Morrhen (EUW)
: First of all, thank you for taking a bit of time replying in such detail. Really appreciate it. I found that stacking Dark Harvest with Neeko is considerably easier than I thought. Since every single of her abilities is an AoE (well, with exception of her W). In early game, she doesn't need burst daamage, since her combo of E and Q can go through minions and deal... a lot of damage, if ADC follows up. Meaning she can reliably harvest one soul. Reset it with takedown and then go for second one. On average from all 3 fights I tested this on, I got around 15 stacks in 20-25 minutes. (Can't say how it would perform in ranked environment. I just play normal blind for fun) To put you in perspective what this stupid build does :D You start as support and take its item. You rush Rod of Ages for 400 mana, 500 HP and 100AP. Free stats on top of getting a bit of healing/mana from passives. Then you follow up with boots of mobility. After that, getting a Deathcap is essential for doing damage. Without it, build fails. At this point, my supp item is upgraded to give Hp and 60AP. Combined with Deathcap and Rod, you get around... 500AP. What you do to finish up the core items is buy Warmog. This basically allows you to permanently roam and freely engage. Makes running away from enemies easier, makes charging in with her ult easier and makes her a bit more resilient to ADCs and Assassins peeling off her HP. On top of getting healed to full after 7 seconds or so :D At this point of the game, I have 500 or more AP, over 3000HP: Usually, I dont get to a final item. But the final one is a tech against enemy teamcomps. For healing team, its Morello. For tanky team, its Liadrins torment For mobile team, its crystal scepter. As for runes, I'm taking Dark Harvest, Cheap Shot, Eyeball collection, Relentless hunter (combined with boots, it gives me around 485 movement speed without my W). Secondary ones being demolish for splitpushing and early plate removal. To top if of, Overgrowth for passive HP gain, since with Neeko i roam a lot. Of 3 games i tried out, I got S, S+ and A so far. Two of the games being 4v5. Lost one, won one :D Do you think Electrocute is still better or should i stick to Dark Harvest?
Well if you harvesting stacks easily then use dark harvest. It will do more burst late game for sure, but you need a good amount of stacks. Ultimately if you looking for maximum burst then dark harvest will be better, as long as you farm them stacks. I don't know about your warmogs, it's really a tank item, and you will probably be better off with something like banshees veil, but ok, whatever works for you
Morrhen (EUW)
: Electrocute vs Dark Harvest on Neeko
I don't play neeko, but a couple of things to consider. You need to get a lot of stacks in dark harvest for it to compete with electrocute. Dark harvest cannot compete with electrocute early on. Dark harvest is a maybe, if you can't reliably get stacks don't bother. Electrocute requires you to make three attacks fairly quickly, so if you regularly do this, great stuff. I can't remember exactly what it was, but I think you need minimum 20 stacks at lvl 18 to compare with electrocute damage. Personally I only use dark harvest on champs with good long range abilities, so I know I can harvest a stacks when it's available. On the other side of the fence, if you are running support you have two champs to harvest from, so there's that. In a good game, I have harvested 50+ stacks before which is totally worth it, but I feel I want to harvest minimum 30 in an ordinary game. Furthermore electrocute scales better off your AD/AP than dark harvest does. (Hover over the runes and read the tooltips). I have seen so many kayn's running dark harvest to zero effect. End up with like 15 stacks and they miss out on farm, chasing after stacks. Tho I'm sure there are high elo players that manage to make this work, in my elo they fail rock hard. If they went electrocute they wouldnt need to worry about stacking. Lastly the cooldown on DH is considerably longer than that of electrocute, which is off set by a 'reset' on DH when you get a takedown. I guess find what works for you, use both in a few games and see how your damage from the rune is looking afterwards. I reckon the majority of the time you probably gonna get better results with elec. ;)
: > [{quoted}](name=Muwatallis,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=nBirwwW9,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-11-22T11:27:19.045+0000) > > Inting means intentionally feeding, i.e. it's something you have to consciously try to do. Presume you mean how to avoid feeding more generally? Sorry my question should be how to avoid feeding without noticing it.
Well a little bit of help I can give you from a noobs perspective. When you starting in lane, primarily you are concerned with getting last hits on creeps. Your opponent will be trying to do that too if he wants to make money. If and when you can, frustrate his efforts to farm, and try and make sure you get as much of your last hits as you can. If he is ultra aggressive allow him to take some minion aggro early on, and keep luring him out, but stay out of range. When you play jungle and you see this happening (provided you peek at the map every now and then) this is an attractive gank. In the end you need to work on your money making, and trying to deny the enemy money. This way you might have an item advantage which changes everything. ;)
: League new player experience is an actual joke
Havin started a little while back I can tell you this, you gonna struggle a lot, you gonna get a bunch of 'bad grapes' as players making new accounts cos of getting banned. You will see it will level out somewhere between lvl 20 and lvl 30. Now you will get a lot less smurfs and you can start actually being competitive. It really sucks, I know. They should figure out how to deal with banning properly. Allowing a banned player to create a new account is counter productive. Also, seeing as how they allow creation of new accounts, they should just allow it proper by having an option to create a new account on the same email etc. Like this they can have 10 placement matches (plus of course data from your previous account) so that if the person belongs a bit higher, they can place, and if they just frustrated they will drop back into the elo they belong. All advice I can give you is use the opportunity to explore as many champions as possible, and all the position you can play, try them all with multiple champs. READ. Just read up on a champ before you play pvp with it. Watch a few videos, this will give you a great idea on combos and positioning, as well as farming techniques etc. Pay attention to how they do the small things, not the kills. Then you have a few rolls of ai adept difficulty. You should be able to steamroll the ai, if you can't, you are not ready for pvp with that champ.
