: I honestly don't know if they can move in and change numbers like this "by hand" - it is, for example, why they can't just go fix your LP if something goes wrong and you lose/gain some for unjustified reasons. Aside from that, your best bet may be to send in a support ticket. Good luck!
Thanks for the suggestion mate, all the best!
: but if they do that they need to freeze them so you don't get more, or you to stop playing her, since if they make it so it's one time only since next time you will play her the number will change again
I am planning on not playing her anymore in order to maintain her mastery score! ^.^ Edit : BUT if Riot can help me and also can freeze her mastery points, I wouldn't mind at all! would love to play her some more
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: taliyah Q worked ground being invisible
: Skarner crystals on the map are invisible
Taliyah's worked ground also not showing up
: Stuck in game
same problem.Please fix
: FPS Problem: An everlasting story and becomes worse with nearly every Patch, when does Riot react?
Same problem, this new patch made things even worser! i9-7900x gtx 1080ti 16 gb ram windows 10 latest update
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Endusal (EUW)
: Issue in champion selection (Ranked)
I have the exact same issue, I am playing from a mobile hotspot.
: "Potential Fix"
I understand this thing about the mmr but COOOOME ON! Feel my pain man! You play the fcking 10 placements games, 7 wins and 3 loses, you get placed in silver 1 (finished in gold 4).ALL GOOD.BUT AFTER 1 MOTHERfCKING GAME, YOU GET PLACED IN BRONZE 1 ?! WHAT THE ACTUAL fck is this shit man?!
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