Kk4rol (EUW)
: Looking for Duo in silver
Yo man, I generally main sup, already just found an adc to play with, but more is better. I made a post, go check it. Add me on hdr0n.
DagOfBickss (EUNE)
: Wholesome dude right here
Yeah we had a game, worked pretty good.
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: buy 7 rune page bundle?
Honestly, I was looking at rune pages as well. BUT once I learned what the runes are all about (takes some time) and what I want on my champ, I usually just edit during champs select. Easy peazy. In fact I often change runes just due to the matchup, so having preset runes have become less and less valuable. (I'm still relatively new)
FugoMemes (EUW)
: Im trying to get into LoL but im getting depressed the more i play
Hmmm ok, if your sensitive to peoples opinions then this game will be bad for you. But honestly, why care what other people think of you. In my opinion, if somebody is flaming at low level, they have just proven they are pretty dumb. If you decide to smurf and don't expect newer players to be in the mix the joke is on you. You are the simpleton, not them. But seriously why give a hoot what people think? An opinion is like an @sshhole, everyone has one. If your new to the game you will improve, that is natural, however being a twat that spams pings and flames people makes you a d1ck and that is probably who you are forever. Feel free to type the following /mute all when the game starts. Yes communication is important, but...not at beginner level. Now you just want to focus on farming, not dying, pulling off your combos etc etc etc. It's pointless to be focused on the macro of the game if you dont have the basics down. So if you enjoy the game, cool, then just realize that you have to deal with humans...who are fickle at the best of times. Ignore or mute, but getting involved in arguments about a game is beyond counter productive, it's silly. GL. It's worth noting that after a while the game will start matching you with people of similar skill, allowing you to have fun a lot more, and get trounced on a lot less. PS: DOTA is as fun as lawn mowing imo.
: low elo
I play from south africa so unfortunately my ping is always bad. 200+. I rarely miss skill shots though, doesnt seem to affect me as much as I would think. I play on a gaming laptop so no framerate issues. Don't play ranked yet cos I don't feel I know stuff well enough yet, but I get matched with high bronze low silver usually.
: How to get honors without begging for it ?
I honor people almost every game, unless they were toxic or even just complaining in general. Sometimes I honor someone GG just for trying even though they didn't do particularly well. For some reason I get honored a lot, though I sparsely carry the game. Work with your team, help them, etc. Be positive in your play, not necessarily chat. If you see the team is a bit confused as to what to do, take the leading role, ping dragons, or ping isolated enemies, stuff like that, that often earns a leadership honor from someone.
: How do i win top lane?
Hey, I'm assuming your lower elo like me, the idea to "win" the toplane is as follows. Firstly you need to farm effectively. Jax is weakish early on, but scales hard, so around mid game when you have items (hence the farming) you are potent. However just farming is not enough, you also want to prevent your opponent from farming. Deny him as much farm as possible. If you allow the wave to get pushed into your tower, the tower will kill a lot of your creeps effectively denying you farm, so you really don't want that to happen. I play top quite a bit, and melee champs can be very challenging. Simply put there are a lot of times where they can counter pick jax with for example a ranged champ that will just poke you down. You want to be very weary of pushing past the mid way mark top if you don't know where the enemy jungler is. Keep checking your minimap, maybe you see him trying to gank bot, and that means you can "safely" push into the enemy tower. Watch out for mid as well. You can't rely on always playing jax top cos like I said he can easily be countered. Maybe get a backup champ like for example Jayce who can do ranged into tough matchups. Ultimately you want to scale to where your champ is strongest and then you want to get involved in other lanes, having the biggest impact possible on the game as a whole. It's not the junglers job to help you win the lane. Sometimes it's a really difficult matchup for your jungler, so he will choose to gank other lanes for example. Ward, ward and then ward some more. Personally I place a control ward closest to me, and I use my stealth wards deeper. If your in a stale mate top, try other things, like if your jungler is close, maybe coordinate an invade with him. Go surprise mid. If you have teleport drop into bot lane/dragon etc. Finally the best way to get an advantage is obviously by killing your opponent. Even when I play a passive champ, example malzahar, I will constantly look at damaging my opponent, which will either a) lead to a kill on him or b) force him to back making him loose farm. ;)
