Fyrijou (EUW)
: You are correct, i wrote this after an encounter, but it‘s a little bit more complex than you think. Also, i had this issue with Yi for a LONG time but only decided now to write a discussion about it. In the game that it happened, i was Skarner jungle and building Tank items. And for the 1st 20 minutes, it was GREAT! My team consisted of Mordekaiser mid, Jinx and Neeko bot, Renekton top and me (Skarner) jungle. Like i said, everything went smoothly. I farmed the jungle, got the rift Herald, had a lot of succesful ganks and i even managed to give bot 4 - 5 kills in a row, to get them fed (which ironically included 2 gank attempts of Yi and both times we killed him before he reached us (my E stun, Neeko‘s stun and Jinx‘s stun to keep him in place). Hell, we were damn close of winning. But then, after like 22 minutes, Yi started to become A LOT stronger out of nowhere. We went into a teamfight and it seemed we would win it yet again. Yet, this time, we NEVER managed to stun Yi once and he kept on Q‘ing and everything and we couldn‘t outrun him since his ult nullifies slows. Seriously, before 22 minutes, he was 5/5, after the 22nd minute, he stacked up to 20/5. And like i said, i build Tank and i had 100 Armor on me and plenty of HP and to top it all off, my W which made me even tankier. Yet, within seconds, he shredded trough my ENTIRE build and i died. And just to say, my R was on cooldown. And sure, whilst Yi doesn‘t have any hard CC, he has his R, E, Q + cooldown reduction combo. And since his R‘s passive + Q‘s basic hit ability work perfectly, he kept on spamming Q and he made 5 hits in 1 second. So yeah, if you experienced the same thing as me, you would realize that Yi is not „fine“.
you really think you deserv a win when you have a neeko support on late game? cmon. I got exactly the same result the other day, my neeko suport was ultra ahead yet she lost lane at the end and the game too. Coz she isnt a good support specially with her conventional building and strategy.
: nonsense. learn the game before you judge things.
you are gold 2, he is dia 3. You are the one who should learn the game... and some manners aswell.
Marcua (EUW)
: Master Yi might seem like a god, and impossible to deal with, but I promise you that is not the case. He is a very squishy champion with no CC. Hard CC shuts him down, and his early game isn't something to brag about either. Try to make him fall behind early, as you mentioned he is extremely weak early game, and due to a slow clear, he can be counter jungled. He is weak against burst too. I would personally play Evelynn or Khazix into him. Strong early game champions that also have a good late game. Rammus could also work against him due to the nature of Rammus' kit. If I should guess i would imagine that you have recently played against a Yi who got fed, or who was allowed to farm until minute 20 and get items. Then you came to the boards to let off steam, and that is okay. But it is important to remember, that Yi is not unbeatable, and there is a reason so few people in high elo play him. He can be countered easily. Now I know that if you get to 45 min ingame and Yi gets his full build, he is going to hurt. But 4 out of 5 times, you can shut him down early with some simple invades. Be wary of his level 3 with red buff, since he can actually deal a lot of dmg there, and then just shut him down. Most if not all jungle got better ganks than him, so you can make sure all your lanes get ahead early before he can do anything. Master Yi might be able to 1v5 some games, but in a game where both mid and bot are fed? I don't think so.
Liorik (EUNE)
: Advice on champion powerspikes
first you need to have experience with said champion. Thats how you learn. In general terms tho, you can use your imagination to see if a champion has a power spike on lvl 1,2,3 or 6. Picture your champion on a hypothetical fight and rationalize if he can do well or bad. Level 1 include: (a) high damage skills (ap poking suports) (b) the ones that can easily reach the rival such as zyra e or velkoz q, sona q, (c) iterative skills (soraka heal) Obiously you gotta consider the rival picks. Level 2 include champions with skills sinergy like zyra q or e combined with w. Or taric e (engage) combined with q (iterative heal combind with his passive) Level 3 also champions with sinergic skills like leona full engage or nautilus. Level 6 are the champions with strong ultimates As you can apreciate i wrote from the support perspective.
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: What exactly should we do after tower? I checked up some guides, see international games and can say nothing in those happens :)
If tower is finished. First keep lane presured/pushed even if you wnt to leave it and roam, u cant leave and let enemy pushing. Priorize dragon, herald, and vision. Gank mid. If there is no dragon, then swap with top. But dotn do it if enemy top is ahead. Most important thing: don't go to a lane if your teammate is still there, dont take his farm, dont take his exp, and dont let bot alone without anybody.
: Unless you're constantly getting 4 man dived, better bot can definitely win games.
unless they are only better in microstrategy of early game and then %%% up the strategy after-tower or on mid-late by making random roams or swaps and stop going for objectives.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Smurfs can have bad games in lower leagues too. I did have Yasuo 'smurfs' that when you check their match history they were clearly lying, but I often see real smurfs get trash talked for dying even once.
word of wisdom. Ppl play horibly and uncarriably wrong then cry "you are not diamond" or "if you were master you would carry 1v9 as taric" lmfao
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: When you find out the role/champions you were born to Play
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: We're not a slaves for AD-Carries....
Even highly skilled supports have to stand this. Sometimes i have great scores and carrying the game while my team calls me a troll and useless and ask for my reports.
BläzeD (EUW)
: I can't get out this elo no matter what, teams are utter garbage doesn't matter if i do well
lmao i feel exactly the same haha, i also tell people what to do to win and they ignore me directly half of the times, then i int and make them lose lol example: im on bot as suport and the rivals have agrrsive-early picks hard pushing for 10 minutes. I tell the jungler "pls gank they have early picks and are a free gank" then the junglers proceeds to camp his premade top and doesnt come bot ever while my adc is inting like a bronze. Then when the rival is overfed, has taken first tower and a fire dragon, the premade says somethng like "bot difference" lmao i cant expres how muxh anger i feel in these situations
: Searching for DUO season 10
the reason you arent geting out of plat is that you dont have a main lane. But considering you havnt figured this by yourself and your unrealistic expectations im betingbyou will most lkely not get past dia 4
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Arsene (EUNE)
: Is time warp tonic useless?
precisely is the strongest of the 3-rune line. 5% speed is enough to dominate your oponent actions and avoid geting cought by jungler. While the instantaneous healing is in fact a life-saving tool since it gives you momentaneous hp advantage if your enemy doesnt have it.
Warhammer33 (EUNE)
: I just got banned for 14 days for explaining to my teammates that I cant nor want to play without my support who went mid after I died twice accidentally without any flame and bad word. Yeah, I had a bad start but that doesn't give the right for my support to leave the lane in LANING PHASE and then the whole team judges me and attacks me (with flames) for losing a 1v2 lane. That's it for me, I ain't playing this shit again lmao see ya
i know this type of ADC, they ignore your strategy and tips, feed hard, destroy wave managemennt and then get angry when the support dicides to focus his resources on other lanes instead of wasting his time with you. What im saying is that you are not right at all.
: You know that feeling?
you know that feeling when you try to make active strategies in this strategy game, and your laners (under plat smurfs on low level accounts) start spaming "report pls" one trillion times per minute? i love that feeling aswell.
: get gud. i play sona and i carry games. If you arent winig then adapt to the circumstances and play diferently.
also, i wonder how do u get surprised for losing when you build nashors tooth on sona, sorcery shoes, domination, luden (before any suport item), and inspiration (0 defensive or supportive items/runes) lmao
: Unplayable SONA
get gud. i play sona and i carry games. If you arent winig then adapt to the circumstances and play diferently.
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