PurpleOrk (EUW)
: They are making Riot a lot of money, they won't be touched.
: Should I listen to others?
I was playing crit Fortune back when everyone was running lethality for example and with exceptional results if I might say so myself. That's not to say you shouldn't be on the look out for better builds even if they'll be just occasional builds once in a blue moon but once you took your time to check them and compared them against one another let them say whatever they want and ping your items like the fk tards they are lol, as long as you're positive that's what works best for you that'll be that.
: ABUSE THE META. Conqueror Mordekaiser Top
He's so fkin annoying, even when you play the lane properly any jungler that's worth their salt will come dive you and get him going.
: I want to use an AHK (autohotkey) to perform LoL commands, will I get banned if I do so?
AHK doesn't even hook to the game, don't bother. Or at least I think it doesn't. This shiz doesn't even let me switch songs in my foobar music player via hotkeys.
Ulriah (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DragonessOfMagic,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=yG1skl3J,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2020-01-04T15:16:17.456+0000) > > They won't be getting to bronze/iron without inting(which breaks the rules), trolling(breaks the rules) Actually, that's not necessarily true. Just listen for this guy's explanation. https://youtu.be/6q6MHhd7NLo?t=54
Blahahahah xD Wukong full AP xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD right, Iron IV, here I come.
: Climbing in low elo but how?
I'm lvling an acc on EUW, lvl 22 atm, if you wanna play together for a while you're more then welcome, you can ask me anything as we play and maybe you'll learn some as we go. IGN Ashe supp 24 7 (EUW).
: I've had the most baffling report/player situation
They care more about social justice activism ahah xD
: Add more bans
They could remove overlap bans for starters.
Louvem (EUW)
: I have a weird problem
Uninstall audio drivers and reboot.
: Why does riot make missions based on playing a certain character?
: "Target Champion Only" that should work with Attack Move Click
I have attack ground on click 1 + toggle target champions only on a side button, it's 2nd nature for me to switch from kiting with click 1 when I need to kite defensively/ hit closest target possible and with click 2 + target champs only when I need to kite offensively or just focus someone down. You can have target champs only on by default and use both seamlessly but I like to toggle it on and off cuz it's easier to react and clear wards when they place them near you.
: Real Kassadin nerfs when
Yeah, he's same as Ryze building {{item:3027}} {{item:3003}} {{item:3157}} often so he's beefy af then he also has mobility. It's pretty intense having to play around him to say the least, unless you win a big team fight or get picks of your own he'll usually pick at least 1 of you up by the time you even start a fight. He's also a very good split pusher given his mobility again and he builds {{item:3100}} obviously. The higher mobility also means you'll have to fight him on his terms since he gets to chose his moments better then most. That said I can live with it since he didn't cost me that much lp regardless but whenever I see him I already know it's gonna be a close call lol.
: How to beat Illaoi in Laning because her E deals a lot of damage from me.
Whenever she lands her E pull her in and smack her around lol. But don't think of it as an all in, more like harass so she can't hit the soul. Your sustain should put you ahead in the long run and never ult 1st lol.
Billiast (EUW)
: Hardstuck in silver
I could try to help you improve while I'm lvling one of my accounts to 30 if you're interested.
A1laku (EUW)
: > Riot have had much closer release schedules in the past and it’s not affected us in the slightest. They totally affect us, it's like having an ecosystem that you're constantly messing with, it's not even a debate. What you probably meant to say was it doesn't affect us in a negative way, except not only it affects us in a negative way it's probably one of the largest sources of toxicity in the game that Riot can actually take a shot at and make a difference.
I specifically said it's the largest at least in my humble opinion _that Riot can take a shot at and make a difference_. The largest source are the players themselves and Riot can't do much about that one. And again you underestimate or maybe don't understand that changes do in fact affect the player base and frequent changes mean less time to accommodate which means it will largely affect it in a negative manner, even less frequent updates can only have three effects, positive, negative or neutral but the thing is positives and neutrals aren't the focus here the negatives are and since each change has the potential to affect different players it's safe to assume each change will affect negatively a part of the player base so basically the more change you have the more likely it is you give people something to QQ about and when these factors stack one on top of another cuz you update the game too frequently it translates into frustration that the affected players might take out on the rest of the players, then you got even more trolls and inters then you'd normally have just because.