pikalov3r (EUW)
: can we talk about attitude towards junglers
I jungle quite a bit and have read up some good advice on jungling. I'm definitely not high elo, but I have had some good success following some simple principles. Firstly, you have to understand your matchups. Depending on who you are playing, sometimes there are lanes you just can't gank, especially early on. Don't force a gank when you are hard countered there, you will just die. Some junglers need to farm hard before they become useful. That said it's important to remember that ganking doesn't necessarily mean that you make a kill. If you can burn their flash of even just chunk some of their health bar this is a win. Cos it helps that lane towards getting on top of his opponent. If you have a good chance of getting killed don't use your movement abilities to engage, even if you just land some aa's, then escape with your movement ability, especially if there is a chance you get counter ganked. If people start whining about wanting ganks I mute them, plain and simple, it's distracting and gets you nowhere. It's often more useful to gank lanes that are winning instead of trying to save a lane that is losing, because your chances of success is far better and ultimately you want to scale to become a power house (in most cases) and also you're helping said lane snowball. Dont deviate from your pathing just because people are pinging like crazy. This is inefficient and will put you behind. Ultimately you need to stay relevant in regards to level and items, or you will become useless. A lot of angry kids complain that you KS when you gank. Mute them. If you kill the enemy as a result of your gank, its your kill, they can find a bridge to jump off. Communication definitely helps, but whining and complaining does not, rather mute and go about your business in silence. NEVER rely on the laner to help you. EVER. If you can't gank with relative safety without the help of the lane, don't gank. That said you will soon realize when a laner is 'switched on' and does indeed assist you well with the gank, guess what, that lane will see many more ganks cos the chances of success are better there. :)
: Good choice. Katarina is great at carrying games. Keep practicing her and you will eventually be able to win lane and oneshot everyone. Her pre level 6 is weak so focus on farming to level 6 as fast as possible. Having high farm is key to staying relevent in a match. As an assassin midlaner, you should look to roam to top or botlane after pushing the wave into the enemy tower. To summarise it: •Focus killing minions in the earlygame •try to get kills on the sidelanes when your minions are at the enemy tower or when the enemy mid is missing. •Buy control wards Getting XP is the most important thing. Make sure you play the game a lot to learn more about it.
Also, worth noting, that if you absolutely hate master yi like me, and you have the oppurtunity to counter pick him, get Jax, he murders master yi. And of course if you want to play master yi, then you should ban jax. :) Jax is also a hyper carry, so if he gets fed, he will basically one shot most champions (and generally mid to late game his very strong). His abilities are also easy to use, no complicated stuff.
: what are those champs that you choose when you level up?
Lol, ok dude I understand what you mean. You DO get the champion, and its free, and permanent. To unlock it go to the top right of your screen, you will see there is a square icon, next to the coins icon. Click on this. This is where all your lootboxes, skins etc go. You will find the champion there that you can now unlock for free, or if you wish, you can disenchant it into blue essence.
: TeamFight Tactics - Mid to late game advice
Yeah like has been said its because your economy sucks. So basically DO NOT refresh, at all. You build up your gold until 50, then you use the excess for rerolls and for leveling. You can basically buy one or two level up points and refresh a few times after you have 50 gold. Don't drop below 50 until the very end (be it you have no hp left or you are in the last 3). Stop worrying about getting level 3 champs, especially early on. If a champ comes up that you need buy it, but don't refresh. Don't go into the game with specific champs in mind, play the cards you are dealt so to speak. Try focus on getting your synergies going before you worry about getting a champ to 3rd tier. Don't worry about losing games early on. It happens, doesn't mean your gonna lose the match, trust me.
