: It would be nice if they actually listened....
Spread the word bully i mean convince others to do so too.
: You can remake if someone is idle/afk, the rule is they cannot move or perform any action. I've remade many games like these, although there should be a way that if someone doesnt get any exp in the first 3 minutes u can remake and the person is considered as a leaver.
Do you really think i dont know how the remake mechanic works? I got it explained from a rioter after i contacted support because i had an afk in a game that could not be remade because while afk he was NOT DC. That is why i wrote this after all.
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: dude. just pick toplane as secondary. whats the issue.
That i do not want to have to game the system that way because as i already wrote i know and use this trick but would rather (at least for now go mid/supp if i could get mid most of the time and not supp instead. Rigth now i barely have to play as supp anyway.
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: >When i say i want to pick supp as secondary/tertiary then i mean i get it at the rate that is required to fill the games due to lack of supps (people that do not have primary role supp) not i get supp almost all the time. but that is how unpopular support role is, if you dont want to play supp you dont get into matches :D, if you want to only play support when there is no support then you get it all the time :D at the first iteration of role selection any other role had to w8 in queue for 5-10 mins just to get into a match, my longest queue time as support was 3 seconds but since then they tweaked the system so you get faster matches, but still the shortest queue time is on support
Okay i should clarify that i do not mean that now i get to fill as supp most of the time when i offer supp as secondary/tertiary but rather i get to play that role a bit more often compared to players that dont want it at all but not a lot more often and in exchange i can have another primary role pretty much in almost every non supp game. I do not think that this would suddenly lead to way to many players also only wanting to fill as supp so it should be possible to implement (at least in not very high elo) but i could be mistaken. Also lucky i saw quite longer Queue times when i asked for supp though i was premade with the adc but that shouldnt mean i get almost normal queue times..
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: supp is the least desired role, if you go mid/top you get a lot of mid too, since top is somewhat popular too, but once you go support you prolly get it more than 60% of the time i usually go for support/mid to make sure i always get support, and it works so far, since they added role selection i played 1 times mid and once top as an autofill and the rest of the games were always supp (unless i went with premades)
You just confirmed the problem i mentioned so the current system is not what i mean. When i say i want to pick supp as secondary/tertiary then i mean i get it at the rate that is required to fill the games due to lack of supps (people that do not have primary role supp) not i get supp almost all the time. It was the same years ago when i wanted to go top lane and maybe sometimes jungle too but top/jungle will throw me in the jungle most of the time and not just a few times so i went top/mid and it worked out and when i wanted jungle then i simply would get it for sure.
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: this is the system we currently have, you have primary and secondary roles, where you get your primary role more often than your secondary and you fill depending on supply this only gets more complicated if you main mid, mid is the most contested role so you prolly wont get it much
Not really i rarely get assigned supp but quite a few times top. (mid/top) however if i go mid/supp i see supp a LOT
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: because how would you implement it? they tried everything from not giving you any chance to declare your role (the old system where you had to fight for your role in champ select) through role select without autofill (where queue times jumped from a few mins to over 40-50 mins (even 90+ around the top of the ladder), through role select where you could exclude a role you dont want to get (it was supposed to be a test for 2 months on the OCE server but it got so bad that they reverted the whole thing after a few days) to the current one where you can pick 2 roles you want to play + autofill
Add the option that you can say you fill a certain undesired role but only assign that role either for a certain % of games which depends on supply and demand (but does consider that everyone gets to fill sometimes so its not like now where the person that says i fill will almost always see a fill role) or by a system that will give you supp every 10 games or so guarenteed or whatever is needed to have a stable supply of supps given that some players do main that role so at most in every fifth game you will get supp with that. At least in not very high elo there should be plenty of players that make the later option possible too.
: It isn't beneficial to leave queue. You lose lp and wait a certian period of time before you can queue up. Having time wasted in your short life is the punishment.
You missunderstand. I do not mean leave once champ select starts but before. There is no LP loss in what i meant.
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: there is no way to implement what you want, if you dont want to play support in every single game just pick any other role as your secondary, if you get autofilled on top of that youll get autofill protection so you get one of the 2 roles you picked for sure, thats still better than getting your offrole/support more than you would like
Do you work for riot or why would there be no way to implement this?
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