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agate (EUW)
: IM having the same issue dude i also clean installed my os and reinstalled league 5 times nothing helps i guess they dont support our macs anymore cause i sudmitted a ticket and they responded with some stupid ass shit that is beyond idiotic like: fix ur DNS (fix ur brain rito)
ye i feel your pain.. iv done everything.. riot has left us..
Arzonv (EUW)
: Can't open LoL after patch
Seems im not the only one that is having a really annoying time trying to get this thing fixed... but seems riot isn't really caring as of right now.
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: My League wont open
Im giving up on life.......... i factory restarted my computer which took 20 hours... why league WHY WONT YOU OPEN
Zurkrem (EUW)
: Woah there, no need to reply twice. Jokes aside, I have some thoughts about how to fix this. Bear with me here, as I'm making this up as I go. See if you can find LeagueClient.exe in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends PS: If you right click your screenshot at the gyazo website and select copy image address, the link you get from pasting that will embed the picture into your post, like mine. Edit: click on the picture to see it properly, this seems to be an issue with replies and does not happen when you're writin/editing the OP.
Oh this might have been useful from the start... im also on a mac.. haha
Zurkrem (EUW)
: It's partially my fault, although some screenshots would have been nice, maybe even a video.
Here you go, its a screen shot of the launcher which when i press launch just breaks.
Zurkrem (EUW)
: I'm afraid I dont quite follow. Is this the client you're using?
yes sorry for the confusion
Zurkrem (EUW)
: So are you or are you not using the updated client?
i should be... it told me ''restart in (number) for client update''
Zurkrem (EUW)
: Are you using this launcher?
No, it hasn't been like that for me in a while now, usually it lets me just log in, and now its like the old launcher but with ''The client update has begun''. iv tried re-downloading it but its all the same.
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