ahmed shata (EUNE)
: Elementalist lux ????????
Come on guys, Google easily tells you that this was an [illustration by Francis Tneh for a card game called Karacterz](http://www.karacterz.com/command-nature-elementalist/). Sorry to burst your bubble, but it was just the usual Brofresco clickbait. The PBE has no splash art yet.
Ahmedoo07 (EUW)
: Damn, October? this is so far, I can not wait WTF.
Actually they scrapped that, they're gonna look at assassins instead. RIP Aatrox.
PepijndM (EUW)
: Not true, you can get banned if you just pick an ADC while your team is 4x premade who want you to top, but you can't top, for instance. Never underestimate how people can think you aren't giving them 'face' while you're just doing your thing.
Wrong. Their report value just gets lowered.
Fórsa (EUW)
: Main excuse that Dynamic Q is a legalized elo boost. You don't think about it but it ridiculous at that moment /:
That's one reason I'd never queue up in a premade. I don't want to get to Plat with the help of my Diamond friends and their smurfs when I know I actually deserve something like Gold 4. And queuing with my Bronzie friends would be ELO suicide. I want to land exactly where I deserve to be, premades would ruin that.
: I Think it will RIOT usualy dont lie, it will be up and running to season 7.
Well C9 Hai already said it all on Twitter. Solo Q would drain the solo guys out of Dyna Q, so the only way teams could be formed if both coexist would be 2+3 or 5 man premades. 4 man premades would never find a game. They can't coexist and considering how much they've thought about the system, Riot knew this from the start.
: Options -> interface -> hud scaling Change it up/down and then back to how you had it before. It will fix it for the course of the battle but it will most likely go back to how it was previously in your next match. Just wait for a hotfix from riot, it's not like the spells hud matters if it's slightly pixelated or not.
Didn't work for me. No matter how big or small I scale it, it's always pixilated as long as it's < 100%. Even when I scale it back.
Arkatra (EUW)
: ... You haven't seen a kicked Jarvan into your face yet, my dear friend. I do wait a Lee Sin nerf. No, he's not OP in my opinion, but would cut his fame down from picking a bit.
No, they'd keep playing him but they'd be even worse.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Now... what makes this unable to happen when palying with 4 solo Players? :s
They don't have Teamspeak? Solo players treat everyone's commands equally (if they react to those is a different story), while 4 man premades only pay attention to each other and completely ignore the 5th player. Oh, and language. I tried playing one game, Spanish 4-man premade, no one bothered to speak English. 0 communication. We lost.
: How would AFK toxic {{champion:92}} look like? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Literally a 9 year old kid who rages, yells insults at the adults, runs to his room and bangs the door.
Koscum (EUNE)
: They technically aren't, but similar to custom skins, they tend to be pardoned. Also, you are very likely to get a warning if you're using them in such a way before any further action gets taken against you.
But if you don't get pardoned, don't make a QQ thread. This happens to someone every week.
MrJossy (EUW)
: Are Macros allowed?
Nope. Nothing that makes the game easier to play - or could theoretically do that - is allowed. Lee wardjump macros are obviously forbidden. So is a software that posts all the buff timers in chat. So is a custom skin software, because you could theoretically change the look of certain skillshots to make them easier to dodge.
Alex3995 (EUW)
: i prety sure they arent. chat macros for "do baron" etc are allowed but norhing that interatcs with you champion your items or summoner spells.
Not even those are allowed. And then these people cry on the boards "omg i got banned for nothing". Can't you play without software?
: As Kalista vs Syndra
Dodge her E and stay behind the frontline. Your job isn't to 1v1 a mage. Your job is to pump out as much damage as possible while making sure that Syndra can't reach you behind your team.
Agidyne (EUW)
: Star Guardian Urgot ingame model finally revealed.
This has been a thing for months tho.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: they made Phanteon the Aspect of War, when it was Aatrox Job. So obviously, Aatrox got jealous and decided to mimic Phanteon with invisibility jumps
: send her cute smileys and report her :3
Exactly what I did.
Santirande (EUNE)
: ever had situation where 4 of your team members are dead and you (as support) are only one alive. your enemy dives you under turret and you get penta. your team that proceeds to shout "report zyra for ks!!!" ?
: Kill steal!
Yesterday I played a game as Diana with an instalock Vayne. When I roamed bot, the Vayne was doing what a Vayne does: dueling a 500 HP Jhin with 50 HP. I swooped in to instakill Jhin with one RW. The entire enemy team congratulated me on saving Vayne while Vayne asked them to report me for KS. She then proceeded to wish my family cancer and state she would go AFK if I ganked her fucking lane one more time. Needless to say, we lost and guess whose fault it was. "gg diana no help bot"
Wuks (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Desi,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=V361v6AO,comment-id=0007000d,timestamp=2016-02-24T18:24:36.058+0000) > > So there is no customization with anything not even changing riot official content with riot official content? (Eg Korean sounds and not English sounds) At this time, Riot is not punishing for sound pack modifications, but if they were to change their policy on this, they would give warnings to players before actually punishing them. Customizations relating to Riot files refers to a FoV modification, for instance. Summoners who use multiple screens and modify the game.cfg file to use a resolution that isn't supported to gain an unfair advantage over other players may and often do get punished.
