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: Had nunu karthus on my team, we lost. Had amumu karthus on the enemy team, we won. You can pretty much expect jungler to camp karthus, so stay under tower and farm. This might workwork if youre a diamond playing in gold, but if youre sittilng 3 years in gold, i dont think this strategy is gonna magically carry you to diamond. Both games i really didnt enjoy. First game i wss sup, we got 0 pressure from our jungler, but it was fine. Second game i was top, and had 0 pressure from enemy jungler and pretty much carried the game with olaf vs vlad.
from what iv heard and from what i saw it would only work from bronze-gold since there are so many flaws with not having a jungler and just buffing a midlaner up.
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: Why did i get banned ?
cos your garbage.
: Help me choose.
i would save my money cos i dont care for in game skins. they are literally a waste of since they dont bring any joy after a few games and you wont be playing the game forever.
: > [{quoted}](name=RoseGamer,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=ArkPwnzk,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-09-18T17:04:01.131+0000) > > well a big lose streak in bronze 5 is the reason you just got put into bronze 5 :D that was just a question , lol im far away from this elo
dont lieeeeee bronze 3 isnt that far awaaaay
: > [{quoted}](name=RoseGamer,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=PAc6ruyz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-18T21:13:08.240+0000) > > from what i know no body plays support so im gonna head out and say that this club has about 10 peopel in it? So you do not know much then {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} > [{quoted}](name=RoseGamer,realm=EUW,application-id=WtAasNBw,discussion-id=PAc6ruyz,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-18T21:13:08.240+0000) > > has about 10 peopel in it? We are growing every day and now have 40+ players (21-25+ allways online)
i know that im going round spewing random shit and that no one should even be bothered at my comments atm xD
Adsf (EUW)
: Can anyone answer to me what is the max level?
its level 7 and you can spam emotes for the champ i would use a troll emote but their all garbage
: This is an outrage
thinking about the drugs they just took and which corner street has some more. its not just the poppy thing they %%%%ed up with tho its just balancing the game in general
: we dont like the cost of upgrading champions masteries
well think of it this way. your not upgrading shit your upgrading something that means you can bm someone by spamming it ingame
: Support Main Club
from what i know no body plays support so im gonna head out and say that this club has about 10 peopel in it?
Rainst0rm (EUNE)
: FPS Problem!
silly person the game doesnt have a first person shooter problem
: Notice anything funny about this after game screen?
it says defeat. which mean you lost. scrub :P
Edelveiss (EUNE)
: Support is underrated..
support is underrated in every game. no one will listen tho so no point in making this post
: Anyone need a support for thier roster?
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Aiash (EUW)
: maybe you should post it here too to get more adds :
more like get any adds lol not had a single one. Thanks for tip
: Graves redo or rework
they should rework him into a question mark. anyone that clicks him gives them a random champ. then they should keep graves the way he is cos he had the ability to instakill anyone as a full bruiser adc assassin
: 1 Stupid question
well a big lose streak in bronze 5 is the reason you just got put into bronze 5 :D
Maeday (EUW)
: So... What's meta?
you wanna know what is meta? its something that enslaves peopel to believe anything that doesnt follow it is a troll and deserves to be reported until they are banned.
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: Sad times, report them all and move on :S
: Had that once. Still won.
yea i didnt cos i was playing nami i took all support by the time i got to something base was already half gone so i just waited for it to end instead of making it all last longer
: People probably just lvl their accounts in coop vs AI and what's a better way than botting? Do you really blame them?
maybe i wasnt clear when i said out of 10 champions 9 of them were bots when i went into coop vs ai. maybe im missing something but when did coop mean botters vs ai
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Ârzo (EUW)
: congrats, want a cookie? {{item:2009}}
: Never gonna find love from anyone.
Or what you could do is do what everyone else did. play the game instead of begging for someone to give you it.
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: Why support will always remain the black duck
I main thresh and the only time i even get complimented on a nice hook is if i bring it up because im generally proud of the hook but most of the time it gets brushed off i mean what do supports do anyway
JustMayes (EUW)
: ***
they need to implement some items so you dont see ap supports going sightstone then full ap like ok im support i have a sightstone when some junglers used to also buy a sightstone. tank items are good for supports really
: Support carry by not being awful and leave their ADC in a technical 2vs1. There are plenty of occasion to realize that, expecially when you indeed get an awful support, but for some reason some players are really that blinded about that and still won't accept it, and will keep swearing that supports are universally bad cause "can't carry", no matter how many games are decided by the bot lane. Of course, the exact same situation happens when it's a good support that gets an awful ADC, and this is another thing that for some reason some people seems to be completely unable to consider, because in those cases, apparently, it's still the support fault if things go south. Don't ask me why.