: Wich champ is harder to win a game with: Qiyana or Illaoi
Illaoi can really rip through towers and such, she can very easily and quickly push a wave of minions, she is 'safe' against a 2 v 1, a good illaoi will win that fight 9/10. I think from a macro perspective illaoi is stronger, but obviously needs to be played well.
: Aside from master yi and trynda what is the strongest champ for noobs like me?
Easy one. Jax. As a bonus he kicks the ass of aforementioned pair of champs
EUWistoeZ (EUW)
: How to practice certain skills in LOL
Hi. Ok couple of things you can do. Firstly, play aram for teamfighting practice. It's basically just about team fighting, you have to consider a lot more than just one or two champs before you try and do something. Overwhelming at first but soon you will get comfortable with it and this will translate into your SR games. Secondly, use the practice tool to practice combos etc. You can drop dummies to test it on. Lastly you have to look at your map, regularly, so you can maybe make your watch beep every 5 seconds reminding you to look at map. I suppose it's about building the habit of spot checking the minimap regularly. Also when you are playing keep your eyes on the opponent mostly. You can often tell whats going on in their heads just by the movements they make. Example, a champ that quickly changes direction and moves towards you is likely going to use an ability. You can get an advantage like this as well cos people behave in patterns, spot it and you know what your opponent is gonna do next. ;) I'm not particularly good or anything, but those things help me, maybe they will help you.
dvtrr (EUNE)
I can suggest Kassadin. He is fun to play, and is lethal. He does incredible burst damage, has good mobility and if you get used to your ults timing he is hard to kill. He does have a tough early game, and definitely has some bad matchups. But he's great.
: Unpopular Opinion: I like ARURF more than URF
WOW, tried this game mode. AMAZING. ABSOLUTELY astonishing. This is really really terrible, bottom of the pile, back of the bus, garbage. Won't be wasting time with this ever again.
: > But it is strictly bot lane (meta). Is it? sooo.......Yi, Yasuo and Trynd aren't ADCs then? After all, they do most of their damage with auto attacks (yasuo Q is essentially an auto attack) and deal physical damage. Also I'm pretty sure I've seen the likes of Tristana, Corki, Ezreal and Lucian in solo lanes. In fact, I'm watching the Splyce vs SKT quarterfinal and there is a Lucian in the top lane.
Dont confuse the lol players bro. ADC IS ONLY BOT. Master yi is a figment of your imagination, he does no AD and certainly cant carry. Same goes for the rest.
: So I need help about Talon.
hmmm I dunnu talon can do some pretty nasty damage. You need to remember to proc your passive at the right time. However you need to remember (especially with assassins) that if you are behind or square with the opponents you will find it hard to one shot people. With a champ like that your main goal to have an influence is to get ahead. A level. An item. Like with most assassins you want to pick your engages. Gonna be much easier for you trying to kill the 2 bot laners that are 50% mana health, than your mid lane opponent who is on full. I don't really play talon much, but I have played against some good ones and they were roaming like crazy. They were ganking more than the jungler. Your wall jumping allows you to get somewhere fast, and from unexpected angles. You need good map awareness so you can take advantage in the other lanes when the enemies over committed. If you pull this off successfully you gonna be fed without sometimes a single kill on your lane opponent. A good talon is really hard to play against, popping out of nowhere, assassinating one or two champ and disappearing before you can lock him down.
AllBear (EUW)
: This was very informative thank you. What if I am to be counter picked from that triangle? Does that mean to forfeit the lane? I have a basic understand of 90% of the supports but I cannot play them all to an excellent degree. Also my macro is really bad. Sometimes I feel extremely helpless because other team members are unable to deal enough damage - in this case, what is the point in my utility? I even take a few moments to address items with Grievous wounds to counter healing opponents like Garen/Soraka/Fiora R etc... but no many listen and I try to get the items myself - Brand Morellos or Thornmail if I am playing a tank.... Its very frustrating to play support at the moment....
I see you mention brand a lot. Personally I totally annihilate brand 9 times out of ten, he has to be really good to get an upper hand in lane. He has no mobility, basically relies on his stun or he gets murdered. So I simply bait him out, then hard engage and kill him. He is in my opinion a REALLY weak laning phase support, but great in team fights later on. You are not always gonna win the lane, in fact you can reasonably expect to lose your lane 50% of the time. This is "normal". However, losing the lane doesn't equal forcing fights in the hope you can make some sort of turn around. Sometimes you gotta let one, or even 2 towers fall but end up winning the game. DO NOT blame the jungler. You can ask him for ganks, but the reality is depending on the matchups he might feel he is gonna die there, so ganks other lanes. Just deal with it, best you can. Sometimes you think your adc is bad, but he simply just outclassed by opponents, this is normal. You really shouldnt focus to much on the whole "countering" thing. You should look at champion matchups more in the sense of (has the potential to counter) rather than just outright counters. I have had many games as pyke where they counter pick me with alistar or leona for example. So we farm under tower, and every now and then I hook and chuck the bastards into my tower, resulting in a kill. I can't play my normal aggresive game, cos whenever i engage i get counter engaged. So I just make the best of it, usually lose the first tower due to very low kill pressure, and being under the tower, but whatever. Don't build items to counter a single champion, especially not early in the game. Focus on your core build. However if they have 4 AP champs for example then yes, its a good idea to start stacking up MR. They have a jinx, yasuo, yi and kled, probably a good idea to start stacking armor like thornmail. Don't build to counter one champ. You wasting money. Later in the game (ie the 2nd half of it) you will find your assasins etc targeting enemy adc. You job changes once the team fighting starts, you gonna make plays, keep your best carry supported, peel assassins, do damage, depending on what sup champ you have. So if you have brand for example, and you built thornmail on him, you will be seriously lacking in damage output. You will NEVER be in the middle of the fight (unless you %%% up), so your thornmail is effectively useless. Or you play nautilus and the only champ with strong AD is the enemy adc, nauti will then die easy to AP in teamfights, cos you decided to build thornmail for one champ. Always look at the enemy team as a whole. There are exceptions like for example if you have a zed or talon you probably gonna want zhonyas to not get one shotted.
