Ijun (EUW)
: Yes it's a texture over the normal anivia. I pretty much abandonned the idea a long time ago but i still have the files if you're interrested
: Small pantheon buff idea
I'm sorry, not to throw shade... But isn't he a point-and-click CC -> Combo like Jax?
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Nourve (EUNE)
: Upcoming Little Legend Ideas
Ijun (EUW)
: Anivia Stellar wonder skin concept
Is that a texture over normal Anivia? I'd be happy to make the particles for you.
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Aargus (EUNE)
: watafak?
Basically {{item:3146}} as a {{item:3077}} item.
: {{champion:24}} + {{item:3124}}
OH NONONONONO {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
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: What if we introduce remake points
Suggesting something to make ranked more safe will always be downvoted, because the people who play it have nothing better to do. And this is coming from an AFK Yuumi Main.
: Team Pass & Fan Pass Hit the Rift on May 31st
WE THINK IT’S IMPORTANT THAT, AS OUR SPORT CONTINUES TO GROW, OUR LEAGUES, TEAMS, AND PLAYERS SHARE IN OUR COMBINED SUCCESS. WE’RE VERY EXCITED ABOUT THESE LAUNCHES AND WILL BE WORKING TO LEARN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE ABOUT WHICH ASPECTS ESPORTS FANS ACROSS THE WORLD VALUE MOST AS WE LOOK TO EXPAND IN THE FUTURE! Because the people who buy the E-Sports skins, prestige skins, MSI / Other E-Sports Orbs and all those Kha'zix chromas aren't giving you enough to host these events. Here's an idea, how about next world champion skins give a prestige to the best player of the team. That'll totally turn everyone on. Or why not make a versus event like Trials and let everyone dump cash into their teams and whichever wins gets a pass to buy more stuff? Or make missions which will fill up your notifications and missions tab that you can't do because you don't have a pass. Nonono, wait; **how about you let Tencent completely buy you out?** I know I sound angry AF but please. What was the last no-strings-attached event we had? Odyssey. You could even buy the rest of the augments with RP in the last 5 days of it but it could still be earned. Orbs / tokens could be bought but also earned. I'm not asking for you to be generous, I'm asking for you to be realistic. It would make more sense to do something like Warcraft, pay a large amount per year to be open to all events. Thankfully the game isn't pay-to-play yet like your next mobile game but holy SH*T its nowhere like it was. Remember that pajama party event from loooooong ago? That attracted my whole collage dorm to start playing the game. No joke. Now everyone has stopped playing ever since these pay-to-participate events.
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CJXander (EUNE)
: Hey, nice stuff in there, but unfortunately, Riot doesn't support modding the client in ANY way. I'd be really careful if i was you, don't get yourself banned or something like that.
Riot doesn't care about modding as long as it's not stealing or impacting gameplay. Wooxy used to be a really dependable modding medium. ( Yes, I used it myself too. I made Academy Zoe. ) You couldn't get banned from any of it since it prohibited gameplay mods. However ever since they changed their file format, Wooxy has gone defunked and the only skin modding tool is modskinlol; which can directly rip Riot skins onto classic skins for free. And for some reason, this wasn't even a thing ever since that file change.
Ehri (EUW)
: Battle Academia Kat Cosplay
I like it but, maybe have more than just face and bust?
: We need a Custom game overhaul and more player freedom
I hate comparing them to this but We need Overwatch levels of custom games. I mean, sure; not being able to modify everything, but something like a No Limits Star Guardian custom game, or being able to play PROJECT: Overcharge with only melee champions.
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Wex0r (EUW)
: if your including tahm then you have to include {{champion:98}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:10}} and at a push {{champion:64}} {{champion:82}} as they can shield and heal allies
Tahm was made to be a tank support, though his main role is tank officially. Shen is a pure tank, and since it was never officially stated that he's a support; it doesn't count. Don't get me wrong, I play my fair share of Kayle support weekly.
parpje (EUW)
: Twisted Treeline Team
{{champion:122}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:145}} ?
: Yep. That's it.
{{champion:12}} {{champion:223}} too.
Wex0r (EUW)
: {{champion:37}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:497}} I think thats it if your not counting Pyke for w/e reason
Yep. That's it.
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: Lethality is a means of punishing those who don't build armor for being unprotected or out of place. You say these champions do their jobs better than {{champion:238}}, but actually Zed can delete squishies with very little exposure to any danger when he has his ult. I was a fed {{champion:80}} in a recent game, and an underfed {{champion:238}} deleted me with his ult and there was zero opportunity for counterplay whatsoever. Was I mad? No, because I had not built armor and it was my fault for letting him kill me like that. Zed's purpose is to do exactly what he did there. Also if you removed lethality, then the meta would just change and you'd have something else oppressive. You have to realize that itemization/classes in League is essentially Rock/Paper/Scissors. Of course the Scissors will complain that Rock is op... Do you want the tank meta to come back? I found that much less fun than the current meta personally. And there will **ALWAYS** be a meta. Go build your lethality on {{champion:254}} or {{champion:120}} or {{champion:80}} and then go and take on a top laner like {{champion:114}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:122}} equipped with even just 1 solid armor item and tell me how it goes. You will get completely shit on, assuming the skill levels are around the same and you are not considerably more fed than they are.
