: Hey Hoodwink! If you think your back is strong enough to carry me, drop me an invite! ;-P
Riot people actually playing with their fanbase :O
: You can't change it. The new client has been completely redesigned from scratch. Even then changing the look of the client would involve you editing it using a third party program, which can get you banned.
but i have the old store, like the crappy old client one. all of my friends and people i paly with have the new one
: Can't the bots just go as 5 man premades? but then they would lose can't bot go in bot only custom games? so long as it's 3v3 4v4 or 5v5 they will gain xp and IP
winning gives more xp and when they play by 1 they have a higher chance to get carried
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HollowMimic (EUNE)
: S rank doesnt show on Shen
same here but it just says N/A
Leonheart (EUNE)
: but patch 7.13 is.... Nice scam Rito :P
they said "sometime this patch" didn't say instantly.
Satiana (EUW)
: Extreme unplayable lagspikes in game since 26.6 (3 games) with stable MS
i have a similar issue where the game freezes randomly preventing me from healing or flashing
: Bots in AI gameplay
i've been playing with my friends who are new and this is super annoying
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: My Game bugsplatted, then this
same happens when i try to load into a game, my internet is fine and pc's pretty good
Perilum (EUW)
: You got an email to the account owner. The email YOU used to create the account.
my friend never got an email
: Sudden, random and unfixable client bug (UNABLE TO PLAY)
for me it gets stuck when i try to load into a game, happens only sometimes but when it does there is actually NO way and i mean NO way to get in the game
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Dreadara (EUW)
: 10AM US time tho so like -7/9 hrs smth like that from u
in the client it said 10 am EEST time but ok ty
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