AllBear (EUW)
: This was incredibly informative, much appreciated and literally took notes from certain sentences. When you said WHAT my role is... I don't know anymore. I can be supporting my ADC in lane and assisting when necessary but at the SAME time... my team is dying constantly somewhere else... and I don't know what to do anymore. I want you, if you have time, to look at TWO Janna games today (08/10/19 between 18:00 GMT and 19:04 GMT), they are short games... take a big look at the teams I had and to be accused of trolling when I roamed mid to attempt to secure a kill on Ezreal or the enemy jungler. This led to a mute all, and I tried very hard to play to my best. But I guess maybe Janna is not for me... I am now out of champions to play for support. Any suggestions on this are welcome... I am always told to have a small pool... but I have been losing like crazy it is actually insane. I don't see any improvement if I am basically losing all the time right? Jesus it is so depressing. The play you mentioned about warding deep is difficult, I always seem to bump into him and die. My problem is minimap awareness and its just something I don't know how to improve... because there is so much going on my screen like hooks and pokes.... What do you do if you're entire team is feeding? Like what can you actually do? I feel like... I am gonna be in here for a lonnnngggg timeeee.
Hahaha, I guess first thing you gotta get to grips with is that unless you have a premade team that practice together etc. you are most likely gonna have someone thats gonna do poorly, or feed, as you put it. It helps to look at it from a 3rd person perspective. If your lane is doing really well, and getting many kills on the opponents then their team are gonna blame them for feeding. So in other words, for someone to snowball out of control, someone has to be feeding them. :D Secondly as support you have very limited potential to carry the game. I have carried games with champs like pyke and karma or lux, but once you decide to go this route you are effectively writing off your laning partner, as now you are building into damage, rather than supporting items. (Pyke always goes for damage :D) That said, I'm not in high elo so having that extra kill potential definitely helps a lot when your laning partner just isn't cutting it. In regards to warding deep, you will see I also mentioned that you do this when you KNOW where the enemy jungler is. Remember you can be walking past enemy stealth wards if you dont have oracle, so they can SEE YOU) Map awareness is critical and as support you have lots of time to look at the map. Ideally you want to glance at the map AT LEAST every 5 seconds or so. Its pointless having any wards if you don't see whats going on around them, right? If you need to you can put a beep alarm on your watch or phone, that beeps every 5 seconds, until you develop the habit of checking your minimap (it's surprisingly fast for the human brain to develop a habit). As support, in my opinion, DO NOT try and one trick pony. I personally look at the champs as tools I can use. Right tool for the job. I don't play champs that don't gel with my playstyle mechanically, but I do have a variety of supports I use depending on enemy selections and ALSO what position I have to pick my support in (I sometimes play chogath support as well, often to the dismay of my team, but they shut up once I munched enemy pyke for like the 5th time). For example, my bans and picks are gonna be different depending on whether I pick first or last. There are basically 3 different support types, All in, Poke and sustain. There is a triangle which you can look up in google that explains it better than I could. Ideally you want to be proficient with a couple of sups in each of those categories. All in examples (nautilus, thresh). Poke examples (Brand, Lux). Sustain examples (Nami, Sona). Its also worth looking into how to match your support to your adc for maximum effectiveness. An example would be that jinx likes having sustain/poke above all in. She becomes strong later in the game, has no gap closers, so struggles to make kills if you don't all in, in a position close to her, making her vulnerable to a counter engage from enemy sup. BUT if you take a sustain that keeps her in lane much longer, OR a poke that makes space for her to farm in, you are working to her strengths. So HOPEFULLY she will farm up and carry the game later on, you are making this possible. ;)
: having a lot of trouble
The solution is to wait 2 weeks. Every time these guys change something everything goes to hell. I'm generally not to worried about slight hiccups on patches etc. but ffs, this is EVERYTIME. Also having game crash on 100% load, then it wants to do a bunch of updates (WHICH I JUST DID). Then I get in game and have to play with a second delay on everything I do. I'm sorry but it's getting to the point where their competence needs to be questioned.