: Your Elo system is broken and i have proof.
I said it before. Low elo is League of Smurfs/Boosters while high elo is League of Boosted.
: But then you’ve got an entire department at riot unable to do anything until they release the champions, don’t forget that it’s their job to get the champion through pbe and use feedback for improvements. You can’t have employees be idle for months just because of a problem that ultimately doesn’t matter.... again don’t forget that firstly Sett isntly released till mid January so there’s plenty of gap between each champion, and secodnlyly Riot have had much closer release schedules in the past and it’s not affected us in the slightest. So the effect on Riot is big trying to hold the champions, the effect on us is minimal releasing them... it’s a no brainer
> Riot have had much closer release schedules in the past and it’s not affected us in the slightest. They totally affect us, it's like having an ecosystem that you're constantly messing with, it's not even a debate. What you probably meant to say was it doesn't affect us in a negative way, except not only it affects us in a negative way it's probably one of the largest sources of toxicity in the game that Riot can actually take a shot at and make a difference.
HercaZ (EUNE)
: That`s the point I can see your attitude towards the game and the problem it self, how you type the text and how you express your mind, it just reeks of absolute lack of motivation regarding the problem... This is the main problem, unmotivated people expressing their ideas... This leads towards the inevitable - the society of people who dont do anything in order to improve, but they still think that their opinion matters... I am not the one to blame or criticize you, but you should think for yourself, if you ruin games for at least another 4 people, what is the point in doing it..
My winrate is about 49% even while playing with that kinda mindset and it's not like I'm going full troll either, instead I specifically mentioned consistency being a thing in what I do, in other words I'm merely playing differently and with the way I'm playing I fit right in with the rest of them goldies, that's all there is to it. Could I've done better? Sure I could. from the very draft phrase I could've gave my team a much better chance at winning, but yeah, you nailed it, lack of motivation induced by bs Riot changes that come at an ever increasing pace no less.
: > such as not releasing new champs every 2 weeks. They aren’t doing that though... Sett doesn’t release until January, so there’s a month between champions. And also don’t forget that this has to also be from a business point of view, the teams that work on new champions work simultaneously, so Sett, aphelios and Senna where being developed at once. If they happen to finish at the same time they’ve either gotta hold 2 back which means that team can’t move onto anything else until they’ve released their champion or release them one after the other Ultimstly from a business standpoint having 2 teams doing nothing is not worth it, especially for something that’s downside is relativity small especially given this patch being so long. So no a psychological option is not always the best one, because there’s tons of variables that go into riot’s decision and which portion of the community is gonna cry after we do it honestly isn’t a big priority
So basically they're ignoring how these release spans affect the player base is what you're saying which was precisely my point. Most obvious solution would've been putting them on hold for a while and it REALLY wouldn't hurt to keep these _things_ on the PBE more before releasing them while we're at it.
: None of that would help... no matter what riot do the community will hate them for it, it’s impossible to please us. If a champion is too weak we hate them, if they are too strong we hate them, if they are easy we hate them, if they are too hard we hate them, if they have a complex kit we hate them, if they have a simple kit we hate them. What’s the point of hiring psychologists to tell them exactly what we all already know, no matter what riot does they are dammed for it... they might as well do what they want to do it’s gonna be the exact same reaction regardless
Accurate description on the player base but I'll have to disagree with it not making a difference. Filtering out the QQ is one thing, making moves without considering things from a psychological perspectives as well is another and I think you're also misunderstanding what I'm talking about, it's not about a change being 'good' or 'bad' that's always going to be a subjective matter even if there'll be majorities and minorities, it's about rather brain dead things you'd think, such as not releasing new champs every 2 weeks.
