: > [{quoted}](name=Sommer6262,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=bOiGIUEk,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-28T14:16:54.495+0000) > > I am not here to whine about my ban, it's... whatever, I just found it really funny that I got perm banned from this shit game for pretty much nothing xD Oh, really? 'cause your idea of "nothing" happens to include: > This lux though.. Insulting. > you play like a moron, go all guns blazing, then die... let me stand alone twitch vs caitlyn and leona.. > pft > Useless support Insulting. > Yeye, you suck, muted and reported, enjoy. Insulting, report-calling and annoucing one's intention to mute. > nice try nunu > lux.. use the fucking map -.- Flaming and insulting. > gg > This team :D best team ever Insulting. > They all suck like shit (except Nunu) and I get all the blame, lovely. Insulting and blaming. > really cho.. > You fucking failed that shit.. Negativity. > omfg > Worst players ever xD Insulting. > So? I have retard supp and you can't hold mid for a shit :D kat was down bot more than she was mid xD Insulting. > Stfu cho xD Flaming. > Worst mid EVER > worst Cho EVER Insulting. > Cho, you are the only one who flames here xD and no SS from mid Flaming. (Ironically) > What a joke > really.. > wauw xD > omfg Negativity. > Of course it's a bit harsh here and there.. _A bit?!_ Your entire chat log is full of it! And even if it _was_ a bit of harshness here and there, you're supposed to keep the harshness out of the chat entirely, not only do it every now and then. > no wonder more and more people stop playing LoL and go to other games xD so many people who suck and troll around and you get banned for nothing xD Well, if your chat log is any indication, I'm not exactly going to be losing sleep over those players leaving. > I know many will say I deserve it etc. etc. Heh, almost like you _know_ you deserved it. > whatever, I got more accounts, it's np. ...which can also get banned as well. More easily, since Riot can use matches in IP addresses and system specs to zero in on smurf accounts. This is also ignoring the fact that progress and purchases essentially get reset with a move to another account, so the idea of you acting as if there aren't any consequences for a ban like this is...well...misguided, to say the least. > I also know though, that many have been banned for less, so I guess it's only a matter of time, until people start speaking up against this retarded company (riot). Nice try, people have been speaking out against Riot for years. They get instantly shot down by everyone else in the community who notice their chat logs are full of the kind of behaviour that _does_ warrant the punishments. As for the "banned for less" thing, the only reason it seems that way is because bans happen based on frequency of bad behaviour, not always severity. Especially considering that the system keeps a much closer eye on you once a 2-week ban is done, making it very easy for you to get permabanned if you step out of line. TL;DR No, your ban was not for "nothing". You behaved badly and got caught.
: Tfw you turn up to a lane to bully the enemy off the tower so they miss 3 waves of xp and gold and they tilt in to oblivion because they just got massively shafted without being able to do anything. There is so much more to Nunu's Funland than just bullying the enemy jungler.
TFW you walk into teamfights and press R, or as I like to call it, the "Lemme just destroy half your stats Vayne" button and the enemy team goes into slow mo.
: Master ADC AMA
I've been trying to master Twitch, any tips for him? Mainly regarding builds, as I find myself unsure of which games I should get {{item:3142}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3033}} {{item:3139}} or {{item:3072}} as my 2 situational items outside of the usual Runaans, second Zeal item and IE.
: Nunu is love, Nunu is life
TFW when you Consume the enemies jungle and there's the nothing they can do about it because you keep snowballing them. FeelsCoolMan
: Yorick...
He's getting a rework sometime around the end of the year.
Pyxis (EUW)
: New Athene's +u.r.f
Do remember that all healing is reduced on URF for a while.
GonnaJungle (EUNE)
: Bans
"All players will leave in 1 year like I did" "I've played since Beta" DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: I really like Riven but she seems so hard to be played. Also Fiora is not good right now since her nerfs.
I feel Fiora is superior to Riven right now. In a meta ripe with tanky tops, Fiora has the vastly superior kit to take them out. Riven on the other hand can struggle against the same opponents that Fiora excels against.
: That's a pretty great rundown - Thanks Goat! {{champion:92}} seems interesting. If what you say is correct she is still pretty strong but barely anybody bothers to play her. And apparently people dont really consider her super OP anymore. Pretty much what i was hoping for - I guess i'll try her in a few games and probably up the ArmorPen in my Runes etc.. Hopefully that'll work!