AllBear (EUW)
: I need help
Hi I play support mostly. You are already level 300 and something so you SHOULD have an understanding on what champs generally run support and what they offer/threaten with. I guess primarily you need to understand WHAT your role is. Laning phase you running in support of your adc, so in other words you want to do things that benefit them. The idea is to get them an advantage so they can snowball and become a carry later on. This can be done in multiple ways. Protection, you counter engage any engages on your adc, or pre engage any potential engages on your adc, giving them chance to move to safety. Farming, it's up to your adc in how good they farm, but if you are running relic shield you can help in this regard. Furthermore, you can harass the opponent when they are trying to farm, thus causing them to miss farm. Kills, this is obvious, you make engages at key times allowing your adc to make kills. It's best to communicate this method with your adc before hand. I often just ask, do you want to play agro or you want to farm up first? If your adc is not playing agro and you are, you will end up dying all the time. If they are not communicating you can sort of see their intentions by how much poke they delivering. Are they ignoring the enemy laners for the most part, or are they getting a few AA's whenever enemy oversteps. Don't go for hard engages if they are playing passively. Use your engages for counter engaging. It takes some patience but at least you won't die. If your adc is eating up all the poke the enemy is throwing at them and spending more time at base than in lane, remember that you have a jungler and midlaner who will most likely appreciate any engages you can make for them. So don't be afraid to roam. Once laning phase has ended I often shadow the most successful of my team to help them snowball even more. Is there a yasuo for example that is 4-0 and your running a nauti. Perfect, yasuo loves nautilus, help him get some more kills. Warding, you are gonna be using your wards throughout the whole game, so it's a good thing your support item gives you 3 free ones. It's totally worth getting oracle lens once you have your sup item quest completed because warding and denying enemy wards has the same value. Doesn't matter what position you play, you always gonna be involved with warding. Don't neglect it. Is your adc doing a good job, and is already 3 - 0 up? Make a foray into the enemy jungle (once you KNOW hes somewhere else) and ward his monsters. This way you and your adc can gank the jungler, but dont try this if your on equal footing or behind. Needless to say this not only helps your jungler but also gives you LOTS of pre warning when the enemy jungler might come for you. Bottomline if you are dying a lot, you just need to be more patient (with the understanding that you prefer hard engagers, like nauti pyke etc.) Trust me I know how frustrating it can be to make excellent engages just to watch your adc obliviously farming away like nothings going on. GL mate.
: Returning player question
Lol this seems like an obvious one. (I have personally NEVER seen kayn played top, his whole thing is the ability to go through walls, without which he is pretty garbage in my opinion.) The champ that IS played top and jungle fairly common, and who IS a pretty strong champ...Jax of course. He is banned sometimes, but not ALL the time (ie pyke). Furthermore he smashes master yi into the ground where he belongs (and being a popular pick, yi, you will have the upper hand more often than not.) He scales REALLY well, in fact late game you will be ultra dangerous to most champs. Another champ I have seen played top and jungle is Vi. I don't personally play her cos I can't stand the pants sh1tting sounds she makes every time she uses an ability. Still, not a weak champ by any means. I know pantheon is really strong top atm, and you can also run him jungle. There are a few options, not Kayn in my opinion. Hes jungle and that's it. Some other examples of champs that do both top and jgl are, Olaf, malphite, Rengar, Dr Mundo, Aatrox even seen mordekaiser jungled quite a bit. Jax is a natural at both tho ;) GL mate.
: Soo Many Smurfs
Unfortunately the game is VERY unforgiving to new players. Currently I know of no way around it. Personally when I started I found "better" games somewhere between level 20 and level 30. If your new and having a really hard time I would recommend just playing vs AI for a few levels. You should be able to stomp the AI on intermediate with a given champ before you can consider yourself competent with said champs mechanics. There is no enemy jungler (2 top lane) so your a bit more free to explore the map etc. ARAM will also help you level up faster, as well as give you some team fighting practice. You don't have to worry too much about farming and objectives etc. It's basically just fighting. You get a random champ, so it's also a good way to familiarize yourself with different champ mechanics. Every champ has different attack speeds etc. so it's well worth your time practicing farming with a champ before you take it into pvp. Farming is critical to success in the game (unless you play sup, but that comes with other responsibilities) so practice it. Smurfs are not going anywhere by the looks of it, and unfortunately many of them have had their accounts banned so they are usually the most toxic players as well. Type /mute all on game start to avoid that. If you persist and endure you will soon start having games where you can be more competitive and not be trounced on all over the place. ;)
Miloszun (EUNE)
: How long does it take to actually play kinda well?
Hey man. Ok, I understand completely where you are coming from. Firstly if you are still low level you will be encountering a lot of smurfs. There is nothing you can do about this, their skill level is just gonna be much higher than yours, and they will murder you time after time. In order to resist them with any sort of effectiveness you need to know more about the champions and also the game. This obviously only comes with time. Some people are gonna say stick with one champion, and one role, and then keep grinding. I say absolutely DO NOT do this. Couple of reasons. Most importantly you are make it so you take MUCH longer to learn the ABC's of the game. Explore different champions and try different roles. This will give you game knowledge. Before you try a new champion in pvp I would recommend a few games with it vs AI. Read up on the runes, skill pick order and items. If you can thrash the AI on intermediate with the champ you are ready to try it in pvp. Another good reason to try different champs and different roles is you might find something that works well for you. Also you get an understanding of the champs mechanics so it's much easier for you when you play against said champ, cos you know what to expect. I also recommend playing aram. You don't have to focus on farming so much and it's basically team fighting practice, as well as you get to explore different champions. I think you level up faster playing aram as well. If people are using jargon you don't understand, look it up, that's pretty obvious. There are a lot of champs, and it will be confusing at first, but if you stick to playing one champ you are severely limiting your knowledge. This game is not very forgiving against new players mate, but being patient and tilt proof will go a long way in helping you get to a "competent" level sooner rather than later. ;)
Tinom5 (EUNE)
: Can i ask acouple of questions so that i can start helping teammates and not be burden ?
Hi I play aatrox every now and then and can give some tips. Like others said you really want to learn to manage your wave. If you are bullying your lane opponent dont push the lane into his tower if you are not aware of the position of both the enemy jungler and the mid. You will find there are quite a few matchups that aatrox will struggle against. This you will need to find out for yourself. It's really important to hit with edge of your blade when you Q. Use your E mid air to quickly reposition your strike and surprise your opponent. I often use the first strike of Q this way just to poke my opponent. Especially against ranged champs. If you see a gank coming and you are not in a great position your obviously gonna want to try and W at least one of them, it helps holding off until they basically in melee range to make sure you don't miss it. Don't just ward the one river brush. Depending on which side your playing you want to ward deeper as well. Remember that you don't have to place your stealth ward inside a brush. The idea is to give you enough warning when a gank is coming. Dont just spam your Q, as it becomes predictable for your opponent. Ideally you want to auto attack inbetween Q's when possible. You can also flash mid air during a Q to land the sweet spot on your opponent. Usually you only want to do this on your last Q (the circle) and if it will most likely result in a kill. During laning phase you want to try and chip down your opponents health by hitting sweet spot Q's. The ideal time to do this is when they want to last hit. This way you bully them off the farm. Spirit vissage is nice to have for the increased healing you get from your abilities. I'm not a pro by any means, but this is how I do it ;) Hope it helps you.
