: Stick to 2 champs at most for adc since you have 7 different champs played in the last 7 days.
: Well, you can't die too much, it just gives enemy more gold, farm and EXP. Your point as adc isn't to chase kills but to focus on farming minions so you can buy stuff. Also stick to just 1 champ and eventually have 1 other ( would be good if it'd be champion that not many people ban )in case that your main gets banned. Get runes and builds that will make the best out of your champion. Possibly find a decent support for DuoQ
i do play 2 champs actually . kaisa and jinx but in flex i love trying other champs i just played a game and the enemy caitlyn just keep bullying me under tower . literally she did put 5 traps under my tower zonning me from csing
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