I know tanks aren't supposed to be as untouchable as they were in Season 6 but... I don't know, if I'm a Ornn with Frozen Heart; and Zed who has Duskblade and Youmus' ults me; I still die?
: Lethality has to go
{{champion:78}} #Lethality Poppy
: Did hitbox indicator animation got worse.
I'll take the offensive: Skillshots, especially the short ones; will always have the "Luck" range. Luck range is the additional range given to the skillshot since it's normal range would be... not that great. A really REALLY good example is Thresh's Death Sentence. ( Q. ) I'm sure everyone has had a moment in time they thought that range was broken. And they're kinda right, because the range is basically a circular projectile. Same as Blitzcrank's Q, but much bigger. Many people sidestep Thresh's Q but still seem to get hit because of this. Zoe's Q has this factor as well, as it almost goes one third farther than the Q's indicator. There's also the negative luck factor. Blitzcrank's fist during his Q WILL go over the indication by a lot, but doesn't grab anything. Don't forget hit'*box*'es. Poppy's Q indication is curved, her Q imprint is a rounded square while the hitbox is a box. Ahri's Q goes out, then goes around 5-8 units ahead before redirecting back. Mini Gnar E is a box, and thus almost never misses a hop.
Marva88 (EUW)
: Summoner Rift background for concept art
LoL Director -> Make an image. That's sadly all there is to it.
LaurBBoy (EUNE)
: Wait... Do What Now? mission. Let's lose together ! (EUNE)
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: rumble tristana has some insane synergy, but the issues become apparent when the jungler ganks and rumble is overheating or not in danger zone yet.
With the slows and bomb going off after a ton of DoT damage, I see what you mean. But I fear the fact I'll never be able to keep up with Tristana as soon as late game hits. And they'd only win the gank if Rumble's overheated, because I think the stacking slow should scare them enough.
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Lux E doesn't give you the vision wards do With wards you can get vision for few minutes to get information about enemies With Lux E you get vision for few seconds
I never said anything about her granting vision like wards do. You jumped to that conclusion. But her E allows me not to have to face check things.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: 1. More wards, so many more wards 2. Buy control wards and use them 3. learn how to build properly Start with those
I literally start only using Lux's E for vision nowadays but I'll take control wards into account.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: drop lux from your mains, she is not a support, you can have some lucky games with her, but she is weak as support against tradicional ones as for serious play in ranked: ranked is not serious, i wouldnt go with weird builds or weird picks, but its not more serious than normals, maybe you take less risks, but if you dont take it that serious you wont have a problem winning games, since you wont tilt as hard, and dont forget that every lose is an opportunity to learn something new or practice something that is not perfect yet!
Thank you for your acknowledgement! Also on Lux, is she still not good enough even if I play her as a "Shield bot?" ( Running a Lulu / Soraka kind of build on her? ) I always see people building so much AP on her when her E slow and W team shield is the best power in her kit, besides her nice base damage.
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: Counterplay to Neeko support?
Actually Neeko pops like a balloon after you CC her, she has no escape from it. Morgana and Lux are great options to burst and CC.
Cheini (EUNE)
: [Suggestion] Attack speed Lulu: Pix recall
1. DANG IT WHY DID YOU HAVE TO BE EUNE?!?!? I play a whole lot of Jinx support and Janna top, I think we could be great friends! 2. Yeah, it sounds like a great idea. Especially when in a middle of a teamfight where you want to contribute a bit of damage after shielding someone.
: Kayle players, what is your opinion on her kit?
Lower her E and W mana cost and she's good. Possibly lower her True Damage wave at level 16 or change it into a harder hitting on-hit effect instead. ( ex. instead of a cone of 15% true damage, it's a one target only 30% true damage hit. ) Because she can currently 1 v 4 easily.
lerwi (EUNE)
: demon braum
Even though I disagree in everyway and see Dragonslayer Braum as a a bad guy Braum skin, a horned flaming demon head coming out of his shield? HELL YEAH!
: I understand you want more skins for the champions you like however some other champions haven't got a new skin for a long time. Like ivern he is still at just 1 single skin.
Stop complaining about Ivern jeez. Some champions get a legendary skin and are never touched again. Unless you're Riven.
Lari (EUNE)
: Cursed Bunny Morgana
Aw cut- #Bunnies coming from the depths of hell... Nevermind.
: Dark Crystal LeBlanc Fan Art Skin Splash Art
Beautiful skin. Riot is never going to make this though, even though that's easily the best 750 skin.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: A button to flip all the Loading cards at once
Also putting a bigger version of someone's summoner icon on the flipside too.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > Doesn't Kayle,the poster girl of LoL,deserve some attention too? She is getting attention, which is why they've stated that they're looking into the visuals to make it appear more like an armor.
Now the question is, will they give her armor or keep trying to do skin tight skimpy dawnbringer "armor" on her?
WarlockBN (EUNE)
: ***
What the hell's the problem with being gay?
: I will try to do MY Best{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Not a popular opinion, but can you do a rough sketch of a Blood Moon Neeko? I mean with the blood ritual theme, Neeko would fit as a demon who sucks the soul out of the living to disguise as them.
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