LetMeOutPlz (EUNE)
: just usual insults nothing special streamer would get for that 10 games chat ban probably anyway fck this topic rito don't give a shit for years usual thing for devs when money is right
>just usual insults nothing special If you're not willing to share your chat logs, it tends to indicate otherwise. >usual thing for devs when money is right This whole banning for more money thing doesn't work. Why would they take the risk? Chances are you're less likely to spend money on a second account, and that's not even after the 50/50 chance you even come back. It just doesn't make any sense, from any viewpoint, sorry.
: Banning your own team's champs is just not ok..
It's a priority pick, you're last pick, and no one earlier on can trade it to you. In this scenario, it is 100% acceptable to ban that champion. That's why it's a thing, and pretty much will always remain one.
: Is saying "no u" bannable?
Probably not on it's own, no. In combination with other things / rest of logs? Possibly. Although I wouldn't say that in response to that comment, as that's pretty much saying it yourself in my personal opinion.
: Riot solution on solving there problems
>And yes i know this will affect ranked system with blocking higher players to avoid getting them ingame. You've explained exactly the issue here. It opens the door to win trading, not to mention queue time issues it causes. They actually trialled this on OCE briefly at one point iirc. I don't have the source with me though.
: Can i get your attention, Riot Games?
>I swore 3 times with same word It's not about the quantity, but the severity of what's said. The word you used is a homophobic slur, that society in general has deemed unacceptable. This is not unique to LoL - this word and other slurs are banned across most online games. I suggest you remove it from your vocabulary, as there is no place for it here.
: Plenty of time shown chatlog which shows mild grief mild everything, which shouldnt be punished. Banned for explaining why we lose to flamers/racism/toxic players. So there is plenty of proof that victum are punished in same rate as predators. Riot calls it Victums becoming predators. or retaliation, or whatever. There is a reason why this game has become 10x more toxic pass 4 years. Riot system is a robot, not looking on whats happening, its like a guys punching another in the face and the other person should just stand still taking it. Its like being bullied and not standing up for yourself. And im not talking about entering "hatespeech, griefing, etc" im talking about saying enough is enough and telling the person why we lost the game. Got alot of accounts banned for answering "human" to incredible toxic behavior. Which i have proven in 5x chatlog which 3 of them got removed for nameshaming. Its hard to put out chatlogs in this forum because you can only see one side of the situation. Most of those who says "unfair" banned is clearly a fair ban, but i aswell see tons of players who are unfair banned. #Riotsystemneedsaupgrade
>Which i have proven in 5x chatlog which 3 of them got removed for nameshaming. Its hard to put out chatlogs in this forum because you can only see one side of the situation. I just want to clarify on this for you. Firstly, it's not Riot removing your chat logs for naming and shaming. That's the moderators/volunteers. The reason it's not allowed on the boards, is because it's super super easy to fake. If you're using text logs, that means you're manually typing what they said, which is hearsay and can't be trusted because of the bias there. If it's a screenshot, again these are incredibly easy to edit. They can also lead to witch hunts, which is not something that ends well for anyone.
: If I am remembering it right, in Korea they use a method to end the game quickly once it seems to be a lost one. I think they just open mid so the enemy team ends the game faster. When the rest of the team that is losing is taking jungle or dragons, things that won't bother that much. Please correct my sentence if I said some wrong info. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am not saying it is a good idea either, but if he uses such method and no one reports it, it would be okey i guess, right?
If no one reports it, then nothing will happen. I mean if you all agree *shrug* but you're risking a lot on the word of someone on the internet you've never met before. My advice would be just play normally. An extra 5 minutes isn't going to kill you, and you can use this time to practice farming, dodging/hitting skill shots, etc.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Yes, let's say we agreed on chat :D And someone reported. Can I use that chat log as prove that it was team choice? That is the question :D
I wouldn't rely on that as a method of defence. When looking at offenses, other players behaviour tends to be disregarded in the way that the report was enough to say they were upset about what happened. So realistically, I'd say there's a good chance they wouldn't look at that. I can't answer this with 100% accuracy, but I'm fairly confident when I say: It's a bad idea.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Can we decide to troll in team?
I mean, that depends on your team really... The system is only going to detect that kind of behaviour if it gets reported. So if you do and post game no one reports you (because you all agreed on it), technically then I guess you can. However I wouldn't recommend it, nor condone it. Especially since all it takes is one report, whether they agreed or not, to cause a problem here.
