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: Its not bug Sound effect and animation play while she is in animation of it Every ability has it cast animation,which means if u cast if right before u die,it will not be cast but u will hear sound effect and see animation
The problem with that is that if it were not a bug, her ultimate would go on cooldown. You can see this effect when dying as Vel Koz while using W or E. Your animation will come through, but the abilities will deal no damage. They WILL go on cooldown though since it will be counted as if you casted them. (This becomes especially important if you are revived by Zileans R for example, and your abilities are on CD like in Vel Koz case/ not on CD like in Eves). So in Evelynns case, the full animation of the ability is displayed but it is not counted as if you casted it. Compare it to Karthus: If he dies while channeling R, the ability will - rightfully - go on cooldown since it has been cancelled. Imagine Karthus would have his R instantly up again when revived by Zilean because the game counted it as if it wasnt cast in the first place...
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