: I think this is very helpful thank you. So, no mid or ADC - check. I could try Teemo and Darius, but Malzahar plays mid so I won't give him a try I guess. I noticed you didn't mention tanks at all - why is that? Do you think they need to play aggressively or they are just irrelevant? "zerging" didn't know this word, thanx :D
malzahar can play top too, just has mana problems early on so you have to be a little conservative with mana. He is not mobile though and squishy so you can bet the jungler will be coming for you sooner rather than later. He can farm really well if you know how to utilize your purple plague and your monsters. Still ultimately after 6 you will be looking at killing your opponent if you can. Darius is an aggressive champ, he wants to bully his opponent if possible. I just don't think that playing passively is the answer, although some champs have to in the early game to get items, they will eventually become powerhouses and try kill everyone, going from passive to a royal pain in the enemy's arse. Regardless if your lane opponent sees you avoiding fighting he's likely gonna start bullying you. Best to be the one doing the bullying. ;) Illaoi is a really good champ, has ranged abilities, difficult to kill, doing her own thing most of the game, but she requires practice and knowledge to play well, and also, she is a lane bully, your always looking to damage your opponent.
: Items in TFT
Pretty much what Doom said. From the start you can "choose" one item. Pay attention to the carousels cos sometimes there is a completed item there. Of course, if you have been winning then you have less chance of picking up the item you want. You can see the item list here [link](https://www.naguide.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Teamfight-Tactics-Items-Cheat-Sheet.jpg)
: Since the oracle lens denies vision the enemy can know that someone is passing through but they won't know who and they can't see it on the minimap.
ok cheers, this is sort of what I'm after. So for example, when I jungle, I can trigger the lens and come down the river. If the river bush is warded they WILL NOT see me, but if they are observant they will see the ward deactivating. So it is a valuable tool for ganking, not just removing wards. And further if that is the case, I shouldn't destroy the ward, just go past it.
Εlin (EUW)
: what is a good tanky support?
I would definitely say nautilus. He has a lot of + points. His basic attacks stun, his ult can knock up the entire enemy team, he can shield himself. He has mobility, cos you can use your hook to pull yourself to terrain. Like others said, morgana is your ban here cos she can stop your cc. A very unpopular champ, that works for me if I have a high mobility adc (like for example kaisa) is Galio. Thresh is good but in my opinion jut doesn't have the cc lockdown like nautilus does. He has medium range basic attacks though. However his hook is very telegraphed.
Silkdawn (EUW)
: TFT, the good bad and ugly.
I have done a few experiments with this mode. I have done things like 6 assassins, 6 yordles and some other combinations. After quite a few experiments I have started to care far far far less about items. I use them when I get them, or course, but have won games regardless of whether I had lots of items or not. I have won games without having a single tier 3 champ (gold). I have won games from losing every single one until I had like 15 hp's. I have won games where more than half of my team was still tier 1 (bronze). One way I haven't won any games is by not paying attention to the synergies and classes. This is all I care about really. Do yourself a favor and try going 6 yordles. Man it's OP AF. They hardly ever hit you. Tier 3 assassins jumping all over the show and basically never touching your backline. It takes a few games to get to know what item combos do etc. But honestly you can look it up over the net, and there are really not that many. If it was all straight forward it would just be boring. That said its often very useful just to stick an item on a champ for logical purposes without necessarily upgrading it. Example, you have a garen. Either sticking a giants belt, armor, or even a tear of the goddess on him is useful. We have discussed it in another thread and it would seem that tier 1 to 3 champs will be in the list early and then after like the 2nd or 3rd carousel you wont see them much anymore. This is because there are a limited amount of each champ and other players have them (kinda like a deck of cards) What DOES happen however is that if a player is eliminated their champs go back in the pool so you might see them again. Also obviously later on in the match you find the higher tier champs. So, in other words from a strategic point of view you want to start collecting whatever combination your going for early, and get the higher tier champs later on. Lets say for example you want to go yordles so you make sure you are picking up tristanas and lulus early on. Cos you will most likely not see them later. Managing to get enough of one champ does NOT determine success as I pointed out above. Ideally you want them at least silver, but even that is not strictly necessary. Regarding the carousel, if I have lost a lot, then I will pick up something I am after. But when I have been winning a lot I often don't even pay attention too much and sometimes just takes whatever it gives me. Or I will pick the highest tier champ and sell it for the extra gold if I need it. I have uses for pretty much all the items so I rarely fret about that. (I used to) That said I also think there are some balancing issues, in regards to rng items and champs. But also the bonuses you get from classes can be quite insane.
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: It's just that I have seen stuff in the past like you know the usual "Kill yourself, get cancer, your mother is bla bla" and etc. It's just that I have never been smacked in the face with such negativity in each game. I guess I will have to stick with aram for now.