: A game to chill :D?
Old School RuneScape can be quite relaxing. Sure it's a bit grindy, but if you want to mellow out and you get into the rhythm of it, skilling becomes super enjoyable (for me anyway) It's requirements are also super low since it's running off quite an old game engine.
SenseiSai (EUW)
: Did any one else get Yasuo as both their most killed and most killed by?
Yep. Jokes on him I killed him more {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: RIOT not reverting the 1 BE Capsules bug is a slap in the face to everyone else who pays for content
To be honest, how this whole thing has been handled is incredibly disappointing. I don't really want to go into a rant but I definitely think there should've been a different outcome.
: This time, I made Shyvana play Skyrim's main theme.
StyrosNinja (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=A Snarky Cyclone,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=kME7t9vF,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-01-11T09:31:28.314+0000) > If you could create an account to "transfer the ban", there'd be no point in having the bans at all, seeing as anyone could just do that within 10 minutes of getting one. ahahahahahha . There is no point in banning people, they can troll on new account {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I mean, you don't get all the champions, skins or history of your previous account on your new one. Considering the time investment/money spent here, I'd definitely say it's a deterrent for people to misbehave again.
Rgdor (EUW)
: Perma banned
No. Once an account is perma-banned, that's it. If you could create an account to "transfer the ban", there'd be no point in having the bans at all, seeing as anyone could just do that within 10 minutes of getting one. ---- These bans are here to show that there are consequences for your actions, and that other players aren't enjoying playing with you on the Rift. If you want to continue playing, then I'd suggest you take a moment to read the Summoners Code, before starting a new account. I can pretty much 100% guarantee you won't get your old one back. That's not how it works.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: An issue is still an issue. There's always something wrong, that's my point. o.o There was never a time when things were working as intended for a longer period of time, never.
That's been there for a while because of the server transfer issue. That's not client related, but the notice is put in the client so people see it. There has been other things added to it, of course, when they have arisen, but that's the main reason it's been there the last couple of months.
MsDoubleTap (EUNE)
: Hmmmm surely I am not the only one who thought neeko means cat and was stunned to find out she is a chameleon :'D... Japanese language. Neko means cat and i was like.... Oooh a cat and boom.... Chameleon xD
Catmeleon {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Do you have any hobbies/passions outside of playing League of Legends?
When I've had the time, space and resources I've dabbled in cosplay - it was a lot of fun. Just gets a bit pricey, and when you move internationally as frequently as I do, it's also difficult to find the space and move materials around etc.
kaizenV (EUNE)
: Suggestion for Riot's communication with the player base
Riot actually takes a lot into account. They're constantly lurking on the boards, reading threads and taking criticism. We in the Volunteer program sometimes bug them over things that we spot that community bringing up as a common pain point. Trust me, they take a lot more player opinion into account than most people seem to think these days D:
: Riot support behavior and an apology
I mean... My opinion here is: What did you really expect? You made that "joke", full well knowing what the real acronym means, and obviously someone didn't find it funny. This is akin to poking a bear with a stick then getting upset when it wakes up.
Hansiman (EUW)
: What broke this time..? https://images2.imgbox.com/88/9a/ARhLtIMJ_o.jpg
: Sylas inspired from tai lung from kong fu panda
Personally I think his whole attitude and "I'm free to create the world I envision" attitude is more inspired from Zaheer and the Avatar/Legend of Korra universe.
Solash (EUW)
: Kindred Wolf barely does anything despite the fact that the influence of the champion is meant to be pretty 50/50
If I recall the earlier iterations had more focus on Wolf. I do agree Wolf is a little under-represented :(
Rioter Comments
: No need for you to say yasou was wrong, but defending him is not the right way either. You are drawing a picture that shows missleading information. You use a hypotheses that draws a negative picture of A student, and non negative picture of B student. (You do your best, but clearly this is not the same as A+ student's best.) This is not correctly drawned for the person im talking about and the perosn you can see up in the chatlog. And if you really wanted to look into it could watched replay on. You're in class. You are an average student that gets mostly B's (Gold). You have someone else in your class that get's A+'s (Diamond). You have a group project coming up with this student. You do your best, but clearly this is not the same as A+ student's best. A+ then proceeds to tell you "Why you're stuck getting B's". What i find frustrating is people always defending the toxic person and his right to be this way. As you do in this hypothese. Only thing i have been doing lately is enlightning people off a common behavior in League last 2 years. League of legend is a good game, but its scary how toxic behavior is more and more common. My first ticket to Riot about this issue was 2 years ago and toxicness has rapidly increased and yet nothing has been done to prevent it. I have had players telling me to get cancer, to die, to kill my family (ingame) and no 14 or perma ban was given.
