: A very small sample of people cannot login to EUW, so they disabled the ranked queue. Which automatically means loss prevented and half LP gain when you win a game. I tried to relog, and had zero problems. Hence I do not understand all fudge about this.
Yeah i saw something about that popping up just a few seconds on the site. unfortunate that my gain cut in half due to a small amount of players. :(
CS Primo (EUNE)
: I am supporting you at this 100%!I have personaly e-mailed RIOT suggesting that the LP should become a canon:+20 victory,-20 for defeat.No hidden mmr,no promos no nothing.With this way afk/troll/feeding becomes weakened as lost games can get insta re-gained next game.At the moment,if you win 9 and lose 20,1 troll/afk game means you need 2 games to reach your previous state,or even worse if they are met in promos,then need 5 games to regain the lost promotion!No promos too,you score 100 you promote,you score 0 you demote,simple and clean!Their answer was that they find my proposal reasonable and that I should post it here to see wether other players agree
Actually a smart idea, i support this!
: This is linked with your MMR. It seems i is too low for your rank. I got placed in Bronze I and get matched with high silver players, also gain 30 LP and lose 11-12, because I have High MMR for my rank.
How can my MMR be low with a 50 % winrate. (At the moment it's scetchy in Iron win 1, lose one, win two lose 2 for a couple of days). I sencirely i would be happy with +16 +17. I'm a decent player and a teamplayer, but what is a teamplayer without a team? I'm working hard for my wins and it's just so unsatisfying to get +9 for a dominant played game, evne in my losses i work hard, but is it really worth it if u get -21 -19 if you only earn +9, +17. The answer is clear to me no! And also i get teamed up with people around my rank (iron 2's 1's or sometimes 3's) so My mmr should be stable in my opinion. So i disagree with your standpoint, that it is to low for my rank.
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Sieptium (EUW)
: Odyssey bug?
Wtf, i just played odessy for the first time. and all my missions are gone. even my first win of the day one! and augment page is'nt loading for me either! Rito pls fix this sh*t!
4forks (EUW)
: 10 out of 12 of my runepages are gone, and i also have the emote problem.
Just restarted the client and the problem is resolved for me.
Manicen (EUW)
: Emote tab under "collection" displays all emotes as unowned.
10 out of 12 of my runepages are gone, and i also have the emote problem.
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Lleajy (EUW)
: > I MAKE mistakes thats why i'm more human then u will ever be Good one, I keep it in mind.
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Mabons (EUW)
This happend to me like 15 minutes ago, i don't know if the game is still going on cause i can't reconnect after league stopped working and i disconnected randomly. according to my lolsumo i'm still in the game :O
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: Hey Instaguard, We'll be able to fix the "see more stats" page when we release the client update in limited alpha testing on PBE. =)
Thank you in advance!
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: Client Bugged
Same here, first the download of the patch dropped to 0 kbps, and after i restarted my pc, i get a blackscreen. But the client is still patching so i hope it will fix itself
Hat (EUW)
: And then make one for supports and tanks too. And then make all other items a copy for each and every role and then everyone can do exactly the same!!
Ap supports can buy zhonya's after the utility items
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