: > [{quoted}](name=50ShadesOfFlame,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=T6bAT7F6,comment-id=0000000100010000,timestamp=2016-03-21T13:32:32.353+0000) > > So all of a sudden you guys on the forums are 15 year old Expert politicians that can tell the future Of America's state ahead of time? > > I doubt selecting Trump will ruin the world, get opver your fantasy and stupid beliefs, > The UN exists for a reason... And what's the UN going to do when Russia or USA go to war with each other? Nothing. They just don't have the muscle for it.
Do you even know what the UN is and what they do? and LOL at America and Russia going to war with each other, the cold war is over buddy..
: > [{quoted}](name=50ShadesOfFlame,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=T6bAT7F6,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-03-21T11:52:43.040+0000) > > Is that why America has the most advanced military in the world? > Is that why almost everything you own is from and origanated from American corporation brands such as your phone, computer etc...? > tell me more about how dumb they are you racist.... it's cause they vote for trump and hillary for president:D you guys vote for warmongers for president...oh well...say bb to our planet. yes, you guys are dumb. like rest of the world
So all of a sudden you guys on the forums are 15 year old Expert politicians that can tell the future Of America's state ahead of time? I doubt selecting Trump will ruin the world, get opver your fantasy and stupid beliefs, The UN exists for a reason...
: Please don't take this the wrong way, but I would like to respectfully call bullshit on that. A _permanent_ ban is _permanent_ and _cannot be lifted._
nope, as i said, my account has been perma banned, contacted support later and they gave me a second chance and uplifted my perma ban...
: That doesn't make use good. Us is pile of crap. Such a messed up country.
USA is not messed up compared to countrys like Syria, Turkey and arabian countrys...
Ceiron3 (EUW)
: It's more advanced? Sure. Is it proven to be 100% correct? No. It's still a theory. I'm afraid you are judging others without any self-consciousness. Don't try to push your believes in others' throat.
How is it a "theory" you dumb nut? Its a fact that has been proven over and over again that the USA military is the most sophiscated in the world
: >#**Step 12:** Hm, maybe this guide doesn't work? You haven't got your account back. Oh yes, that's right, because permanent means forever. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Funny cos i managed to get one of my perma banned accounts un-banned a while ago xD
: Muricans are dumb. btw why are you posting this on a league of legends forum?
Is that why America has the most advanced military in the world? Is that why almost everything you own is from and origanated from American corporation brands such as your phone, computer etc...? tell me more about how dumb they are you racist....
muha321 (EUW)
: How was it last month if its in the March sales list? I dont get it.
: Got depression too, literally worst thing happened to me. It has teared me apart, I'm not going to school right now, I can't handle it, and it feels like I'm not trying to get cured... I want to get cured, but I have no energy etc to do all that. It feels like I'm stuck here...
i know what you mean, you have no motivation to even do the basic of things in life which sucks hard, talk to someone who can help you get to a physcastricst/physcologist to help you cure ASAP!
Zumpha (EUW)
: How to rank up to Silver?
change your mindset and learn to not even say a word in chat,no matter how bad it gets in game I used to be a hard flamer and got two accounts permabanned, but thats all change, im the complete opposite now, Ive come to realise its a waste of time flaming and typing rather then being active and reactive to the game Flaming also reduces your chances of winning by a shit ton! saying simple things like "WTF Akali" after she did a mistake is not helping and will in fact destroy team morale even if you think it doesnt matter in your POV, it does! (please take into account that everyone is soft skin) also pretty much play any role but support=get fed and you should carry even 4v5 in bronze/high silver, its really logical and simple and easy in bronze/silver elo games, SO many throws, enemys make so much god damn mistakes in lane, for example lux used her snare and missed you? go super agressive on her for at least 3 seconds then back off... etc
muha321 (EUW)
: Has PROJECT Zed skin been on sale aready?
i think you did miss it, it was on sale last month if i remember correctly sorry for you i guess :/
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Mepodis (EUW)
: Beat a season 3 challenger/lcs player :)
there not gods that cant be beaten you know, hell even as a plat player, i sometimes lose lane to golds/silver, although rarely ^^
: I've seen people have them like Pax Sivir...
pax sivir is my dream, to bad i have to pay 1k grand of real money to obtain an account with it xD
Anraton (EUW)
: Maybe you wanna tell me, how a smurf is detected? Because he has the playstyle of a pro?
amount of cs, towers taken on average, kda also as obviously on average a smurf will have a better kda then a new player W/L ratio, clicks per minute, pros tend to click a lot more then the average new player, build paths not being stale every game etc...
nôVá (EUW)
: Question about golden ingame summoner names
club tags, bottom right on client you can make one up, you need at least 5 people to join your club in order for your tag to appear in game. Enjoy!
Eveninn (EUW)
: Gooooooood monday morning everyone! \o
How to get mass upvotes as GPet: make a Thread about how great Monday is every week :?????? :Profit
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Kitsune San (EUNE)
: Hope you'll get to 999 wins with always a positive teammates! And also hoping for you to get your own 1000th win, with Red :P Or maybe i misunderstood you, and you already Got 1000 wins? Not really sure, it's late now and I'm half dead xD
"Hope you'll get to 999 wins with always a positive teammates!" considering a good 85% of games involves flamers or some kind, that statement was dumb ... xD
: Your experience with taking a break from LoL? (Considering it)
same boat, used to play hours on end until i went on vacation, and when i came back i played other games then league, now i hardly touch league purely cos of the BS current meta of adcs being two shotted by a bruiser with guinsoos and no couterplay (i main adc so i dont find this fun at all) honestly i made it to gold 4 on my main, but i never touch rank anymore sincemy overall skill has declined, the only times i jump on league is with friends now, or else i have no desire in playing, the game went downhill ever since the tank meta was introduced the game has been un-balanced by a long shot, always a bunch of champs that dominate with little counterplay but positioning. taking a break "backfired" in the sense i cannot play this game hours on end as i used to back in S3/S4 however some people state that taking a break can help , but that wasnt the case in MY EXPERIENCE!
