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: Being Platinum V last season and considering that you started somewhere in Gold this season and being in Platinum V still with almost 800 games, well it's for sure not someone else's fault. You have to work on your gameplay. We all have games where someone from our team is doing so bad that makes the game impossible to win, but when you are good you will have a lot games where you will be able to carry or do things that will let someone else carry. If you were good enough to be in high Platinum or Diamond, then in this season you should've been in Platinum V with 200-300 games and so with 800 you should've been in high Platinum or Diamond. So something goes wrong with your gameplay and you have to find out what it is.
Was almost in plat 3 promos a month or 2 ago, but unfortunately it’s literally impossible for me to carry games that are over before 10 minutes :) I know I’m not perfect, I just don’t understand how I can’t get back to plat 3 promos, or just out of plat 5 in general. Hoe did I do it before? Luck?
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: Patch 8.11. How the adc role began to change.
I hate this patch. I lost all interest in playing adc honestly. You’re literally the most useless champ in the game right now. I don’t understand Riot’s logic; they want shorter games, yet gut adc’s early game in favor of stronger late games. This patch is a mess as a whole in my opinion, one of the worst in ages.
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: How is it to play Akali top/mid?
She’s not in the best spot honestly, but if you get good enough with her you can do completely fine. As for build paths, Gunblade and Zhonyas are core items imo, after that it’s situational depending on the enemy team. I find myself having more success mid than top, because when you’re top they eventually get to tanky for you and you’re forced to roam + you’re usually missing a tank or bruiser, unless you have a tank/bruiser jungler. But building her tanky is completely fine. You can even go conqueror, and build like Gunblade, Trinity, Sunfire, Titanic...etc. it’s a fun build if you wanna play her tanky. Also she’s getting reworked in a few months, so remember that when deciding if you wanna learn her.
: How do you play Katarina?
Watch Katlife’s videos and streams! He is very helpfull and educational. Also just play her if u want, we were all horrible in the beginning but u just gotta push through and learn something from every game.
: Katarina build
A very generic build would be: Hextech Gunblade, Sorcs, Morello (or just Oblivion orb for the pen), Void staff, Zhonyas/Banshees, Deathcap. Liandry’s is okay but not the best cause it takes a bit to ramp up the passive. Rylais is also good if you wanna be a bit tankier but I wouldn’t say it’s core. Kat benefits a lot from pen so keep that in mind.
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Chuxy (EUNE)
: Will Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 512mb be good enough
yes it will be good. also try to replace the processor if u can, the 3800 is really old and weak
: Not experiencing it, never had it happen either. Goodluck on the issue
Thanks. It fixed itself in the middle of my second game, weird.
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: Defensive itemization against mixed damage?
Against an on hit teemo for example you can get a specters cowl, then a frozen heart or bramble vest
: Oh honey !
meat market? honey i said sounds like my friday night honey
: I need to get up on this gig girl !
wow it feels so nice to find a fellow drag race fan in this game lmao

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