Jashin chan (EUNE)
: I see your problem....you don't play{{champion:29}} ! {{champion:29}} is a great champion because he's a rat that makes more agile than human adc's {{champion:29}} also have a great ult that won me so many games because the enemy often doesn't RESPECT THE RAT! I tell them every game RESPECT THE RAT but they just don't understand it and die. {{champion:29}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:29}}
I have Twitch on my free rotation rn so ill play him. Thanks
Xhaiden (EUNE)
: From what i can see in your profile: - you used the wrong runes - your early items builds - put you at disadvantage, as in: you pick 5 health potion or boots as 1st item / instead of rushing a damage item like Stormrazer - you wasted that money on upgrading your boots / the 2nd item is not always your best pick either - unless you die don't teleport base with half life or as soon as you earn some gold, instead wait till you reach 1300 to get a B. F. Sword (that's +40 damage / the more damage you have - the easier it is to make a kill) - you chose the wrong skills as well / on Jhin for example - you should upgrade Q first not W / same goes for Lucian and same goes for YI - upgrade Q first not W Try this site as inspiration: https://www.probuilds.net - and there you can find the runes, the item and skill builds - used by some of the Top players in LoL. Just search the Name of a champion you want to play like so: https://www.probuilds.net/champions/details/Lucian and select one of those names - to see the builds they used for that champ.
Thanks so much the website helped me a lot
: One thing I noticed was that even at 30 a lot of games can be quite uncomfortable. Until you find a champions you like and start learning them
I started practicing as Lucian and my kda went from 2/2/2 to 12/0/7. I've been getting 10 kills consistently so I think I've improved
: The reason why some people get 12 kills or more is because the enemy players just make so many mistakes. Mistakes they aren't aware of, most of the time. it's also pretty likely that players who seem to be easily stomping their opponents are smurfing (higher levelled players on a new account) They are mispositioned, use their abilities incorrectly or don't use them to their full potential, make wrong decisions, build the wrong items, take to much free damage, don't respect my power spikes, don't respect my level or item advantage, don't respect whether I'm a counter to them and so on and on and on. A player who can notice these mistakes can easily abuse them and get himself an advantage As for improving, just play and learn about the game. Both are important. As for a rly good resource, I'd reccommend you to check out the [summonerschool reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerschool) and especially their [wiki page](https://www.reddit.com/r/summonerschool/wiki/101) as it is a massive resources of videos, guides, streamers, youtubers and whatnot regarding league of legends. (You might realise some stuff is a bit outdated, yes, however, the concepts are still correct.) If you got any other questions you can just message me here or add me in game. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Thanks, summoner school helped so much.
: You need years of practice in most moba games, to start having an impact, CONSISTENTLY, on the game. No matter the role. You need patience, and experience. Until you're comfortable ingame, around lvl30, just play, don't mind anything. After that, you might wanna start watching pro streamers, or find some diamond+ people on the boards, and spectate their games. Things will come naturally, when the time is right. You can't really rush them.
ok then Ill try practice and watch tutorials and try improve
: watch imaqtpie
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