: how do you farm when you play vs a lane bully?
I had this issue when I started playing kassadin. Yes he has a poke, but it aint worth much, and hes early game is really weak. Now I can play him relatively well and still find myself way behind on cs against hard matchups. I don't care. I will be patient and get whatever cs I can. Don't be afraid of using your abilities to farm in these situations. Learn to juke your opponents abilities, so they miss it and start losing mana. Buy a corrupting pot for staying in lane longer. Take teleport to return to lane fast early on, and as mid game approaches use it to surprise other lanes and get kills there. You will find that if you juke an opponent who is used to dominating his lane opponent a lot he will start making mistakes out of frustration, perhaps take a couple of tower shots, which could result in a kill for you. You can ask your jungler for help, but don't start blaming him if he doesnt gank your lane cos this will be counter productive. Use your minions as a shield and also learn to freeze the lane closer to your tower so IF your jungler decides to gank your lane will look more attractive, sometimes if your top for example your mid might come for gank. As I said buy a corrupting pot if needed and also it might be worth buying boots of speed real early to make it easier for you to dodge and escape. No champion is gonna dive you under the tower when you are high on health early in the game. As a rule when I play kassadin against someone who can potentially all in me easy, I make sure I'm never below like 75% health to deter any attempts, and yes I farm under the tower, and yes I do miss cs due to the tower attacks. But the patience usually pays off. Don't die for cs :D I'm not a good player but these things have helped me survive early game against lane bullies. hope it helps.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: How to play ARAM?
Honestly its part of the learning experience. What does help is not rushing into battle immediately, take a few seconds to read your passive and active skills descriptions. Then you can sort of form an idea in your head as to how you gonna go about using them. If you are the only melee champ in your team it can be real tough. Maybe try and counter engage instead of direct engaging. Attack anyone who dives your team mates for example. Sometimes its worth asking how to combo to one of your team mates, they might know the champ and give you some advice. This will also clarify to your team that you're new to the champ.When I'm new to a champ I will read the descriptions, and also hover over the skills to see the range, area of effect, etc. Likewise don't flame other players who might be struggling with the same problem. :) Aram is great for practicing how to team fight. Alternatively you can have a web page like or whatever open before you start, then you can quickly get a reference as to runes and what items to build, as well as what skills to max first, although with a new champ it's fine to just build the recommended items.
: Zilean and Pyke main here! Happens way to much, and specially as Zilean when my bomb explodes and kills our target. "Zilean why take kill?" "I have no control over my damage, kill the target faster if you want the kill dammit"
Yeah man or your rune explodes and kills them. Thousand question mark spam, and sometimes they even leave the game. Unreal. When I play adc that stuff doesn't bother me. If he is dead it means I can a decent CS advantage.
: "Don't die before 7 mins"
What happens to me a lot as pyke... adc : stop ks'ing, report pyke for ksing pyke : you realize you get the money for the kill, and unless YOU are prepared to tower dive them... This happens so often it's unreal...
JancevFTW (EUNE)
: Sylas and Kai'sa
Personally I find zed and talon to be stupidly OP. Like others said sylas you can burst down real easy. zed and talon have way too reliable escapes, zed just gets a little fed and then ults you and you die. You're the forced to buy zhonyas or you're fkd. I havent been playing long but since I have, never seen talon lose the no1 spot on midlane. Same thing, ults and you die, then just jumps over 12481702187519862071208749814097 walls and is gone.
5tr1f3 (EUW)
: Champion mastery costs
Ok cool got it, anyway, I managed to get to level 6 cos I got a shard in box. However, now I'm wondering how to go further, to level 7. I have had a few S's since hitting level 6, but not getting anything to advance further. Is this like time restricted or something? Like one "big" rank per season or something? It doesnt really matter to be honest just wondering how it works.
: i need tips against kassadin
I love playing kass. Honestly yasuo isnt much of a problem, just get rid of his shield and delete him, trick is not dying to him early so your "on equal terms" when you hit your ults. Max e and yasuo will be crying. Zed is by far the toughest champion to deal with as kass. Other notable AP mids champs that are difficult to deal with (if they know what they doing) is ahri, annie and the snake. Kass has problems early game, and really struggles to get back into the game if he died a few times. So thats what your gonna look to try and do. If not he does massive AP burst if he is allowed to scale so itemize accordingly, similarly as kassadin I have to sacrifice damage items for defensive items against someone like zed. My 10 cents for what its worth. EDIT leblanc can also be real tricky cos she also has mobility, and also as burst.
