: I didnt play back then, can you explain whats similar about the situation? as far as i know you could get any icon you wanted from the trynd/diana/riven event
Yes, but even back then there was a similar "voting system", players could vote for either Tryn, Diana or Riven (don´t remember what for anymore). If any of those champs would win the voting, players would get another special specific icon for that champ. Tryndamere won, and even though the other icons for Riven and Diana were there, players only received the winning Tryndamere icon and no other. So even as I would love as well to have that Riven icon, don´t think we´ll gonna get it if Yasuo won. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Hey everyone! Would you guys mind sharing what your ISP and country of residence is? **[UPDATE]** - 14:08 CET - Could you guys also give me the exact error message you've been getting? **[UPDATE]** - 15:15 CET - Ok, so here is a quick update. At the moment it seems like the issues lay with one or more ISP's or rather their backbone(s). I'll keep you guys up to date, you're not being ignored ;) **[UPDATE]** - 15:22 CET - Could you guys check if you're still experiencing issues and report back? It might have been fixed _(Fingers crossed)_ **[UPDATE]** - 15:44 CET - Ok, it seems the issues have been resolved! :D
Country: Italy ISP: Fastweb Error: Connection Error. Connection Failure: Unable to connect to the PVP.net server.

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