: Well yeah, this is why every time a new champion comes out on the live server and appears weak I’m consistently telling people to wait... many times champions get needlessly buffed because we complain And they didn’t buff them cause they want them to be op, they buffed them because we kept complaining, we can’t want riot to start doing what we ask them to do then blame them when what we ask goes badly... we tell Riot these champions are weak, they get buffed, they turned out to be fine and now overbuffed, we blame riot. We really need to start taking responsibility for some of the balance messes that we’ve found ourselves in, cause frankly a decent amount of them are caused by us especially every single one of the champions I just mentioned... it’s not that riot don’t want them to release weak, it’s we react worse to a weak champion than a strong one
I'm sorry but a decade later I'm expecting them to have accumulated experience in more then just the technical department. They could hire gaming psychologists and some good copywriters and work wonders in figuring out how different update schedules for instance affect the player base and how to better market the direction in which they want to lead us.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Literally everyone needs constructive criticism. Telling them that they need to slow down is constructive criticism. Going into the boards yelling "WHY THE F IS RANKED DOWN?! S**TTY GAME DEVS" is not so much {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Generally speaking, change frustrates chunks of the player base regardless of what those changes are. Today it's me, tomorrow it's you. They can take the game where ever they feel it's the right direction but going too fast will always generate these kind of responses, you could argue going slower returns the same kinda responses from the players which is probably true but if you leave it at that you're overlooking the fact that lower frequency changes allow the players more time to accommodate and find other ways to enjoy the game opposed to higher frequency changes that not only leave shorter time spans to accommodate but could go as far as giving the impression of having multiple supposed issues stacking on top of another. In this scenario how do you think such players are going to perform in game? I'll just say one thing leads to another and leave the rest to your imagination.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: While complaints are necessary for the developers to make improvements, most of the moaning in the forums are lacking constructive thoughts to the extreme. It's mostly just comes down to "huRrDuRr i'M eNtItLeD" imho.
They don't need constructive criticism, they need to slow the fk down regardless of what they do.
HercaZ (EUNE)
: Current state of the game?
I'll only talk about myself. I used to have a champ pool, be low dia and shiz, now I'm spamming same champs just for the sake of it in fkin gold. What changed? My attitude about the game. Sure, I'll still play it, but miss me with your bs changes already. Nah, ofc not, you'll just keep on rolling those out, fine, there I go, defaulting into mindless, consistent aggression each game, not giving a fk about meta, macro, objectives, whatever, just mindless skirmishes, lp has no value, I could drop in iron and I couldn't care less. Sure, I'm too addicted to quit but still fk you and your game, I don't care about getting good anymore, I'll go full '4 fun' casual 24/7 with full mute and idgaf about the others, they can int their assess off or be the best carries ever, I'll just do my thing regardless of what happens.
: Nope... besides jinx who I did mis remember all of them actually required buffs on release Yasuo, yuumi, asol and ryze where all difficukt champions so appeared weak on release (ryze multible times, seriously he’s been ‘killed’ at least 7 times now, and fun fact first champion to be hotfix buffed after a rework). Kai’sa had less attack range on release which meant she outright couldn’t lane making her very weak Syndra was just outright weak on release she got massive buffs immediately after And sion people struggled to figure out his stuff, he was considered pretty weak after his rework and was getting buffs until people figured out the E max build. So yeah all of these champions where considered weak upon realise (again besides jinx).
They needlessly buffed Kai'sa. They needlessly buffed Yuumi, don't buy into everything that they'll say lmao, just use your own head. If they're even slightly weak they'll make sure to 'fix' it. They buff them cuz they specifically want new champs to be on the OP side and that's that, no need to hide it, that's their policy and it's been crystal clear from their actions so far. They decided it's a sin to have any of these champs be good in the hands of only their mains and that anyone that ever picks them needs to be good on them, why bother trying to hide it? Cuz they said in a patch note that they were weak? Nah, I'm sorry. They weren't weak, the threshold that they were expected to perform at was too high instead, but of course that's a non issue, that's just their policy and they think they're doing the right thing but instead it's the most toxic thing, they just keep on stacking balance issues on top of balance issues all over again with this practice.