Just to reiterate, You'll need to be skilled at Riven to get good results out of her. Against the common tops nowadays an average Riven will struggle to get the necessary leads. If you've got the skills you'll probably do fine, just be warned it's a bit of an uphill fight against the tank meta
: I am done with this sh-t
If you actually believe Riot is explicitly forcing you into Silver maliciously, then that's some top grade salt. Also "high cs" In most of your games that go on for 40 minutes you don't even break 200 cs as the midlaner, there are 2 games here with decent to excellent cs, all other games are very low cs for the game length.
: Current State of Riven, Vi, Fiora and Hecarim
{{champion:92}} - Still one hell of a snowballer if you can play her well, but be warned that tanks that build {{item:3025}} {{item:3068}} (an OP combo right now) are very common and you'll struggle to handle their early Armor and surprising damage. She..COULD jungle...I guess? There's way better options though, and Riven has no sustain of her own to handle the jungle camps. {{champion:114}} - Was hyper busted after her rework, after successive nerfs I'd say she's fairly balanced now. You can 1v1 and duel amazingly, and she's a premier splitpusher, but failing to use her W effectively or getting caught is the death of you. {{champion:254}} - Isn't broken with any of the OP items, but does well with them nonetheless. She's not the champion's occupying the OP spotlight, but she gets the job done. Play her by all means, she's still effective. {{champion:120}} - Struggles right now. He can't fight the OP picks in the top lane, and he's outpaced in the jungle. Doesn't do great with the OP items right now so his builds are somewhat less effective. He can still bully certain opponents in lane and he's still scary with Teleport, but I'd have him as a counterpick more than anything.
: I used to enjoy URF but yeah the novelty has worn off, if they released it once a year or every 2 years it would probably be a bit fun. But you get all these kiddies crying and crying for URFs return and then once it's here they're all complaining about how so and so is OP and pls nerf. The only game mode I'm looking forward to in rotating que is one for all, it's fun regardless of how "OP" the champions you're playing against are.
I'm looking forward to One for All too. I want o see 5 Jhin's taking potshots down mid XD
Rioter Comments
: Tyler 1 ranting about the current meta He is right..
Wait...we're seriously working with Tyler1's opinion now? Seriously? We're intently listening to meta commentary from a guy who: has an int list of people he will troll if he gets them in game Intentionaly trolls if his one trick Draven is banned or picked Flames like no one else HAS BEEN PERMA BANNED 7 TIMES
: The truth about ranked
I was expecting a salt post I was pleasantly surprised. WP
Smokovich (EUW)
: My first champion
Cho'Gath and Annie are my suggestions. Both are very easy to last hit with, thanks to Annie spamming Q and Cho's E. Both are fairly easy to understand, and most people at your level wont abuse their weaknesses, so you'll have an easy time.
Eambo (EUW)
: Aurelion Sol isn't disabled due to an issue with him specifically - unfortunately he was released on the store but not enabled. We are currently working through all environments to enable him, and he should be up shortly. Apologies for the delay.
Ah fantastic, I was legit worried he was disabled because of a bug. Will happily hold for some Star Dragon action!
: So, the Immortals fall (For one game at least lol)
Xmithie's Udyr was awesome. Got Darshan ahead hard, attracted ults and survived, stole Baron, absolutely inspired performance.
: Does ELO Hell exist?
The fact I always bring up is that several Challenger players, pros in particular, have several smurfs in Diamond/Master/Challenger. They can get that account to DIamond in a month, and they never suffer ELO hell.
: EUNE has the most toxic players, period.
Have you watched Disco heat? He plays on OCE and he gets flamed like you wouldn't believe.
: yes i sometimes leave game or i flame ... 0-8 mid lane , 0-5 jungler and? 21-4 team score? i leave game better you look full chat log? no? only my chat log , this ahri swearing my grandma you know? yours dont know subject and writing offensive and i say kids %100 true sorry
You. Can. Mute. I don't care what they said to you, you could've muted and you CERTAINLY didn't have to respond. I don't care how hard your team fed, you don't have to type bs out. Just punch a pillow or something.
