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: When was the last time you played League? Not that it really matters, but I'm guessing it has been a few years at the very least. 1. There are no longer any "runes", the new system is called "runes reforged". All runes you used to own were partially "refunded", you can only purchase rune pages now. I suggest you read up on it here: 2. If you were inactive for a long time and someone else wants the name you used to have, you get a new name instead, so that people can't keep names for themselves forever, even if they don't use their account anymore. About you not being able to contact the Riot Support... I don't know what's the reason for that, I'm guessing the database and everything still needs to synchronize your account properly or something. You can try deleting your cookies and everything. Maybe posting something here fixed it. Waiting and trying again at a later time may also work. You should also install the new League of Legends client if you didn't do that yet: The new client should look something like this:
No, i've been playing everyday. I as playing today and all was fine, but i got disconnected and when i came back online i got this problem. ALso the name i have now isn-t mine and i didnt change it.
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: Also, in addition: if he wasn't online during 2017-2018 when Runes Reforged was launched, he didn't get his RR rewards/"refunds" yet. So he should consider writing to Player Support to get his missing stuff :) He can find the support page here:
I was playing a game, i got disconnecte and when i logged back i got all those problems... Like today.
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