Man ARAM is great for playing around with champs, and getting to practice their abilities, BUT for a lot of champs it's much easier to get a good result on using a ability than it would be if you had one or two lane opponents. Just mute everything if it bothers you, from the start, don't even wait for the flaming to start, just mute all from the start. Now you just focus on getting gold and xp. Personally I found around level 20 something I was starting to get matched with players more around my skill level. I still have games where I just can't do anything against my opponent. Search for builds on a champion you want to play, then also read up what all the items and runes actually do. Also make sure you read what each of your abilities do so you can sort of draw a mental pic for yourself in how you would utilize it. Not all the people are toxic and I have actually had quite a few much higher elo players friend me after and give me tips on what I did wrong afterwards. And this is after games where I got murdered hard, like 18 deaths.
MagicTS (EUW)
: Am I shooting myself in the foot by focusing on two lane positions?
Hey man, from a personal point of view (also new) what I have been doing is playing all roles and as many champs as I can. My reasoning is that it's the only to get a 'big picture' of how the game works. For example, if you only play top and don't understand what or how a jungler does things then this puts you at a disadvantage from the point of view that you know far less about when or how the enemy(or your) jungler will be in your vicinity. I play as many champs as I can because I want to have some sort of understanding of how their kit works. When I just started man, I came up against some strange champs like camille and just got murdered cos I didn't know what she was capable of doing or what her weak points are. What her cd's are like, what sort of damage she is putting out etc. Of course this is very much a work in progress, but I have a far better idea of how to deal with things than I did. Of course you would learn this anyway over time, but it'll be much faster if actually play a champ and/or position. It's also not just knowing what the enemy is going to do but what your team mates can do. This is critical in chaining abilities in team fights. Furthermore I have found champs I really like that I didn't think I would, by playing them. Seeing them played doesn't give you a feel for it.
Shizu99 (EUW)
: Hahaha will try!
Yeah he seems to be a natural counter to mordekaiser. He is simple to play but is difficult in the sense that you have to time your abilities well. If he ults and you ult he cant kill you, also you outdamage him, I just walk up to him and smack him silly. He's really strong all round and a late game monster, just really doesn't like hard cc. As a sidenote Vayn is also meant to be a hard counter to mord. Though I don't play her, so can't say forsure, but I have seen her rip apart mord more than once.
Shizu99 (EUW)
: Why am I being matched with high level people?
Get yourself tryndamere and demolish mordekaiser, he will ult you once then stay well clear of you :D
AtomiXX420 (EUNE)
: Should i play ranked?
Bro I can only give you my opinion on why I WOULDN'T play ranked. First off, when you play ranked, you clearly want to win. Do you know what all champions can do? What their power spikes are and when to be careful of them? If the answer is no, then why would you want to put yourself into the prime competitive mode with (possibly) a major disadvantage (by not knowing what to expect from enemy champ)? If you feel you have a basic understanding of all the champs, then why not... Otherwise, as the saying goes, you're going in half cocked, even though you might be fairly skilled, just your ignorance will be your downfall. Make sense?
: yep, my question was only about exp, thanks
Bro regardless of everything everyone else is saying(not saying they are wrong), as far as I know, the xp for a monster kill will remain the same across the board. I think it scales with game length. However, when you think about it rationally, you CAN get more xp by items. Not from any individual monster kill, no, but the speed at which you clear your jungle and are on the prowl to setup a gank for example. THIS is how you get an xp advantage over your jungle opponent. Regardless, if you upgrade your jungle item in order to cast smite on enemy champ, this gives you a huge advantage in ganking situations. Often all you need is one or two AA's to finish of the enemy, that slow will make it possible. I'm not saying that anything any of the others is saying is false, but the junglers I play(Elise, warwick, jax, sometimes pantheon and even tryndamere make a great jungler) that bit of slow on the enemy champ makes a huge difference in securing the kill. I'm also fairly new, and have found endless info on the net helping me by explaining most advantageous jungling paths for example.