: i unistall LOL for this .. thank you robotic punishing system riot
"always my junglers brainless why idk" "go feed braindead" Insulting teammates "report ahri and zac pls really toxic kids" Report calling "AND NOW I LEAVE GAME" Threatening to AFK Yep, you totally didn't deserve the ban. #obvious sarcasm
Just Cat (EUW)
: What is for you a successful champion?
Nautilus, Orianna and Vel'Koz. They all have some unique tricks up their sleeve, with Vels geometry, Oris ball deliveries and Nauts megatons of CC. They all have versatility in builds. Ori can build to scale, be a bit tanky or go full glass cannon. Vel can go for scaling, poke, upfront burst or utility and Naut can work with pretty much any tank item and some damage items. They all have versatilty in playstyle. Orianna can kite, engage or get scrappy with her foes, Vel can poke or all in with upfront burst, and Naut can peel, hard engage and dive or even splitpush.
Triggerlolx (EUNE)
: useless vayne
The Vayne i played with the other day who went legendary would disagree
: Every skillshot is now global. Who will you main?
{{champion:115}} - Clears every wave on the map, enemy team can never take towers. {{champion:161}} - Everywhere must learn about geometry {{champion:81}} - And you thought Blue Ezreal poked too easily now. {{champion:53}} - Yo, enemy top laner! How about you come to come to our fountain? {{champion:99}} - Snaring enemies from the other side of the map. {{champion:45}} - STOP ME FROM FARMING AP NOW!!!!
: Wont blood moon yasuo and kennen be on discount at the start?
No, relase sales don't happen anymore, there was an annuoncement a while back stating so, instead of release sales we get one extra skin on sale per sale.
: the only problem is that we did all that but he just didn't take that much damage
You're meant to CC him, not waste all the damage you have. CC Garen and fuck up his backline.
: Garen
So, looking at your match history... Found the game. Your team: Ekko (you), Leblanc, Nautlius, Miss Fortune and Gangplank Garen is allowed to be tanky and deal high damage, just like the other Juggernauts. The counterplay is that Juggernauts are incredibly easy to kite, and can be kited so hard they can't do anything. Nautlius could've kept Garen off your backline for around 20 years with that much CC, Leblanc has her double dash and her rooting chain so she'd never get caught. Gangplank can slow him with barrels or ult and run away with his own Movement Speed buff, and you as Ekko have a slow AND an AOE stun. Your team should've been able to keep him at bay with any of these tools. Secondly, Garen CAN regen that much, but only out of combat, as that's when Warmogs and Perserverance triggers, and that means he can't hurt you if he wants to regen. Also you say you won all the fights, but you lost the game.
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: Is Mordekaiser still viable?
Mid not so much, assassins decimate through Morde's crappy base stats and mages outrange him and can keep him away. Top is my preferred position, more melee matchups you can have some agency in.
Atomaizer (EUNE)
: Recent changes to Warlord's Bloodlust in patch 6.4
The problem with old Warlord's was that it was almost impossible to make it attractive to 90% of it's intended audience since the remaining 10% of champions such as Yasuo and Tryndamere would utterly break it. As a result Fervor for Battle has outshone Warlord's since the preseason dust has settled, as it can be strong on it's intended audiences without being busted on others. By changing Warlord's from a "if you crit get this" to a sustain mastery, it makes it less broken on champs like Yasuo, which allows the Keystone to be solid option for most ADCs. I myself am considering running Warlord's on some of my ADC pages, looks real good for sustained damage.
: Thoughts on Shen?
Due to E passive. Hitting all 3 autos of Q has Qs cost getting fully refunded.
Omnus (EUW)
: Please don't be one of those people...
WOAH! You mean if i flame the jungler, he won't give me ganks or buffs and will tax the fuck out of my lane. How did I not see this! Seriously though, that sort of behaviour from laners is like biting the hands that feeds you.
AppOgen (EUNE)
: I just played jhin....
"W gives too much CC to an ADC" {{champion:67}} Oh {{champion:429}} Fucking {{champion:22}} RLY!
sawburst (EUW)
: How do I build?
A good start is to follow the recommended items, or use items that are common on the champ, champions.gg has that for you. As a general rule, each class of champion beneifts more from certain stats than others. Mages - AP, Cooldown Redcution, Mana and Mana Regen Assassins - AD, Armor Pen and some Cooldown Reduction Tanks - HP, Armor and Magic Resist Marksman - AD, Attack Speed, Crit Chance and Life Steal If you're looking to make your own personalised build, you will likely have to familiarise yourself with each items' strengths and what the items are meant to be bought for. And as a general rule, if your champion doesn't have AP ratios, don't buy AP on them!