: > [{quoted}](name=A1laku,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=G7BelR8Y,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2019-12-27T09:01:18.997+0000) > > To me it's more about the devs releasing these clearly hard to balance champs one after the fkin other while we only have one single ban per match. And then, on top of taking them forever to nerf shiz they now release them each other week like gtfo. I can't even wait it out until they nerf them some cuz 2 weeks later there we go all over again. Maybe it's finally time to uninstall for me. release champ/gutt champ for months/remove half of the kit is what seems to happen, look at kalista/ekko/azir/etc
Yeah cuz they almost always release them too strong for whatever r3tarded reason and when they don't gut them they release even more broken shit and call that balance. Like Urgot was bullying most melees in top lane and now he's food for Morde and Panth all day so they be like 'his win rate went down. Balanced'. Balanced cuz he gets wrecked by even more broken shiz then himself and they just keep stacking them up like this on and on then they wonder why we so toxic about it. And when we tell them there's too much dmg in the game, they just keep looking over their r3tarded data and just keep on seeing it their way, they don't even fkin play the game I bet.
: So we gonna ignore the fact that new Stormrazor is busted
We could make a point for {{item:3095}} having a good passive, granted. But then again you compare it with {{item:3025}} which can apply it's passive consistently about each 2 seconds let's say, the only impediment being user's cooldowns. Imo they removed {{item:3094}} old passive in order to justify current {{item:3095}} iteration and I believe opponents have fair windows to interact with the ADC's until the shiv effect comes up again. Now, if you wanna complain about it from the perspective of ADCs not needing more then the initial interaction to 100-0 an opponent that's another topic altogether, one that people bring up a lot when dmg creeps in League come into discussion and the likes, or when people meme about every single new champ being OP and shiz. In other words, welcome to the League of Legends. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: This game is so frustrating
To me it's more about the devs releasing these clearly hard to balance champs one after the fkin other while we only have one single ban per match. And then, on top of taking them forever to nerf shiz they now release them each other week like gtfo. I can't even wait it out until they nerf them some cuz 2 weeks later there we go all over again. Maybe it's finally time to uninstall for me.
: they are going to release a john cena too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-ZMHZNyVd0
Somehow, I'm not that worried about that one.
: Senna is one of the reasons this game sucks
I mean, I was actually enjoying the game for once, until they released her, then Aphelios too, fks sake.
Blotniak (EUNE)
: Wondering: Why is it so hard for people to actually enjoy the game?
I do enjoy the game but it's impossible to enjoy it for more then like a patch a time before Riot ruins it again and again and again and again. It's especially bad when they decide to shove too many changes at a time or in a shorter time spans then usual. I don't give a fluff at this point anymore, let them milk whatever they can. They've already made the game a b!tch for any actual new players to pick up, all that's left is for the old players to finally get enough.
: Need Advice on something I noticed when playing with friends(its not about them playing bad!)
You could try talking to them, especially the mid guy but honestly that's a part of their character and attempting to change a person's core is seriously an absurd task, sooner they'll see you as their enemy then hearing you out lol. And even if you're good enough friends that they will hear you out chances are they simply can't be any other way cuz that's just their essence.
Rioter Comments
Zedant (EUW)
: How riot finally listened to the players
Story of my life, log in, queue up for a game, i get dc in lobby then game fks up and reverts to an older version. Fk this game.
3xample (EUW)
: Why do Lux, Katarina and Ezreal require skins so much?
Lux - egirrrls default choice. Katarina - male fantasy. Ez - girls and boys fantasy alike lul.
: Three huge problems (True damage, % damage and easy sustain)
Kids, stop drinking alcohol, Riot is already drunk and high and whatnot. Give up.
: How can people flat out flame their team and then claim that they're not toxic?