Korean announcer voice has gotten people banned. But I think they used a specific program for it, not sure.
Lipton (EUW)
: I've got to admit, looking at all those people getting ban "for no reason" have me worried. I've never used 3rd party, change language or did anything beside using basic client. My computer is clean and I don't use crack game / pgrm since I earn enough money to buy all of this . And I'd be pretty pissed myself if I saw my 8k games / 500€ account go down without having an explanation or a lead to understand what caused my ban. (ps: Im not ban, yet don't ignore the growing fear of false positive)
Most people who make a thread like this used a software like MK Jogo and pretend a mere skin changer CANNOT fall under 3rd party software. Actual false positives almost never happen and 90% actually get reverted later. I follow a lot of these "discussions" here (more like whiner circlejerks) and almost all "false positives" are people who think they're an exception from the 3rd party software rule because they only used a harmless software (which Riot has stated multiple times is illegal).
: "She" Heard "His" students? Uhmmm? Are you a pansexual by any chance?
Beban11 (EUNE)
: {{champion:107}} Because what's better than big angry kitty?And that passive and ult... {{champion:268}} Because Shurima is the best.And that ult,if u know how to use it... {{champion:412}} Because i play Thresh jungle-New Meta...That hook is the best gank ability.
Naut and Amumu have pretty much the same hook, just even better for ganking because the projectiles are faster and they can apply even harder CC. Try them lol. Naut jungle used to be meta, actually nobody played him support until a year ago.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 22
{{champion:161}} He has insane self-peel, I'm pretty good with his mechanics, he can kite and outplay pretty much everyone who doesn't have multiple dashes and most importantly, he has the best emote spam in the game. **OOOOOH DARN** {{champion:38}} Used to be my main last summer, picked him up again 4 days ago and found out I still have the muscle memory. Similarly to VK a very safe pick if you can survive pre-6 (which admittedly is the reason I dropped him as a main, losing early hard can be frustrating), he snowballs to hell and back but in mid-late he only fights you when he wants to. ~~Also getting compliments from the enemy team is fukken sweet~~ if only I didn't mute all-chat in ranked lol {{champion:68}} Second best emote spam in the game. **WEEOOWEEOOWEEOOWEEOO** No seriously, his kit is awesome. Some perks are that he allows your mid to pick an AD without making your team full AD (which often happens down in Silver), that he can lose lane super hard and still get back into the game with one good teamfight and that his ult is literally game-changing. Holy shit this thing does burn through whole teams if you know how to use it.
: Malzahar. Assassin wants to push? You push back. Assassin wants to roam? You push harder so you make him regret his decision. Assassin wants to kill you? You mean, HE GETS IN RANGE TO GET ULTED? He can also build Zz'rot+Banner of command. It's hilarious to push toplane while actually teamfighting at dragon/botlane. Pushing is a strategy. Unhealthy? Maybe in your opinion. I hated the assassin meta and I am glad for pushing to be a relevant option.
: ?... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Jinx: ... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}} Pantheon: ... {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Brand: ... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Nunu: It isn't funny... P.S. Keep your hands off the keyboard and shut it...
: it's not wrong to tell those people how the system works, however the tone in which you wrote those points was kinda arrogant. but nvm anymore, i am out here ;)
candoodle (EUW)
: I WISH my turrets would KS once i got jumped on next to turret and we would have won the 2v2, but after i got focused down turret just stopped attacking enemy and started FARMING MINIONS. WTF TURRET free double kill and turret goes for cs. Needless to say turret fed them another kill soon thereafter and then i assume went afk because turret never respawned Seriously riot how are turrets like these still not banned and i get a warning for telling my turret his father was a hamster and his mother smelt like elderberries RITO PLZ noob turrets are so much worse than flamers because you can just mute flamers but you cant tell turrets to get good if it wasnt for turret i would be challenjour gg
>his father was a hamster and his mother smelt like elderberries My sides man. Good thing that I'm too _Wet Cardboard 25 1/2_ to get you in a game, I'd keep laughing from your creative flaming and end up feeding.
: the king of assassins needs a new skin
SSW and DB are among the most awesome skins in the game. There are champs who don't have a single good skin. Project Talon would be way too clunky for someone who throws his blades that fast, Blood Moon is way too generic and tbh a mask wouldn't suit him.
: A suggestion for Mordekaiser Rework(RIOT PLEASE READ)
I love how people just downvote and don't get the point of this thread. :D
3oMaRa2001 (EUNE)
: a punishment without a reason RIOT READ THIS!!