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5tr1f3 (EUW)
: Ok thanks, so that makes sense to a point. It's pointless buying MP if there is not a lot of MR around (even though on a lot of builds for AP champs sorcerers shoes is a common pick, presumably to drop future MR if they don't have any yet.) Armor penetration is pretty obvious because it's given as %, 20% of 0 is 0. Lethality which is not described properly in game (neither is MP cos MP 18 is what exactly) is from my understanding still armor penetration BUT a portion of it scales with your level. So again, if they have no armor, in theory, it does nothing whatsoever (not accounting for base armor), that is correct yes? IF that is correct I can't quite understand why someone like pyke would default to building a whole bunch of lethality. Sure if there is armor in the mix, but I have seen more than a few games where the enemies simply didn't build armor, or you might have only one with armor. I understand that pretty much all champions gain armor as base per level and sure it would probably negate all their base armor all together BUT with enemies with very little or no armor, wouldn't it make more sense just to invest into AD for example? I had an argument with a friend that was playing a game with me and he bought lord dominiks regards, after which I pointed out to him that NO ONE on the enemy team had any armor, making his item pretty useless. (Yes there is the base armor but I mean 45% of, for example 20 armor, really doesn't have much effect considering the investment in the item and the obvious better alternatives.) Anyway just trying to understand the logic behind countering MR or armor, and when it's just not worth going that route. Thanks for the input.
Ok sorry just had a quick look, and Void staff is % based, where I can only assume sorcerers shoes behaves similar to how lethality would and scales with your level.
5tr1f3 (EUW)
: Question on lethality and magic pen.
Ok thanks, so that makes sense to a point. It's pointless buying MP if there is not a lot of MR around (even though on a lot of builds for AP champs sorcerers shoes is a common pick, presumably to drop future MR if they don't have any yet.) Armor penetration is pretty obvious because it's given as %, 20% of 0 is 0. Lethality which is not described properly in game (neither is MP cos MP 18 is what exactly) is from my understanding still armor penetration BUT a portion of it scales with your level. So again, if they have no armor, in theory, it does nothing whatsoever (not accounting for base armor), that is correct yes? IF that is correct I can't quite understand why someone like pyke would default to building a whole bunch of lethality. Sure if there is armor in the mix, but I have seen more than a few games where the enemies simply didn't build armor, or you might have only one with armor. I understand that pretty much all champions gain armor as base per level and sure it would probably negate all their base armor all together BUT with enemies with very little or no armor, wouldn't it make more sense just to invest into AD for example? I had an argument with a friend that was playing a game with me and he bought lord dominiks regards, after which I pointed out to him that NO ONE on the enemy team had any armor, making his item pretty useless. (Yes there is the base armor but I mean 45% of, for example 20 armor, really doesn't have much effect considering the investment in the item and the obvious better alternatives.) Anyway just trying to understand the logic behind countering MR or armor, and when it's just not worth going that route. Thanks for the input.
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: kassadin vs blitz
I quite like playing kass. Hes rift walk has a short channel time. So if you are saying to rift walk away AFTER you have been hooked to avoid the rest, that will probably fail. With kassadin however you want to be predicting things like that and rift walk just before he hooks you. If you have qss and activate on the hook you still have the small cast time to actually rift walk so it will be cancelled by his other abilities. I suppose if your super fast as cleanse before you get near him its a non issue, but im not that fast :D
Morgana is a poke support mostly. Her stun is extremely long so what you want to do is bait it out. As long as there is a fair bit of range between you and her the stun is fairly easy to dodge. Alternatively you can also buy a quick silver sash if she is really good at landing the stuns. You want to take advantage of her weaknesses. She is really squishy and she has long cd's. If she misses her stun you can all in her and you will most likely kill her. Her shield stops cc so you want to play around that as well. If your playing a hard engage like nauti, thresh or blitzcrank. I play nauti a lot and generally i ban her, simply because I hate having my hooks denied. Otherwise you can always go for a full on poke support. Brand, Fiddlesticks or even xerath. You will be doing far more damage than her and as long as you avoid the stuns you're good. Fiddle just makes her life hell whilst also pushing both adc and sup out of the lane fairly often. Fiddle is quite mobile with his passive so its REALLY easy to bait her stun out, just stand still and run away (with passive ms) when she casts. In my personal experience when I play against bard and I have nauti he just gets wrecked, cos i can fetch him and I can keep him locked down long enough for the adc to kill him. He can heal so generally speaking you would want to avoid a poke support against him and go for a all in sup. Pyke nauti blitz etc. My opinion, hope it helps.
: Is Pyke okay?
Playing pyke is the thing. ALL his abilities are telegraphed SOOOO, if you play against opponents who know him, you are %%%ed They will dodge everything. The dramatic sound effects will make it easier for them, to dodge your sh1t. He is a cool champ in character, but %%% knows why you would want to play him as a otp. Banned all the time, otherwise, abilities dodged all the time. Its simply too telegraphed. I like the champ, and dhave put some time into learning him. Granted there are different ways in which you can approach an engagement. Bottomline, if the opponent is aware of pyke's capabilities you are %%%ed. They will just dodge and carry on. And yes, cos I can play pyke a bit he nevere poses a challenge. Just nauti and all in him all the time, one dead pyke, no sweat broken
Kk4rol (EUW)
: Looking for Duo in silver
Yo man, I generally main sup, already just found an adc to play with, but more is better. I made a post, go check it. Add me on hdr0n.
DagOfBickss (EUNE)
: Wholesome dude right here
Yeah we had a game, worked pretty good.
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: buy 7 rune page bundle?