: need answer about jungle item
Bro, you can look up the items in game, there are advantages to upgrading for sure, one being that you can now cast smite on enemy champs. If you go Collection, items, you can see all the items and more importantly set up item pages for your champs so you don't have to browse in game. ;)
: can supports ward more than twice u can't ward more than twice even if u have more wards than everyone i think
You can have three active stealth wards. You can also have 1 active control ward per player. So in effect a support MIGHT have three stealth wards placed, one control ward, and can have an oracle lens as well.
: are stealth wards visible the 1st second u place it to enemy close to it or always invisible
K man, so to clarify. Stealth wards (the yellow ones) become invisible after like 1 second. You cannot see them. Support items gain a bunch of wards after they complete quests, so a good support will ward lots of places. The yellow wards have a limited life span. You can upgrade these for free at lvl 9 to the blue ward. They have a much further cast range, and last indefinitely. They are visible to enemy if I am not mistaken. The way you combat stealth wards is by either a) getting a oracle lens, which will disable and reveal the stealth wards or any other wards. You can then destroy them. These are most useful to champs that roam a lot, like a jungler, or maybe a mid, b) you can purchase control wards. Control wards last indefinitely and will disable other wards. They are visible to enemies and can be destroyed. So you want to place these in bushes. I play support sometimes and I would generally buy a lot of control wards, otherwise my jungler wont have any success coming to help bot. By the time I have quest completed I can place up to three stealth wards anywhere I want. This I will try and place to warn of enemy jungler approaching. Of course they might have an oracle lense and disable it. Oracle lens is also a must have vs teemo, so you can detect the damned mushrooms and destroy them. However it replaces your yellow or blue ward. So you're gonna want to buy control wards to place to guard against jungler. Hope that helps mate.
: I think it's: https://images.ctfassets.net/z1yb6g2ffrt0/4Hl1E0IlBEU167LV5RPdFz/bd1172e023c05041c92f1fbf42613816/champion-probabilities.png So for ex. for tier 3 there being 21 of each champion in the pool and a 3-star taking 9, that would mean 2 people could have a 3-star of that champion only if there's at most 3x 1-star or 1x 2-star of that champion among the fields and benches of all other active players...
Interesting table, is this factual, or is just an aggregation made by somebody?
: Any chance of the perma ban experiment coming back?
For what it's worth, from being toxic... If you let your emotions take control you will obviously just play worse. Not just that, but you wreck the game for other players. Mistakes are made, and people have bad days. Very few people actually intentionally die, or do the "wrong" thing. They are trying to play well, and they are also trying to win. The other team is in exactly the same boat, it helps to remember that. They make mistakes and feed you maybe. Ultimately it's a game and you do it for your enjoyment, if you are spoiling the enjoyment for yourself then whats the point? You just going through the motions at that point. It's now a habit, so to speak. If dumb things happen, laugh at it. :) If the person keeps doing it maybe tell him HOW and WHEN to do his combo, he will probably appreciate it, and even if he is defensive and starts flaming you, chances are he has learned something. I dunno man, if your accounts are being banned, then the fault lies with you alone, and that is where you should be looking. That is my opinion. HF dude.
: I think I read somewhere that there's a shared pool, so if a bunch of the opponents are trying to 3-star the same champion as you, odds are none of you will get it, since there just aren't any more of them in the shop pool. And I think after a player gets eliminated, their champs get put back in the pool.
Well, that sure is interesting. And also that could explain why trying to complete your 3rd tier Darius becomes so difficult later on. Kinda like a deck of cards. This opens up a whole new tactical perspective...
: Why does everyone flame riot in boards?
Wow hahaha, that message is pretty intense. Think he burst a vein in his head typing that? :D I suppose it's the same lot that flame in game. Spoiled brats. Snot nosers. Whatever... Despite all their rage, they are still just rats in a cage :D
: Do you have any good advice on positioning units ? I struggle to protect my ranged unit(s), for example. I tried placing tanks before them but when the match begins the tanks rush forward instad of defending and the opponents assassins dash next to my ranged. Am I doing something wrong ?