Cosmick (EUW)
: I generally don't mind premades (Also do it myself occasionally), the only type of premades I do hate with a passion, is the type that que's jungle + bot, and then proceeds to totally ignore everything but bot lane, but it doesn't stop there. Once laning is over, those 3 continue to play for themselves, I've had games where I'd be the sole tank on the team, having the 3 of them literally right next to me in a brush while I was fighting 2 enemies.., I would either die or ult to escape with 5 health before they'd engage, and then they'd proceed to be toxic when they get ignored. Those types of premades are the truest form of cancer in the game, and truth be told.., if I could ff a game where my vote alone would make it so, I'd do it, just to avoid having to spend time with them!
yes, premades that play with each other instead of including the other team members to win are cancer!
TAV Fumes (EUNE)
: All these people on EUW be cryin' and I'm here like...
would rather have two days of having crappy servers then live on EUNE server trash
: I don't quite understand this
how the hell are we supposed to know when the servers are back to normal again when rito dont even update there bloody notifications?
: there is a difference between MS and actual Delay of the Server
^^this^^ i play at a steady 39ms, however when it reaches 90 ms, its because of ritos servers, in fact it doesnt feel like 90ms, more like 250ms
: Your position in Queue: 1. Approximate wait time: Calculating...
CV Cat (EUW)
: Extreme server lag on EUW
Melloi (EUW)
: Please EUW
please sue the shit out of them now, there fucking cocksuckers that dont do shit about the EUW population, just like yesterday...
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Shadòw (EUW)
: What is up with EUW in the last weeks?
there to busy sucking each other off at HQ, thats whats been happening
Unheil (EUW)
: What you're saying now is "players with better elo can instantly one hit you without you even having a way to counterplay". But that's obviously not true. If you're trying to say anything else, would you mind rephrasing your thoughts?
please stop being cocky, obviously a challenger can stomp a diamond player and anyone beneath them with ease, theres legit almost no counter play as a silver player playing against a master/challenger player... they have double your farm at 20 minutes, double your items hence double your dmg, they make minimal mistakes and throw leading to a 99% victory for them...
Solash (EUW)
: Dumb question but, a different Operating system shouldn't affect ping, should it? (FIXED)
: Just something about MKLol
its bannable even IF you dont use the cheating functions Its sad as youcan use the oficial riot skins, however it is bannable if you get caught
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: Is games less fun than they used to be?
video games used to be more time consuming and grinding (runescape, the simpson PS2, BAttlefront 2 , WoW to name the popular ones) games are moving to a much more fast pace rythm, as you can see from League, and even Starcraft 2 where those games are migrating to a much more faster pace game style where games generally last 10-20 minutes sooner then before, im not old (19 years old) but I do see the trend, I played video games since the age of 8 and I do miss those games where you can play hours on end grinding for one objecitve/achievement on runescape from mining one ore ^^
: same right now am plying rank lag AS fk
whats worse is that you dont get a "loss prevented" this rito are to busy sucking d!ck!
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Eveninn (EUW)
: I climbed from Gold II to Plat V with 41% winrate.
how can you climb with a negative win rate? i have a 52% win rate yet im still stuck in gold V
Funny Pato (EUNE)
: What skin to buy? HALP!
well you dont evn state your champs.. I suggest buy skins for your main :D or buy one for each role main champ
: It's not even part of his lore, people are just pissy because they can't fight Teemo. Now like "Better nerf Irelia", he became a running gag.
no, its just became the "norm" for league, hes the iconic image as to say, However teemo is no where near popular neither op at all in game anymore for a very long time....
: Is heroes of the storm good?
kind of, its a much simplified version of League there i no last hitting for gold, which imo made it boring when i played it Its basically league but in a team death match format '(kinda what you have in league bronze/silver elo lol) tbh i got bored of it, there is no purchasable items, which makes it even more boring, you basically roam around the map pushing and team fighting,sure its fun, but after 5 matches i got really bored from it :/
Yordle (EUNE)
: What's up with the new champion videos? Anyone knows?
it was a teaser for the new champio nthat got released: Jihn {{champion:202}}
o SmAs x (EUW)
: What happened to the laning phase...?
why does everyone expect that once you hit gold 5, plat 5 etc etc... the game magically drastically changes? it doesnt, from what ive experienced players are more mechanically in depth, then know how to win games faster after a team fight etc... HOWEVER there is still flamers, and down right retards and trolls that boosted their accounts from last season.. dont expect the game to be 'heaven' once you hit gold 5, sure its more fun and you have less retarded players, but still..
Sakal (EUW)
: Come on over to Diamond. We know how to play the game {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Press D to dance {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
diamond aka= half the player based is boosted kappa
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Kermode (EUW)
: gold 5 - ranked system in general
have to disagree, keep playing, i find games in gold elo a lot more enjoyable, (less retards, less flamers) players are more focused and team fights are really enjoyable compared to silver elo, where its non-existant and its mostly skirmishes and noobs geting caught left and right, which is why "noob" champs are so op in lower leagues (yi,kata, etc), im having a ton of fun with my kalista now that supports in gold are more cooperative with my ult in engages etc...
: Too Many Queue Dodgers?
tbh happens more in draft normals then in rank, draft is the worst, my record was 7 dodges in a row...
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