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: FYI I am not a Rioter. However I think it needs to be said that while Rioters do read these forums they rarely respond. A post that is though through, well explained and can create a discussion is far more preferable and have significantly increased odds of a Rioter responding, or at the very least that it'll be read by a Rioter.
Ok, ty for your comment! I just feel that the game needs so much more features , i mean more fun/skillfull champions and some nice love on the menu overall , GGWP! p.s. skin system and more kick-@ss skins would also be adorable.
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: They do, but there aren't that many of them there on EU boards.
Would make me so happy , getting feedback from Riot , and actualy improve the concepts with great creativity. Thanks anyway, gotta keep trying
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