The reason its the supports fault is because those people are to small minded to realise their mistakes and before you all go spouting at me for not knowing what im talking about i am a support main and normally when something like this happens im to low to fight or the enemy jungler is here or sometimes i do make a mistake everyone does but its the scumbags who think its a good idea to call the support out for mistakes other than ignoring it or just not making a big fuss and saying "its k" like very few adcs i see do
Drake wOw (EUW)
: PROBLEM with support class
Its ok i get that but the other way around and most of the time not autofilled. its fun playing and having ur adc ping you if you miss a caster minion on thresh because your literally fighting your adc just so you can get gold and a bit of health. but remember this if you miss something or your adc dies "x9 my support" supports are looked upon the same way a good mid laner is and its fairly anoying really
: How to help supports feel important
%%%%ing peeling spree xD that would be amazing
: Supports
look at it this way. supports main source of gold is rather bandit or ancient coin so getting kills is great is someone complains about ksing shows them that sightstone you got from it or if your really fed go 1v1 the adc most fed supports can do that
XHorology (EUW)
: 'Supports'
Support is so much fun to play because you dont see yourself getting stronger you see the people your helping getting stonger and its pretty cool as well i mean i main thresh and landing the hook are so nice and with a good team that follows up properly knowing your the support who got that to happen its pretty neato
DevilFreak1 (EUNE)
: Supports....
Well i play support and personally i feel like even if i do extremely well and get and S+ people dont give any recognition whatsoever i mean 1 game i was 3/1/14 my adc was 5/1/10 and the enemy jsut said you all got carried by mid and jgl. another game i just had i was being very nice until 1 guy decided its not a game to be friendly and out of nowhere said "stop typing start playing" then going on about my previous games where i "fed" even though i had done fairly decent in them and was to no extent "inting". long story short people dont appreciate supports as much as they should. some adcs find them as something to own and some people ignore what they do completly
Oblee (EUW)
: How to report toxic behaviour?
i wish the report showed something because i had a lulu that called people out for every single mistake then when i called ihm out for he he got all defensive which really annoyed me and i just fell like the report did absolutly nothign even when it tell you they have been punished the amount of toxic people in this game i wish it showed the name of who got punished because some people need to learn a lessonn in respect
: Hmm, go into store and check your purchase history, IP purchases *should* be listed too. If there are any purchases that you didn't make yourself, change your password asap. If your purchase history looks fine, i'd make a ticket :)
nothing in the game costs 200ip so it cant be someone else logging into my account and my friend has also said about him losing ip from nothing
Ahridk (EUW)
: Its my b day all i want is an Ahri drawing
it amazes me how many people actualy drew something xD
: You didn't buy a cheap rune or something? Sometimes the RP-IP totals take a little while to update on the client.
no it happened earlier today again i have about 2k ip and i had to relog and i had 1800 when i logged back in
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konjomono (EUW)
: but lethality has big nerves to
Aela (EUW)
: It used to be meta to double jungle, before they removed the small creeps on blue and red, top would take small creeps and hit level 2 after 3 camps.
i know that but when i say follow i mean they intentionally take your jungle to put you behind or annoy you
: basically what i'm saying is up there below the title.
Yea you basically complaining about non meta. so your a meta slave? what your saying is if someone who hates adc gets autofilled to adc but picks their one trick you hate them for it. would you rather have then int feeding all game and have no knowledge on how to play an adc and play it well or would you rather have someone play something they know how to play regardless of their positioning on the map
Aela (EUW)
: How can one deal with this?
I hate people who follow me in the jungle is so annoying
mecharri (EUW)
: Playing malzahar top is not "trolling"
Playing the game the way someone doesnt like is trolling, lets be honest play what you want just because people dont agree with the pick is no reason to not play it their not playing. simple solution watch disco heat he proves the point with the random stuff he plays. I played gnar support was pretty fun
: i'm starting to hate one trick ponies
So basically in short what your saying is. Me like meta you must to.
: [GALIO SPLASH ARTS] Commando, Classic, Gatekeeper, Enchanted, Hextech and Debonair
That commando is pretty nice then again iv always been a sucker for updated splash art when they update them and you can just compare old to new they look amazing i think the best updated splash art from old to new is malphites, it looks awesome
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