A2000 (EUW)
: League Theme park
Working on Mount Targon's structure. Having a bit of trouble deciding wheter to do Pantheon's R inspired ride start at the mountain's peak, getting an awesome drop but having a boring hill to climb to return back to the station, or starting on the ground and do a simple but fun up and down short ride.
Wex0r (EUW)
: sounds cool will you make a video when your finished ?
I suppose I will, but it will take me a while to end this project. Maybe i'll start a channel and post how the park is going, i'll let you know if that's the case
IndigoFenix (EUNE)
: Sounds cool. I don't know Planet Coaster but here are some ideas: Ryze's Realm Warp for the monorail system Comet of Legend, a roller coaster that takes you around the entire park, starting and ending at Mount Targon Demacia and Piltover can have more rides, while Noxus and Zaun can have more walking around attractions (because order vs chaos) Jayce's Ride of Tomorrow Singed's laboratory, kind of a mad scientist themed haunted house thing filled with fog machines. Green fog machines Jinx's Shooting Gallery (or Caitlin?) Bandle City could be the children's park Bilgewater for water rides and boating Fizz's Flume (the boats look like sharks) Gangplank and/or Fortune could have the slow boat ride Ionia can have performances of various kinds, shows and acrobatics Kench's Eatery Snow making machines for Freljord, with skiing and sledding, etc.
Thanks for the ideas! I was going to go for Zac's Slingshot for Zaun's ride but Singed's lab sounds cool. Maybe both? :)
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