I'm going to clarify again. I'm not defending toxicity in these scenarios._ I'm explaining how it can occur._ And from then on, ways to avoid it from occuring. That's it. If the other person breaks the rules in response, then report them and move on. They're in the wrong. Again, the reason I'm trying to talk this through with you is because you're saying you're having common negative interactions - and you said that you often try to help (paraphrasing) people, and they are toxic in response. Not every conversation is about defending and attacking, or who's wrong and right. This whole exercise is purely to have a look at something from a different perspective - there's no right or wrong perspective here until a toxic response comes out (if that makes sense). Neither Person A nor B are in the wrong unless one starts yelling at the other. However again, it's more likely to end in a positive response to ask if they'd like help than it is to "tell them what to do" type scenario. That's it. That's all that was. There's no blame, no defending.
Kuschizu (EUW)
: Sylas champion reveal! abilities explained!
Honestly if they swapped Neeko and this guys ults, tweeked the damage for him of course, I'd be happier. Thematically it makes more sense to have a big jump up chain everyone (stun) for 2 seconds and have the chameleon imitate someone elses ult.
: I'm sorry to write again, but I'm a little bit freaked out. Did I get 3000 RP from you guys? I can't explain where it came from, other than here (I'm not the freaky typ of person, but I really want to know where it came from. I'm a little bit afraid and happy at the same time)
Heya TheWaschbâr, It seems some sneaky elves got that gift out a little too fast for us, and got that to you before we could clear the snow and make a new post! We'll be making an announcement post soon {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Its not hard to not get banned (or im just a lucky guy)
The vast majority of the community haven't received any punishments. I haven't since season 2, either. Most people who receive a chat restriction don't even re-offend after their first. What you're seeing is the extremely vocal minority, for the most part.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: i call bullshit on this
I mean... you're welcome to, but the data and figures is there to back it.
: a mod not defending riot til the end?? what is this sorcery! a honest opinion, a open one, one that dares to speak about flaws and doubts bless thee. other mods take note. p.s i agree.
Actually a lot of the Volunteers disagree with different things Riot do. Part of us joining is that we're not explicitly "YAY RIOT" because whats the point in having an avenue to communicate with the boards community if we ignore any constructive criticism :P I know this one is a sore spot for a couple other Volunteers as well D:. So. Much. CLICKING.
ArsoBog (EUNE)
: Blue essence
The Blue Essence system is actually faster than the IP system ever was. Initial post: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/hAaYMrEs-leveling-and-rewards-early-impressions-and-adjustments Follow up: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/BQed8FWz-leveling-and-rewards-improvements-to-milestone-emotes-capsules-fwotd With your champion capsules and blue essence, you'll get the ones you want in no time :).
: Maybe if your team has less than 75% less kills than the enemy team (they have 20 and you have 4), 3 to 2 should be enough. Or when there's someone in your team with death count over 20.
Kills don't dictate a game though. I've won games where we went 5/18 or to that effect because they lacked objective control. Regarding the deathcount over 20, I've also been in games where we've won with intentional feeders, or games that have been long (and bloody) enough that everyone is in double digit deaths. Kills aren't just really an effective way to measure this.
: Im not going to take this any futher, because you are twisting my words around. You are trying to mirror me as a flamer in this context which im not. You are using hypotheses that takes the story out of context. This yasou was flaming ME for 30minutes, telling ME how bad i was, telling ME how bad my mechanics was, telling ME! Lets use your hypotheses correctly: You`re in class. You are a average student and gets mostly B`s (gold). You have someone else in your class that get`s A+ (Diamond). You have a group project coming up with this student. You dont care how the project goes, because you count on the A student to do it. The A student cant do everything by himself and ends up with a C (loss) B student flames you for everything and tells you that you suck because you didnt get a A for him. Then A student proceeds to explain why we got a C and the B person flips. Dont lock out that it was YASOU who was toxic ingame and outside game, it was YASOU who was intentional feeding and ruining the game, dont forget it was YASOU who was flaming ME. Then you can say "bad game" same excuse everytime, bad game do not excuse flaming, bad game do not excuse 3/13/3 stats when you are winning the game, bad game do not excuse you going alone down mid to die. So no it was not a "bad game". And yes this yasou was ignorant as heck which the chatlogs proves, take the chatlog and multiply it with 10x and you will get around what he said ingame. I dont understand how you put yasou as a victum and not a predator.