They believe that they're justified to act that way and/or that they're merely stating facts and because they're being justified and/or they're just stating facts they're not being toxic. Their team is holding them back, mexicans are stealing their jobs, it's the education's system fault that their drop outs and so on and so forth.
Darkentbg (EUNE)
: Hey, nice to see a fellow timer here. Look man, im very happy that veterans like you and me still get to enjoy time playing, but you do remember that the game arrived with a map editor, right? -right! and you could actually play those maps local or through battle.net, right? -right! ok, i'll type this slowly because i dont wanna argue with you, now, there are tons of custom maps on that game, right? -right! but do you remember that normal maps allowed for a free for all, right? -right! so, what if you made a spawn point every base location, with the condition to spawn when killed using timers, then remove every creep there is, then set the team vantages, goal and save the damn thing, wouldnt that look a lot like a hero arena map, right? - Either way, whatever you answer will go back up that chain, maybe you just didnt like it, or never saw it, but we had it here and it was basically a meh time.. maybe if they did like lod dota and give the options to build your stuff then you could get excited...
Hero arena's in a nutshell. A big square where you get to fight lol. All I'm saying Battle Royales specifically are free for all and there's no csing, you start with all abilities maxed out also.
Darkentbg (EUNE)
: You researched what? One map? There were many variation to that mode but in general its hero arena. And before you call me pleb, think about it kid, search the web!
That's my whole childhood right there lol. I think it's you that played just a few hah. Battle Royale in war3 custom map terms = PvP only, as in 0 csing. Battle arena it's literally the same except there's a ton of creeps around the map which give gold when you kill them and you fight for that resource as you battle it out. But maybe more importantly battle Royales are 1v1v1v1v1 while arena's are team based.
Darkentbg (EUNE)
: Its called Hero Arena.... and it was implemented before the birth of dota as a variety of arena maps in warcraft 3 and its expansion
Hero arena's have creeps spawning each 30 to 50 seconds with team duels every 3 or so minutes you pleb.
: I want to play 1vs1vs1vs1vs1
It's called battle royale.
: Smurfs
Your cries are music to my ears. Hurting Rito's pockets? Hell yeah! {{sticker:draven-pose}} What we wanted? Lower pace of changes. What we got? Two preseasons in one season. And they be like just small tweaks on the small patches... fu Riot.
: I am convinced my MMR is cursed (not salty, legitimate question)
> got 14LP for a win and lost 22LP for a loss Been there, did that, except I kept playing on the same account and even managed to climb with those %%%%%%ed gains/ losses after deranking some ofc and eventually my MMR was like -14 per loss +22 per win until getting hard stuck to a certain elo for a month or so.
ulu (EUW)
: seriously riot....
It's been forever since redeem codes aren't working also and look how long it took them to make a fix via support page shenanigans but only cuz they'll retire those lol, pathetic xD
: Ok, Goodbye
I'll wave to you after a few more bans lulz.
: Higher elo players/smurf commonly arrogant/toxic why?
Since I never play normals and my normals MMR is so low when I 1st played it this season I had bronzes and silvers in my team.. I didn't really say anything but trust me, ok? I could've b!tched and moaned about a lot of things. I had to tell to myself 'just relax, they're bronze and silver' all throughout the game ~_~ I just gave up reason and joined the fiesta. You can say whatever you want about them but if they're used to play at a higher level not everyone will be able to keep their cool when faced with a similar scenario much less if the reason they're there to begin with was cuz they just got perma'd for being toxic lol.
Welland (EUNE)
: For christs sake, stop killing my cannon minions
{{champion:429}} <--- when these guys do it .. I cry every time xD
: Honestly, I dont even want to play Ranked anymore
Yeah, you're flaming, don't even need chat logs, you said enough.
: Racism/Hate Speech
That's bad manners not hate speech. If overdone, probably punishable, maybe.
: How is everyone today?
I had this same reaction this morning on my way to work, don't really have any big plans though.
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