This is part of why I say assassins are op. However, one thing you can do is put a phantom dancer item on your critical backline champs, this way the assassins cant crit them. I have tried a few other things like dropping a cc unit behind my backline. Example chogath. Often the assassins attacked him first, but if the enemy has a lot of assassins some will still jump on your backline units. I generally position my 1-3 tanks, depending, right in the front, and immediately behind them I put my ranged champs, not all the way to the back, it takes time for the champs to move between squares, so if your tanks kill their frontline, they can turn around and start attacking much sooner. You only defense against assassins is either hard cc (eg. Chogath) and the phantom dancer might keep you alive long enough to kill them or for another champ to help. As a tip it's quite useful to put a tear of the goddess on like a chogath, cos he will then cast his ult much much sooner. The disadvantage is that if they have no assassins chogath needs to move into melee range of an enemy and he might not ult at all before it's over. Not the perfect answer I'm afraid, I'm no expert, but I hope it helps a little :)
: Sure I just finished 2nd place with glacial/elemental All units on silver, shojin spear, morelloes and deathcap on brand IE on ashe and a warmorgs on seju, sadly I lost due to the last opponent having 5 gold units while I needed only one more brand, volibear and one more Lissandra to get 3 Star units myself. I feel like if the enemy just had one golden unit less or if I had 1 - 2 of my carrying units to gold, I would've been able to finish first place, but well RNG just %%%%ed with me that game. Luckily Riot did consider that you don't need to finish on NR 1 place to get a victory, still having to put up with loosing with a really good teamcomp and decent RNG to a person who barely has any teamcomp at all, the only buffs being shapeshifter on 3 characters and wild on 3 characters, the rest was carried by him having (even hightier) gold units which only left him with 3 silver units. I had full 6 Glacial, Elementalist, ninja on Kennen and and the Guardian buff with Braum and Leona. This is usually the best kind of RNG you can get on average, the items could be a little bit better. It's just straight up frustrating that even if you get for once THE best dreamteam comp with insane RNG, a bit above average items and you still end up loosing the last 2 rounds and dropping out as 2nd just because in that ONE time you get the best RNG in a big while, there comes up another guy with slightly better RNG. I'm not saying the RNG is a bad thing, since I and other people still succesfully finish 3rd place or above majority of times, I just feel like this game to be a little bit more consistent and more strategy based (instead of just praying to RN JESUS) Class and Origin buffs SHOULD be stronger than random no synergy Gold units. The games name is Teamfight TACTICS and not Teamfight BLESS RNG AND GOLD UNITS. The game is still in the beta and I do believe Riot will be going to adjust the numbers so that it takes a bit more skill instead of luck to consistently win games, especially since they planned to release a Ranked mode for TFT. People could be arguing "wäääh but class and origin buffs are dependend on RNG aswell" - Yes they are, but it's possible to consistently pull off good comps with good buffs by being able to adapt to what RNG is giving you. The game just needs to be tuned down in terms of highrolling a bunch of golden units which have so much more tankyness and damage that even good builds will loose. Even almost perfect placed board makes you loose, it looks a little bit closer to win but it's nearly impossible by human capabilities to find this ONE sweet spot on board positioning you know how to beat your oponent with.
Yeah man I agree. I think there are some balancing issues. I feel assassins are very OP. Some units like draven can just wreck a whole bunch of other, higher tier units. I know cos I've done it. If he has life steal and attack speed. Krikey! So yeah I agree some things need to be addressed. I have instances of not getting a single item from the first three vs AI rounds. I have killed the dragon and gotten no item/s. From that aspect I rate they gotta look at it, and also some champs seem very op. I have never done a full glacial build but found, personally the first tick in that class is very underwhelming.
5tr1f3 (EUW)
: For those who need a little bit of help in TFT
Also, just to clarify a bit what I mean by gold. If you see a champ you need buy him/her, obviously, but if you don't reroll pretty soon you will be over 50 gold. So every start of the round you have like 60 something gold. If my setup is currently winning, I pump the excess gold into leveling, so I can at least, field around 8 champs come the later rounds. I try not to drop below 50 gold for the interest you get, but sometimes do cos a champ comes up I want. I get so many rerolls mid late game, I struggle to use them all before the round begins :D. Once I see there are like only three players left or so, I will blow most of the gold to hunt for the upgrades I would like. I will hang on to at least 10 unless my hp is so low that a next round defeat will eliminate me, then I blow it all.