>I dont understand how you put yasou as a victum and not a predator. I'm not. I'm looking at your words with you to help improve your interactions with other players. Infact, at no point did I even reference Yasou, at all. I referenced ranks based off the implied common interactions you've said you've had. I also never said person A had a toxic approach to it. To Person A, Person B simply isn't doing as well as they expect others to based off their own performance, and, whilst (hopefully) trying to be helpful, can do more damage than good. You're saying this is a regular occurrence you have with Gold players, I'm trying to discuss ways to mitigate it. I'm not placing blame at all. At the end of the day, how the other player responds is their problem, not yours, but there are definitely ways to side-step or avoid things that can definitely take a negative twist. Honestly I'd recommend muting them the minute they look like they'll cause trouble, but again, discussing our options here :). If you really need me to out-right say Yasou was wrong, here it is: Yasou was wrong. Although I find typing that a bit redundant, as I'm pretty sure almost everyone can draw that conclusion if the evidence presented is true - which is a whole different ball game because we're playing off hear-say here.
: Been refering to this issue before, and i know you find toxic players in all Elo`s but lately gold Elo players have taken it to far. Everytime someone has been toxic and ignorant in Normals its a gold player. But i do wonder how players dont see that this is a normal game even tho it clearly says it at the picture. And futher down it just proves my point: Vytautis, gold player he writes: rofl, you are so ignorant its unbelievable ! Go see psichiatrist, he might help you get in touch with reality. Good luck and have fun ! Not sure how you find this thread offensive, which part of it? "For all you golds out there, i hope these gold players are minority, and they will never climb the ladder before they change attitude, and for you Riot Employes, is it nessasary to keep these in the game? cant you just simply remove them from sight? get them to play some bot games or something so they can learn how to behave?" As i say here i hope this gold player im meeting is minority and not the majority of gold. Then i explain why they are stuck where they are. This is only offensive towards those it applies to. So: Alienating a whole sub-group of players doesn't tend to go down well either. Is kinda wrong, and i hope im right that it goes for minority of gold players. But as i said, each time it seems to be a gold player who are ignorant, rarely other elo`s.
>Not sure how you find this thread offensive, which part of it? I didn't say it was offensive, I said the tone was rather attack oriented - again mainly because you're alienating a whole group of people here. >As i say here i hope this gold player im meeting is minority and not the majority of gold._** Then i explain why they are stuck where they are**_ . This is only offensive towards those it applies to. I bolded this part because I want you to look at this from a different perspective; You're in class. You are an average student that gets mostly B's (Gold). You have someone else in your class that get's A+'s (Diamond). You have a group project coming up with this student. You do your best, but clearly this is not the same as A+ student's best. A+ then proceeds to tell you "Why you're stuck getting B's". In this situation, are you going to feel a little bit upset about this? Most people would, especially if it was done, for example, during the presentation of the project (in-game). Whilst I understand your intentions are good, throwing suggestions at players without prompt can tend to fluster, or frustrate that player. My advice in this stance is offer some help post game - and even then only after they've accepted it. -------------- Back to the main post - Again, toxicity exists in all Elo. It's an element of (bad) luck if you get someone who's toxic in your game, and their rank past that is pretty much also randomised... The difference is you have a higher chance of running into Iron/Bronze/Silver/Gold players than higher, Purely because there is a larger demographic of them available. My input here would be you're probably assigning the blame to Gold players more, simply because there is more of them in your games to notice - whether they are toxic or not. Personally, I think it's a bigger problem in higher Elo's than lower ones, but this is one of those things that we are all going to have a biased opinion on based on our own personal experiences.
GaraPoes (EUW)
: Snowdown Token gives 1 Blue Essence
Honestly this irritates me greatly that they haven't yet implemented a forge X or forge multiple option. Especially since we've had what, more than 5 or so events of this nature? It's not a new inconvenience, and it's definitely something that needs to be fixed. Upvoting because I'm cranky and this needs more vision {{item:2056}}
This is a super delicate subject - mainly because it's one of those things that's very difficult to find a balance with. On one hand, the current system is flawed in the way you have advised. On the other hand, if Riot made it easier to surrender, then you'd have the opposite problem if people surrendering as quickly as possible - because people seem to have this mentality that the game is over in the first 10 minutes for some reason - and we'd be on the opposite end of the spectrum. You also give much more power to premades in a system like that as well. My question to you is: If you would like to change it to how you've suggested, what would you do to counter the issue of people surrendering too often instead?
