: it doesnt matter if you know how to dodge or not, even pro players get hit with skill shots, the problem is a projectile that fast shouldn't be doing so much dmg, if it was slow like an anivia Q then yhes give it damage but that thing moves
Proplayers play with pro's and pro's know how to dodge spells. Your logic isn't logic.
: > [{quoted}](name=lixon1,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=KOFoM6iA,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-02-23T12:01:32.235+0000) > > So she is balanced if you can dodge her skillsot in an open area where you seen her casting her Q having all the time in the world to anticipate it coming? > Other long range abilities that make a great impact has an obvious indicator, or long cooldown. Zoe's Q not only low CD and lacking of such indicators, but the projectile is also small and inconspicuous making it even harder to see during teamfights, and depending on the effects it will be pretty much invisible. > Not to mention how you can play around with which direction it comes from, and if the Zoe is in a place with no enemy vision it comes out of nowhere AND it is also spammable, meaning she can keep the enemy under fire until someone tries to look for her in an area where she has vision advantage. > > Riot is also moving away from the idea of having the whole map lit up, hence Tracker's got removed, so even this can't be a counterplay. Not to mention it's not a healthy kind of counterplay to have to begin with. The best i can give you is that RioT designed a champ around ONE thing, and now that this one thing was bashed as OP, they had no choice but to nerf it, making the champ even more of a design-letdown than it was to begin with. Frankly i expected this to happen from day one, infact i was not baited into buying it. Let's just say that whoever mained Zoe had the chance to get some freelo before today (even tho that was not my experience in bronze, which is plenty of Zoes who s@@ks)...if she really was freelo. They should be happy with that already now that the party is over.
You should not be talking about dodging. Be sure that even if Zoe had an obvious indicator or whatsoever people would still cry about her "one shoting" them. And i know what i'm talking about. Rengar had a 2000-4000 range indicator and people where still crying about Rengar broken undodgable from stealth camouflage one shot lol no counterplay until they got him to the semi shit tier for half the season 7. You will notice that i didn't even say that his rework Q,E was dodgable and his ult damage can be soaked by a tank. If a champion is about positioning well, game knowledge or skill based (Zoe, Rengar, Kha'zix, Kayn, Yasuo,Riven...) its gonna be "op broken shit nerf plz" in their minds as long as it gets to the half decent spot (For exemple Rengar was shit tier for all the season 4 and 5, he became half decent after the preseason 6 and went from that unknow garbage that people tell you not to pick when you pick it to unhealthy broken and no counter play)


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