: Sadly RNG is often a thing that decides the lategame. I'm winning 80 - 90% of all TFT matches I play, since getting under the first 3 counts as a victory. More than half of the time I finish at rank 1, the only times I don't is when RNG is screwing me over. Not to say getting under top 3 isn't bad, since it counts as a win like I mentioned before, but it's just really frustrating if you end up 2nd or 3rd just because this one guy got 6 3Star units. Even with the dreamteam comp of as example Glacial/elementalist or Sorcerer/Dragon with maybe 1 - 2 units on 3 stars and perfect Items, beating over 5 3Star units on the board will be way to close
> [{quoted}](name=Arzo Reborn,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=oyfE5Jv4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-30T10:54:53.447+0000) > > Sadly RNG is often a thing that decides the lategame. > > I'm winning 80 - 90% of all TFT matches I play, since getting under the first 3 counts as a victory. > > More than half of the time I finish at rank 1, the only times I don't is when RNG is screwing me over. > > Not to say getting under top 3 isn't bad, since it counts as a win like I mentioned before, but it's just really frustrating if you end up 2nd or 3rd just because this one guy got 6 3Star units. Even with the dreamteam comp of as example Glacial/elementalist or Sorcerer/Dragon with maybe 1 - 2 units on 3 stars and perfect Items, beating over 5 3Star units on the board will be way to close I don't disagree with you at all. There is simply no way to win every single game, because of RNG. However, you can vastly improve your chances by following some steps I mentioned. As In poker, you CAN work on the odds of being successful. Not really rocket science. Tier one champs you have much better odds of seeing them up to mid game. Tier 3 champs are generally seen throughout the game. Legendary tier(the orange ones) are extremely rare and you will only generally see more than one of them (on average) very late game. (After the dragon). And so on. This should help you determine what your odds of success are going to be when setting up a comp. Too much emphasis is placed on getting champs to gold. I have won a few games without having a single gold champion, but I had good synergies. I'll give an example of a comp I have used successfully (1st place) a few times, without any gold tier champs, and with limited items. Frontline Darius - Kayle, Akali, Evelyn, Rengar, Katarina, Pyke, Khazix. So here I have 4 synergies going. First, Knight(Darius-Kayle), Imperial(Darius - Katarina) and a maxed out 6 assassins, and of course, Akali being the sole ninja. Items I had, Static shiv(kattarina) , The attack slow buff on Darius(armor + Tear of G), darius also had a suit of standard armor. Katarina(Tear of G). The banish item on evelyn, and the silence item on rengar. I wasn't very lucky with items, or in fact rolls of champions. I just tried to have darius tank as much dmg as possible, and once katarina and Akali's ults went off pretty much everything was dead. Just an example :)
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5tr1f3 (EUW)
: What to do when you are clearly matched against a highly skilled smurf? Also what is inting?
Cheers guys, thx for the info. Some stuff I def didn't know or think about. I think I understand what you mean by the wave manipulation. I have been explained how to freeze a lane, so I get how to do that. I have mostly been playing sup, and also some jngl and top. I'm not really sure what role is best for me, I have a few decent games on sup. And if I get to play warwick I guess I can pass for a semi - competent jungler. Top I have had a very mixed bag, but I think it's cos I feel I have to pressurize my opponent somehow. But again thanks for the input.
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: So much Toxic players
Its quite bizarre really. I just played a game where an irelia was flaming pretty much everyone, for once I had a top laner and a adc who were clearly new. I was doing semi ok as WW, so I explain to her that shes smurfing and should expect new players to be inbetween the gazillions of smurfs. She then proceeds to complain about how we can't win because they are feeding. DID I JUST NOT SAY there are new players. I honestly wonder about the intellect of these people. Selfish, clearly pretty stupid and absolute no control over their emotions. That said it helps to just mute your entire team from the get go. Especially if you just want to concentrate on the basics.
: So much Toxic players
This game is the least friendly game I have ever come across, I'm also new. What makes it infinitely worse, is that you simply cannot find any games without it being smurfs only, most of whom had their accounts banned , prob for toxicity. I have basically met 2 players who were not complete and total @holes. Still, they were smurfs. The smurfing is the problem, no doubt about that.


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