: So, Immortals
The thing is, even in some of their most recent games, where they lost fights to Renegades and Cloud9, they still held sizable advantages due to some excellent macro play which is extremely impressive, either you win the fights but Immortals gets all the objectives, or Immortals just kills you over and over again.
: Is it me or is Nami just the most versatile support ever?
Maybe not the MOST versatile, but definitely versatile herself. I actually have been considering Nami as an AP mid utility mage, as she provides team wide mega Move Speed, and some kick ass heals and on-hits for her team's ADC.
Grunkle (EUW)
: Is Mordekasier still viable as an AP mid?
You can go mid, but he has an issue of low range and no way on his own to close gaps, which can be troublesome against mages, and assassins will abuse Morde's weak base stats to snowball. I'd say go top with him as there's prey you can brawl with up there.
Vuks (EUNE)
: Dear Blitz Players.
Also to Blitz Players Stop. Hooking. Amumu. On the flip side, if we have a strong 2v2 lane, then could you A: Actually throw a damn hook out sometime and B: Land the hooks.
: *Queues in to a lobby*
Meanwhile, Graves is just like "fuck you I go where I want, and kill who I want."
: Its really hard with warding, i always try my best to ward, always buy pinks, but we have only 4wards. My team not warding. What to do? should i play super passive, try not to walk to jungle?
Depends on the game. Some enemies you don't have to be too scared of facechecking, but in cases were the jungler is fed? Yeah you're either gonna have to ask for wards or be scared.
bøgeskov (EUW)
: Shit HUD
So because people won't adapt to the new system, which has decent justifications for it's changes, it must be removed. Top Tier Logic
: I Really Want To Improve.
Whenever you die, think about why you died. Evey time you die, know that it was something you did incorrectly. Then try to not do that bad thing again. These things can include. -Lacking ward coverage -Poor map awareness -Missed skillshots -Poor positioning Eventually you'll shore up some weaknesses.
Deadfool007 (EUNE)
: Aurelian Sol will come out in 3 the next 3 montes and the taric rework atfer him?
Riot have said that Taric's rework will come out AFTER the next champion released. It is NOT confirmed whether or not this is Aurelian Sol. It could be something like this. -New Champion -Taric Rework -Aurelian Sol They said that Aurelian Sol would be released in the first half of this year, there's still a good chance that 2 new champs could be released between now and the end of June. Remember that Illaoi was released a mere month and a half after Kindred's release.
: Why do we have to click"Lock in" in ranked?
To make sure people don't AFK in champ select and thus potentially AFK when the game starts (since they won't see when the draft ends cos they AFK.)
: [BUG] Janna can get 45% Cooldown reduction
Read. The. Masteries. there is a Mastery in the Cunning tree which grants 5% CDR and also increases the Cooldown Reduction cap by 5% (to 45%)
Wolferk (EUNE)
: Udyr+RunicEcho is kind of unstoppable ATM. Needs some gentle nerf
He's got base number nerfs on Turtle and Phoenix stance testing on PBE. Check Surrenderat20 to see.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: How do mages deal so much auto attack damage to turrets without any bonus AD?
When you auto a turret, the damage you deal is either 50% of your AD or 50% of your AP (numbers may be wrong) whichever is higher. Mages have alot of AP so their tower damage increases as a result. It's too compensate for mages having piss poor Attack Speed
Drako398 (EUW)
: Why is AP Trist Not A Thing?
To get the full extent of AP Trist's damage off and be effective, you have to jump into people, and in most situation this gets you killed as Rocket Jumping then out isnt very quick or smooth. Not to mention AD Trist takes towers faster, does alot of sustained damage and is safer as she has longer auto attack range than ability range late game.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What was Riot thinking when they came up with Jhin's damage numbers
His Ad is high, but his attack speed is low. it all balances out.
Bombardox (EUW)
: You nerfed sivir as if she is so OP
She got nerfs because at the time she was arguably the best ADC because she was literally teamfighting: the ADC. Riot have already acknowledged her weakness NOW and she's got buffs on PBE testing, which involve her W bounces to be able to crit.
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