Honestly, I was looking at rune pages as well. BUT once I learned what the runes are all about (takes some time) and what I want on my champ, I usually just edit during champs select. Easy peazy. In fact I often change runes just due to the matchup, so having preset runes have become less and less valuable. (I'm still relatively new)
FugoMemes (EUW)
: Im trying to get into LoL but im getting depressed the more i play
Hmmm ok, if your sensitive to peoples opinions then this game will be bad for you. But honestly, why care what other people think of you. In my opinion, if somebody is flaming at low level, they have just proven they are pretty dumb. If you decide to smurf and don't expect newer players to be in the mix the joke is on you. You are the simpleton, not them. But seriously why give a hoot what people think? An opinion is like an @sshhole, everyone has one. If your new to the game you will improve, that is natural, however being a twat that spams pings and flames people makes you a d1ck and that is probably who you are forever. Feel free to type the following /mute all when the game starts. Yes communication is important, but...not at beginner level. Now you just want to focus on farming, not dying, pulling off your combos etc etc etc. It's pointless to be focused on the macro of the game if you dont have the basics down. So if you enjoy the game, cool, then just realize that you have to deal with humans...who are fickle at the best of times. Ignore or mute, but getting involved in arguments about a game is beyond counter productive, it's silly. GL. It's worth noting that after a while the game will start matching you with people of similar skill, allowing you to have fun a lot more, and get trounced on a lot less. PS: DOTA is as fun as lawn mowing imo.
: low elo
I play from south africa so unfortunately my ping is always bad. 200+. I rarely miss skill shots though, doesnt seem to affect me as much as I would think. I play on a gaming laptop so no framerate issues. Don't play ranked yet cos I don't feel I know stuff well enough yet, but I get matched with high bronze low silver usually.
: How to get honors without begging for it ?
I honor people almost every game, unless they were toxic or even just complaining in general. Sometimes I honor someone GG just for trying even though they didn't do particularly well. For some reason I get honored a lot, though I sparsely carry the game. Work with your team, help them, etc. Be positive in your play, not necessarily chat. If you see the team is a bit confused as to what to do, take the leading role, ping dragons, or ping isolated enemies, stuff like that, that often earns a leadership honor from someone.
: How do i win top lane?
Hey, I'm assuming your lower elo like me, the idea to "win" the toplane is as follows. Firstly you need to farm effectively. Jax is weakish early on, but scales hard, so around mid game when you have items (hence the farming) you are potent. However just farming is not enough, you also want to prevent your opponent from farming. Deny him as much farm as possible. If you allow the wave to get pushed into your tower, the tower will kill a lot of your creeps effectively denying you farm, so you really don't want that to happen. I play top quite a bit, and melee champs can be very challenging. Simply put there are a lot of times where they can counter pick jax with for example a ranged champ that will just poke you down. You want to be very weary of pushing past the mid way mark top if you don't know where the enemy jungler is. Keep checking your minimap, maybe you see him trying to gank bot, and that means you can "safely" push into the enemy tower. Watch out for mid as well. You can't rely on always playing jax top cos like I said he can easily be countered. Maybe get a backup champ like for example Jayce who can do ranged into tough matchups. Ultimately you want to scale to where your champ is strongest and then you want to get involved in other lanes, having the biggest impact possible on the game as a whole. It's not the junglers job to help you win the lane. Sometimes it's a really difficult matchup for your jungler, so he will choose to gank other lanes for example. Ward, ward and then ward some more. Personally I place a control ward closest to me, and I use my stealth wards deeper. If your in a stale mate top, try other things, like if your jungler is close, maybe coordinate an invade with him. Go surprise mid. If you have teleport drop into bot lane/dragon etc. Finally the best way to get an advantage is obviously by killing your opponent. Even when I play a passive champ, example malzahar, I will constantly look at damaging my opponent, which will either a) lead to a kill on him or b) force him to back making him loose farm. ;)
pikalov3r (EUW)
: can we talk about attitude towards junglers
I jungle quite a bit and have read up some good advice on jungling. I'm definitely not high elo, but I have had some good success following some simple principles. Firstly, you have to understand your matchups. Depending on who you are playing, sometimes there are lanes you just can't gank, especially early on. Don't force a gank when you are hard countered there, you will just die. Some junglers need to farm hard before they become useful. That said it's important to remember that ganking doesn't necessarily mean that you make a kill. If you can burn their flash of even just chunk some of their health bar this is a win. Cos it helps that lane towards getting on top of his opponent. If you have a good chance of getting killed don't use your movement abilities to engage, even if you just land some aa's, then escape with your movement ability, especially if there is a chance you get counter ganked. If people start whining about wanting ganks I mute them, plain and simple, it's distracting and gets you nowhere. It's often more useful to gank lanes that are winning instead of trying to save a lane that is losing, because your chances of success is far better and ultimately you want to scale to become a power house (in most cases) and also you're helping said lane snowball. Dont deviate from your pathing just because people are pinging like crazy. This is inefficient and will put you behind. Ultimately you need to stay relevant in regards to level and items, or you will become useless. A lot of angry kids complain that you KS when you gank. Mute them. If you kill the enemy as a result of your gank, its your kill, they can find a bridge to jump off. Communication definitely helps, but whining and complaining does not, rather mute and go about your business in silence. NEVER rely on the laner to help you. EVER. If you can't gank with relative safety without the help of the lane, don't gank. That said you will soon realize when a laner is 'switched on' and does indeed assist you well with the gank, guess what, that lane will see many more ganks cos the chances of success are better there. :)
: Good choice. Katarina is great at carrying games. Keep practicing her and you will eventually be able to win lane and oneshot everyone. Her pre level 6 is weak so focus on farming to level 6 as fast as possible. Having high farm is key to staying relevent in a match. As an assassin midlaner, you should look to roam to top or botlane after pushing the wave into the enemy tower. To summarise it: •Focus killing minions in the earlygame •try to get kills on the sidelanes when your minions are at the enemy tower or when the enemy mid is missing. •Buy control wards Getting XP is the most important thing. Make sure you play the game a lot to learn more about it.