: Is it viable to climb as support?
Definitely. A good support will protect their allies and help them carry everyone to victory. A GREAT support will dictate the flow of the game through vision, and set up or reset team fights for you. If you can learn the role well and get vision control down pat, you can do a lot more than people think you can as a support.
: Riot Complaint
If you were AFK for a sizeable portion of the game, you will still be counted as AFK by leaverbuster. This is so people don't just AFK for X minutes, then come back and hope their team have won, for example. It's unfortunate that sometimes it does hit people who had legitimate connection issues - however this is literally the only way to really counter this problem ----------------------------- Regarding your connection issues - it definitely sounds like it's more a problem with your connection, or the pathing from you to the Riot servers - as it's not a widespread issue being reported by other users. My first suggestion would be to check your connection, make sure it has the bandwith to run League, along with anything else you normally run simultaneously, and then see where the issue replicates/happens to try and find a way to resolve it. Simply blaming Riot won't help, as the issue isn't on their end here.
: More goldies ruining the game, why are they so ignorant.
If you want to play against similarly ranked people, then you need to play ranked queue. Normal queue works on a completely different (and much more lax) MMR system, and as such, you can really be grouped with pretty much anyone. ---------------------------- The stereotype of "This elo is the most toxic" applies to Literally. Every. Elo. If it's not this post today, it will be silver tomorrow, Plat wednesday, Iron Thursday etc. etc. Hell, if I wanted to add fuel to this fire, I'd disagree with you completely and say another elo is more toxic (which hey, I do, but I mean toxicity exists in all Elo's). ---- >If this get removed from the thread then i need to get a message on why, no nameshaming, nothing. If your thread is removed due to moderation, you get a notification advising you why it was done. If you have further questions, you can contact any of the Volunteers on the EU League Discord for more clarification - There's usually at least one of us around, my insomnia generally means I'm available until pretty late too D:. Although I doubt this one will be removed for moderation purposes, it does paint a pretty poor picture of yourself - I'd definitely change the language on your post to be a lot less "attack" inclined for one. Alienating a whole sub-group of players doesn't tend to go down well either.
Camp2 (EUW)
: Punnishment lvl!
>1.Someone posts literally any reason why he was unfairly punished: - Gets a bunch of down votes. - Comments say he deserved it no matter what. In my time lurking around on the boards, even since the days of the forums before boards were a thing, I can still count the amount of times a thread popped up that someone was actually incorrectly punished on my hands. It doesn't happen often. The thing to remember here is that unless you're displaying extreme toxicity, then the chat logs for your games you get are examples of a much larger picture - those are just the latest ones that contributed and are the "straw that broke the camels back" so to speak. >Criticize negatively, LITERALLY, anything about this game: > >Gets a bunch of down votes. >Comments say he is wrong and deserves to be punished. Actually, you'll find threads criticizing and offering solutions to problems that people find in game tend to actually get an engaged discussion going in the comments. Posts on the other hand that go "Omg wtf rito Yasou broken" however, yeah will get downvotes. Usually because not only are they inaccurate, it's essentially spam. > But you could even agree that if someone does anything negative, it should get perma banned. Its like saying someone should always receive death penalty no matter the crime. Perma bans come after multiple warnings, in the forms of chat restrictions and 14-day bans. So no, not everyone receives perma bans - infact very little of the community does, so this point is really off the mark. > and I know for sure that at a certain point you all slip out and talk sht to these kind of players, you just got the luck of not getting reported otherwise you would be perma banned and would come here cry like the others instead of down voting and agreeing with everything riot stands for. Yes, and _the system actually caters to and allows for that - to an extent. _ You typically won't be punished for just one or two games, unless you're displaying extreme toxicity, if your behaviour is normally honorable. We're only human. It happens. It takes it becoming a regular occurrence for it to result in a punishment. The system doesn't just perma ban everyone who says "poop", which is how you're trying to paint it. It's not how it works, at all. ------ The reason you may be getting downvotes is because you seem to be complaining a lot about a system that you don't seem to have much understanding of how it works, and on top of that you're using a rather attack oriented tone here. If you want to have a civil discussion, maybe not insulting anyone that doesn't agree with you in your main post may garner a more interesting response.
