned from this and try to keep it easy. but with these bots filtering I don't even know what, it feels like I am completely restricted to talk anywhere on league.
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: if i look at your id will i see a 0% win rate to support your claim? if it's anything but 0% your argument is invalid
I agree i shouldn't say all games but more then acceptable.
: it's not skill gap it's tilt gap enemy team isn't tilted and is trying to play properly your team is tilted and doesn't care about playing properly and thus hard ints even if unintentional once in a while you have games where you get absolutely smashed for 20 minutes and then 1 fight just makes you win the game in 2-3 minutes most of the time the enemy team got extremely tilted and started arguing instead of salvaging the situation and winning regardless
Oke, but every game my team is tilted and even if nothing is said till minute 10 i still end up getting a handfull of garbage teammates.
: this crappy punishment system
100% agreed on this. Fix the game please.
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: They are not FORCING you. Nothing is going to happen if you don't flame. Maybe they make you WANT to flame, but no one is forcing you to actually do it. You decide that 100%. No one else. > i never recieve any report of them being punished You are generally not informed about other peoples punishment. There are those occasional report feedback pop ups, but you don't get those every time someone gets punished. Not getting this pop up does NOT mean no one got punished.
Thanks for explaining and I still think this is insanely stupid but why would you have that punish pop-up sometimes and not all the time? why would you make a half system for that :D
: > Now the question I have is why do I instantly recieve a 14 day suspension without getting a punishment before on this account? That happens when it's not just your everyday average toxicity but extreme toxicity. Stuff like racism, homophobic slur, sexism, telling other people to kill themselves, extreme insults, threats etc. > this will also mean if I have a bad game or tilt and get a report my account will be permanently suspended. Precisely. Keep in mind that no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to break the rules. It's 100% your decision. You can always decide not to do it. If you decide to do it...you know the consequences. Your decision, your consequences, your responsibility. > he punishment system is a little bit unfair It's not unfair. Everyone gets judged by the exact same rules and systems. Every player with the same history and violation as you would get precisely the same treatment.
The fact about nobody holding a gun is not true, my team is holding the gun and I get flamed on a lot and also a lot of racisms but i never recieve any report of them being punished?
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: Dont you think the system will be abused that way? Oh wait you only think about yourself.
Actually I hate it because not only does it affect me but it also affects my other teammates and enemy players... Don't make a conclusion if you are a %%%%head anyway :D
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: ranked solo/duo
I love it how no admin replied yet xD riot men this game you made is %%%%ing me over I tried so hard becoming really good spend so much time into different accounts because i was toxic and got banned. But this does it for me I tried playing trough these 100 games of hell you are giving me but I AM DONE Enjoy making this game worse then ever.
: By forgetting about others and focusing in yourself. EXAMPLE: Alot of times as a support you will have a bad ADC that cant position and will get himself killed, you will feel like there was nothing you could do about it but that is part of the game, you cant control elements out of your reach so control the things you can like your positioning, your trades, your calls the main word here is YOUR. Don't take this as me lecturing you just try not to think too much of your team, getting a trusty duo usually helps alot tho.
owh trust me i only work on improving myself but i can't 1v5 i need helpfull teammates and when they feed afk or do something stupid EVERY game i can't win a single one This is what pisses me off and i am not tilted (untiltable woopwoop) but i just hate it
Proppa (EUW)
: I just autofill'd supp.... The top lane GP was in Gold already. By 30min of the game, he only had 70cs...... Do some people intentionally lose games for some reason?
Exactly sometimes i feel riot is just placing bots or boosted players in my team so i lose?
DutchPro (EUW)
: What do you want to hear. Get the anger out and carry on. I lose around 10% of my games because of an afk or int. Everyone does. Flame can easily be countered by simply muting all, which I recommend to every player. People suck, get over it and move on. And if you still have a problem with it, nobody is forcing you to play
i got over it 10 times by now and evey game i start with a good mood but when you get a player in your team that feeds/afks/boosted etc.... how can you still keep focused.
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: ranked solo/duo
played some more today btw and first game i have 4 flamers second game afk THANKS RIOT REALLY NICE HOW YOU MAKE THESE %%%%ING QUES MEN KEEP UP THE %%%%ing WORK
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