: Looking for star guardian team!
Well i only have SG Lux so rip me, but if they release SG Urgot i will probably play with that skin forever and become an Urgot OTP.
: Warding like a champion v Low ELO
Because we're all boosted animals.
Euxin (EUNE)
: Autofill is stupid
I personally haven't been affected by autofill even though im a fairly high ranked player (high plat/low diamond mmr), but if it would happen and i would be placed into support then i guess it would not be fun. I don't remember quite exactly when i played support last but i think it was around season 3? Either way i have yet to experiance autofill but i'm guessing its a pretty bad thing.
Grammos (EUNE)
: Jhin or Jinx ?
Jhin is incredibly fun to play but if you care about strength then atm jinx is either the best or one of the best adc.
: I need a name with zed winner will get a mystery skin
Hermaj (EUNE)
: Kog'maw sucks now! (patch 6.19)
The thing is, this is old kog maw. There was a reason for him geting reworked (you may have noticed this since you made a board entrance). But the updated kog maw was just way too hard to balance, he is either way too op or way too weak so the revert changes aren't gonna be permanent if i understood it right and will only be there until he gets his next rework to possibly make it so he is actually balancable in a healthy way.
: Bring SoloQ Back ? DynamicQ is unfair and stupid
well Riot has already confirmed that soloQ will never come back so i guess we just gota cry together through the eternal suffer that is a 4 man polish premade group {{item:3151}}

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