Zedant (EUW)
: How to get S+
Guess it's time for me to start farming bot lane with my ADC. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} ######I'm kidding
: Hey! Do you have any information about Hexakill or Ascension gamemode? Like, are they just never coming back? I miss them so bad. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
We don't get anymore information than you do on things like that, unfortunately.
: Kayle will get a full rework (On probably Janurary), together with morgana having a visual rework ONLY.
I really hope they don't change Morg too much, otherwise I'll have to update my cosplay :(.
: Which champions you think players play less? Like which champion you almost never see in-game?
Only Ivern i ever see is me when I play it support if I have a jungle Rengar.
Niedle (EUW)
: Can we please avoid people with 100+ MS to start a game?
>Even worse, when the players who have a lot of ping know this, they do it in purpose. I think you're over exaggerating here. I can assure you the vast majority of people who have ping issues don't do it in purpose, and I'd be super surprised if there was a decent amount that did. ---------------------- Things like this don't work for multiple reasons. E.G sometimes I'm downloading things until we get into the rift, that's going to affect my ping - why shouldn't I be allowed to do that? Also at what point do we decide it's un-playable? Back in the day when I started playing, I lived in Australia and we didn't have an OCE server. We played with around 160 ping on NA. It wasn't great, but it was still definitely playable - I won most games I played back then too. It's just not really something thats feasible for a few reasons.
: My account was hacked into.
If your account was hacked into, your best bit is to submit a ticket to support by clicking [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) for assistance. They'll be able to assist in re-securing your account for you, and go over any details of what can be done to help.
: Unban me
Other peoples behaviour is not a valid excuse to start breaking the rules as well. If the ban was justified, then Riot don't tend to lift them. If you'd like, you're welcome to post your chat logs and we can go over why you received the ban. However, no one on the boards can "un-ban" you.
Boolhya (EUW)
: Koalas are terrible animals
As an Australian, it's not the Koala's you have to watch out for... ######It's the drop bears you have to be wary of
: >as someone who can say they've been through this process now i know that if a real human that was better than me at the game sat down and saw what i was doing as toxic i would have had a much easier time understanding where i went wrong. If you submit a ticket to support [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) they can review it and go over with you what went wrong. Having a real person personally check every report though is simply not possible.
You can attempt to recover the account via the same page. They'll reach out to you over a new email and ask you to verify details to confirm the account is yours, then you can change the email if needed. >in CS:GO if a certain amount of people report you in a game you are put on the overwatch list were people about legendary eagle (about diamond in league) can volunteer to help solve issues on whether someone is hacking i know league is bigger than cs:go and many of the player base is below diamond but thats the whole idea of it being optional. maybe if the bot cannot make a super clear cut decision you are put on the overwatch list, that way it isnt just flooded with people hard inting League had something similar in the form of Tribunal. That system was significantly slower and much more ineffective than the current system. It would actually be a step backwards to revisit something like that.
Fresh2097 (EUW)
: what you've said is fair however i dont feel its right that i lose everything i had in my account for a simple act of frustration, i have seen others with these types of issues on these forums.however i can accept that my original 2 week ban was the reason this was triggered and that i asked too much for these people to be reported but at the end of the day, people in my game were actually upset at the things they were saying and out of frustration at them i just kept saying to report them, i know riot doesn't care about individuals at the end of the day, but a little bit of context goes a long way as to explaining a situation, i also understand that a automated ban systems helps rather than having individual people assigned to reading chat logs every day, i think this game could benefit from a system like CS:GO's overwatch system that is used to identify cheaters where as people in higher elos (gold/plat or higher with honor 2 or higher) can review demos of games that have been reported by other players, i think it would help remove the touchiness of bans within the community as when you get banned you understand that another human found what you said toxic. i know that is a broad idea but personally as someone who can say they've been through this process now i know that if a real human that was better than me at the game sat down and saw what i was doing as toxic i would have had a much easier time understanding where i went wrong.
>as someone who can say they've been through this process now i know that if a real human that was better than me at the game sat down and saw what i was doing as toxic i would have had a much easier time understanding where i went wrong. If you submit a ticket to support [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us) they can review it and go over with you what went wrong. Having a real person personally check every report though is simply not possible.
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