Also, worth noting, that if you absolutely hate master yi like me, and you have the oppurtunity to counter pick him, get Jax, he murders master yi. And of course if you want to play master yi, then you should ban jax. :) Jax is also a hyper carry, so if he gets fed, he will basically one shot most champions (and generally mid to late game his very strong). His abilities are also easy to use, no complicated stuff.
: what are those champs that you choose when you level up?
Lol, ok dude I understand what you mean. You DO get the champion, and its free, and permanent. To unlock it go to the top right of your screen, you will see there is a square icon, next to the coins icon. Click on this. This is where all your lootboxes, skins etc go. You will find the champion there that you can now unlock for free, or if you wish, you can disenchant it into blue essence.
: TeamFight Tactics - Mid to late game advice
Yeah like has been said its because your economy sucks. So basically DO NOT refresh, at all. You build up your gold until 50, then you use the excess for rerolls and for leveling. You can basically buy one or two level up points and refresh a few times after you have 50 gold. Don't drop below 50 until the very end (be it you have no hp left or you are in the last 3). Stop worrying about getting level 3 champs, especially early on. If a champ comes up that you need buy it, but don't refresh. Don't go into the game with specific champs in mind, play the cards you are dealt so to speak. Try focus on getting your synergies going before you worry about getting a champ to 3rd tier. Don't worry about losing games early on. It happens, doesn't mean your gonna lose the match, trust me.
: I think this is very helpful thank you. So, no mid or ADC - check. I could try Teemo and Darius, but Malzahar plays mid so I won't give him a try I guess. I noticed you didn't mention tanks at all - why is that? Do you think they need to play aggressively or they are just irrelevant? "zerging" didn't know this word, thanx :D
malzahar can play top too, just has mana problems early on so you have to be a little conservative with mana. He is not mobile though and squishy so you can bet the jungler will be coming for you sooner rather than later. He can farm really well if you know how to utilize your purple plague and your monsters. Still ultimately after 6 you will be looking at killing your opponent if you can. Darius is an aggressive champ, he wants to bully his opponent if possible. I just don't think that playing passively is the answer, although some champs have to in the early game to get items, they will eventually become powerhouses and try kill everyone, going from passive to a royal pain in the enemy's arse. Regardless if your lane opponent sees you avoiding fighting he's likely gonna start bullying you. Best to be the one doing the bullying. ;) Illaoi is a really good champ, has ranged abilities, difficult to kill, doing her own thing most of the game, but she requires practice and knowledge to play well, and also, she is a lane bully, your always looking to damage your opponent.
: Items in TFT
Pretty much what Doom said. From the start you can "choose" one item. Pay attention to the carousels cos sometimes there is a completed item there. Of course, if you have been winning then you have less chance of picking up the item you want. You can see the item list here [link](
: Since the oracle lens denies vision the enemy can know that someone is passing through but they won't know who and they can't see it on the minimap.
ok cheers, this is sort of what I'm after. So for example, when I jungle, I can trigger the lens and come down the river. If the river bush is warded they WILL NOT see me, but if they are observant they will see the ward deactivating. So it is a valuable tool for ganking, not just removing wards. And further if that is the case, I shouldn't destroy the ward, just go past it.
: what is a good tanky support?
I would definitely say nautilus. He has a lot of + points. His basic attacks stun, his ult can knock up the entire enemy team, he can shield himself. He has mobility, cos you can use your hook to pull yourself to terrain. Like others said, morgana is your ban here cos she can stop your cc. A very unpopular champ, that works for me if I have a high mobility adc (like for example kaisa) is Galio. Thresh is good but in my opinion jut doesn't have the cc lockdown like nautilus does. He has medium range basic attacks though. However his hook is very telegraphed.
Silkdawn (EUW)
: TFT, the good bad and ugly.
I have done a few experiments with this mode. I have done things like 6 assassins, 6 yordles and some other combinations. After quite a few experiments I have started to care far far far less about items. I use them when I get them, or course, but have won games regardless of whether I had lots of items or not. I have won games without having a single tier 3 champ (gold). I have won games from losing every single one until I had like 15 hp's. I have won games where more than half of my team was still tier 1 (bronze). One way I haven't won any games is by not paying attention to the synergies and classes. This is all I care about really. Do yourself a favor and try going 6 yordles. Man it's OP AF. They hardly ever hit you. Tier 3 assassins jumping all over the show and basically never touching your backline. It takes a few games to get to know what item combos do etc. But honestly you can look it up over the net, and there are really not that many. If it was all straight forward it would just be boring. That said its often very useful just to stick an item on a champ for logical purposes without necessarily upgrading it. Example, you have a garen. Either sticking a giants belt, armor, or even a tear of the goddess on him is useful. We have discussed it in another thread and it would seem that tier 1 to 3 champs will be in the list early and then after like the 2nd or 3rd carousel you wont see them much anymore. This is because there are a limited amount of each champ and other players have them (kinda like a deck of cards) What DOES happen however is that if a player is eliminated their champs go back in the pool so you might see them again. Also obviously later on in the match you find the higher tier champs. So, in other words from a strategic point of view you want to start collecting whatever combination your going for early, and get the higher tier champs later on. Lets say for example you want to go yordles so you make sure you are picking up tristanas and lulus early on. Cos you will most likely not see them later. Managing to get enough of one champ does NOT determine success as I pointed out above. Ideally you want them at least silver, but even that is not strictly necessary. Regarding the carousel, if I have lost a lot, then I will pick up something I am after. But when I have been winning a lot I often don't even pay attention too much and sometimes just takes whatever it gives me. Or I will pick the highest tier champ and sell it for the extra gold if I need it. I have uses for pretty much all the items so I rarely fret about that. (I used to) That said I also think there are some balancing issues, in regards to rng items and champs. But also the bonuses you get from classes can be quite insane.
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