Azko99 (EUW)
: Is there any way I can get at least 2 offers from my last shop???
If you send a ticket to Riot support they will bring it back, how, i don't know, but League's game designer tweeted that. They have the logs for your shop
evol (EUW)
: League edit - Feels So Good
Might wanna improve more on the plays instead of the edits
: Riot Plez Fix This
they made it like that on purpose since Kayn can transform and fill out pretty much every single one of those and Riot are too lazy to make a new UI
ChaosJuda (EUW)
: Riot, can you please disable Xin Zhao in ARURF
Nothing is balanced in ARURF, it never was and never will. Just accept it that sometimes you have some unlucky matchups.
xxPunk3R (EUNE)
: Chroma Skins
When Chromas 1.1 launched, IP sales roll out for new chromas five months or more after launch. UPDATE: After their first IP sale, chromas will return every other IP sale (this means chromas from last year’s sale will return after this one).
: losing games due to Direct X crashes and firewall crashes!
I would recommend to not try it out in match made games, try it the custom/practice games so you have no risk of getting punished while you fix it.
: Change it so Twitch's poison can't kill camps?
blame your jungler or don't leash at all. it is not your fault that they can't time 1 auto attack. plus this would screw over twitch jungle
: Oh and ive seen the stats and ive had farout the largest numbers on everything (except damage gotten)
how long was the game? cause most cases you need atleast 80cs every 10mins
Bakpfeife (EUW)
: Chest gaining options for onetricks.
get good and play other champs. You can get chests from normals to so it's pretty easy.
: Honor Capsule
I got a Soraka champion shard and 2 key fragments. No point in even wanting that
: GG easy? A truly disgusting way of ending a game
reporting someone for a single word? are you that big of a %%%%%? just mute the guy and forget about it. it literally means nothing.
: Star guardian skins and academy ones are in the same universe?
lmao if they disguise themselves as school girls doesn't mean that they're in the same universe as the academy lineup. the only similarity they have are the clothes. besides that nothing
: IP Boosts
: Does Riot No Longer Give 400 Free RP?
aww making like 20 accounts just for the rp back in the day. feelsgoodman
: > [{quoted}](name=Jesus our Exodus,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=52KJbm6A,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-08-17T00:33:26.696+0000) > > I wish you could just have chat off by default, and we should have a voice chat system instead, like Smite has. Much more useful
chat and voice are worthless in league. pings are enough. they add 0 value to the game
Eat Me (EUNE)
: i honestly can't handle the flame anymore
just / mute like everyone says, chat is literally worthless. you can communicate with pings. PS. you average around 10 deaths, which is a TON. i'd work on that
: Find teammates for the Slumber Party IP Weekend!
Rioter Comments
: Cant be "Away"?
: so why there isn't 9999 skin for yasuo ?! cz all people play it. maybe if there is a cool skin for champs that people play less, make them start playing it more and more ? (sry for bad english)
that's not how it works and riot has the statistics to prove it. Their goal as a company is to make money, not to make EVERYONE happy
: Well, at least I can understand where the C**ass**iopeia thing is coming from. But what the actual %%%% is wrong with the word support :P Also, censoring the word "support" has to be a new addition, as I have 2 somewhat recent rune pages including the word "support".
It might be a curse word in some other language, like for example I can't write a simple "hello" to someone in direct messages without it getting censored
Edyr420 (EUW)
: Kayn is broken af
you know why he's not OP? because the week he launched there were no real "KAYN IS OP" posts because he takes time to learn and isn't as straightforward as xayah. There for he is not OP, you just don't know how to play against him
: any new Lisaandra Skin?
The reason behind this is that a lot more people play Tristana, Kayle, Fizz, Annie than compared to Lissandra or Yorick. more players maining that 1 champion means more money Riot can milk from them
: Just rework Caitlyn already....
There are champions that need reworks a lot more than Caitlyn. It takes a lot of time and manpower to rework a champion, and her getting nerfed isn't enough of a reason to COMPLETELY change the champion
ShoneKing (EUNE)
: Chat restriction
Chat restrictions are for all MATCHMADE gamemodes, so playing against bots would help you take it away faster
7adzius (EUW)
: How did you unlock it? did you buy it or did you get it from hextech crafting? If so you should restart the client and load up a custom game. It the problem persists you should take a screenshot of your purchase history and send a ticket to Riot support
Additionally, you could have not unlocked the skin shard after crafting it
GLurch (EUW)
: You need to submit a ticket to the Riot Support: They'll give you small amounts of RP. Most players also send a little painting (it doesn't need to be anything professional, most send stuff like a red dot and writing "Vladimir" over it).
It's called RP art and it is amazing
: Naming a rune / mastery page "Support"
it also censors "Cassiopia" to "C***iopea" and such silly things. I believe riot does not own the program used to censor, but a while back they said that they know about this
Skaor (EUNE)
: Trade possibility
The skin pool is too limited compared to games that have trading. Plus that would stop a lot of people from giving Riot money.
: Hei...? :/
first you should just learn what all the champions do and learn to farm minions. remember 13 minions = a kill. but don't pass any opportunity for teamfights. I'd suggest playing simple champions so you could learn more about the game and not be held down by your champion
: Free champion roster changed prematurely?
samuray252 (EUNE)
: dunkmaster darius is gone!
How did you unlock it? did you buy it or did you get it from hextech crafting? If so you should restart the client and load up a custom game. It the problem persists you should take a screenshot of your purchase history and send a ticket to Riot support
Vinskiih (EUNE)
: Thanks a lot. Now I just needs to go to ask Riot if is okay to use. :3 I think I will be asking this also on their twitter since they always 100% answer me there. :P
LOTS of streamers use it. It doesn't do anything to the LoL files. It's a separate program.
Vinskiih (EUNE)
: Any list of gadgeds that are allowed to use for lol? is the most popular stat site for ranked matches also there's lolwiz which is like but u can press a binding and a window will pop up showing stats of every player in the match
ThePikol (EUNE)
: So a lot of players hit honor lvl3 around the same time
: Hey Hoodwink! If you think your back is strong enough to carry me, drop me an invite! ;-P
Riot people actually playing with their fanbase :O
: You can't change it. The new client has been completely redesigned from scratch. Even then changing the look of the client would involve you editing it using a third party program, which can get you banned.
but i have the old store, like the crappy old client one. all of my friends and people i paly with have the new one
: Can't the bots just go as 5 man premades? but then they would lose can't bot go in bot only custom games? so long as it's 3v3 4v4 or 5v5 they will gain xp and IP
winning gives more xp and when they play by 1 they have a higher chance to get carried
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HollowMimic (EUNE)
: S rank doesnt show on Shen
same here but it just says N/A
Leonheart (EUNE)
: but patch 7.13 is.... Nice scam Rito :P
they said "sometime this patch" didn't say instantly.
Satiana (EUW)
: Extreme unplayable lagspikes in game since 26.6 (3 games) with stable MS
i have a similar issue where the game freezes randomly preventing me from healing or flashing
: Bots in AI gameplay
i've been playing with my friends who are new and this is super annoying
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: My Game bugsplatted, then this
same happens when i try to load into a game, my internet is fine and pc's pretty good
Perilum (EUW)
: You got an email to the account owner. The email YOU used to create the account.
my friend never got an email
: Sudden, random and unfixable client bug (UNABLE TO PLAY)
for me it gets stuck when i try to load into a game, happens only sometimes but when it does there is actually NO way and i mean NO way to get in the game
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Dreadara (EUW)
: 10AM US time tho so like -7/9 hrs smth like that from u
in the client it said 10 am EEST time but ok ty
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