It's not a warning. It's a notification that you've been punished. By now EVERYONE should know that MKLoL is 100% bannable, it was stated by Riot multiple times. That was your warning. You call the thread "a punishment without a reason" even though you exactly know the reason: you used MKLoL. Fine. Now you know why you were banned. Have a good day.
: shen bugg with titanic hydra
It's Death Recap that's bugged. Shen doesn't deal THAT much damage lol.
Perilum (EUW)
: Normal/Ranked MMR are separated. Nothing changed for you. Just a bad experience. No conspiracy. Vaccines don't cause Autism. 9/11 was not a inside job. The third Reich official surrendered.
... I know they are separated. No need to be so condescending. I just got trolls/flamers in all 6-7 queues today, this doesn't quite look like a coincidence.
lmmôrtal (EUW)
: dominion icon
>For players who’ve made the Crystal Scar their home over the last four years, we’ll be taking a snapshot of the queue **today just before this post goes live**. Then we’ll give out an exclusive, never-to-be-reproduced Summoner Icon to anyone with over 100 wins in matchmade Dominion games (not including Co-op vs AI). The icon just goes to people who had 100 wins at the time the post went online, sorry.
Rioter Comments
Vo1dWalker (EUNE)
: Yeah but you knowledge will remain the same as no one plays seriously. And if you are that good you will reach your division.
So you just said two things, correct me if I didn't get that right. 1. You learn absolutely nothing on how to play a champ if you only play normals. 2. Fucking up someone's Gold promos is perfectly ok because they can do the promos again if they really belong in Gold. I really hope this isn't a common opinion on EUNE. Good thing I will never get you in a ranked game. I seriously feel bad for all who do.
Vo1dWalker (EUNE)
: I disagree with you because you can't be better in a normal game where everyone is playing for fun. So i believe that everyone should practice in ranked games if they are still bad then it's their problem because they'll be losing forever.
I'd rather try a champ in an environment where no one takes their game seriously than lose my Gold 5 promo due to a first time Azir that keeps 1v5ing into the enemy team.
ThePompf (EUW)
: "pick tanky support pls"
Best thing is when you play Janna/Vel'Koz/Soraka and they flame you for not standing in front of them all the time.
Rioter Comments
Just Cat (EUW)
: You will never get an answer from riot you if u cant even call their company name right ...
: Can you imagine this shit though, I'd just root the adc in bot lane and walk away to go start a fight mid. It'd be amazing.
Guess why Morgana is classified as both a midlaner and a support.
: why do the last 3 picks get the bans in new champselect? help the guys that probably get countered!
Agree. I play top/mid, the two positions that rely most heavily on counter-matchups. Whenever I'm 4th/5th pick I think to myself "Jackpot" and I even get the benefit of not having to beg my team to ban Zed/Fiora. When I'm 1st pick mid, my team doesn't ban Zed and I either pick my main, get Zed and cri or pick something I'm not good at and have to deal with a counter.
: Really? I certainly didn't because i was busy playing her and getting fed by deleting champions in the jungle. But this is still a shen topic. Just let me add poppy Q: total 140% bonus AD / E: total 100% bonus AD... good scalings
I just repeat what everyone said on Reddit and even boards, never played her. Nice downvotes btw, really shows me you value other opinions while discussing with people.
: Then she should have a theme skin together with Braum, Sivir and Pantheon. Of course, they all need moustaches. Braum's shield is a giant Pizza Sivir's boomerang is a Pizza Pantheon's shield is a Pizza and he fights with a salami
With a baguette. Pls.
: And what would her buckler be?
Rehab (EUW)
: Duskblade of DFG 2.0
Riot aren't making the same mistake again. No one's pretending that this is an anti-tank item. Rather, it's there to help assassins kill squishies and replace the old LW (which turned from the go-to assassin item into an ADC tankbuster item).
: Poppy and little damage? xD
Well, at release everyone complained about her dealing no damage at all.
: Am I the only one who thinks Shen's Rework is weak?
The full relaunches so far always filled some weird defensive niche no one got at the beginning, but quickly became OP as people figured out their playstyles. Just look at Poppy, 40% to 55% winrate in 2 weeks. New Shen has a very unique and weird playstyle, just like Shen and Poppy (who also deal similarly little damage but have a shitton of utility).
Cypherous (EUW)
: lol star guardian urgot, would buy, just make sure its like this http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--np53dyqf--/18m5c416ng9b2jpg.jpg
Didn't you watch the video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWlHdm9coNQ
: And why are you telling me this?
Whoops, didn't mean to comment on your comment, I actually intented to comment on the main thread. o.o
: And it refreshed 43 003 636 times in the meantime.
Had to play against a Morgana and a Leona yesterday. Better at catching people than Rengar. With less counterplay.
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