: Its most likely cause your laptop is heating up after a while,I recommend using lowest setting graphics wise for league,and then making sure you have a good cool air flow to your laptop.Espically since it's summer airs more humid and more hot,and it can impact pcs quite a bit.Another tip is too make sure to close all other applications while playing League and too not charge while playing.Make sure you start with like 100% charge.
ive checked through the task manager if league was getting power throttled, but its not!!, i even enabled ultra high performance mode, that seemed to solve the issue and i could play with v sync enabled easy, but its back again .. i have even tried league with low settings, but even that doesnt help much
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: I got a few fps drops also, but mine were from 180 to 70 - 80, and minor screen freezes... weird
yeah well im running this game on a potato, so figures, but ive only noticed the drops now, never had em before
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