: Riot do not care who get flamed ;) sad part of IFS. Should be allowed to put out full chatlog to just see how much shit junglers has to go through
Yeah I do wish they showed the full chatlog, instead of just mine only.
: Just don't type at chat no matter how tilted you're and don't try even to be positive, no flame, no gj, no ty, no insults etc.. nothing just fully ignore and if anyone pings or start sh!t talking mute them right away. Focus on your own improvement in game even if your team is losing it hard since flaming or typing to them won't change anything, well in fact it just increases your chances of getting you reported and banned what already happened unfortunately for you.
True, muting is the way to go.
: how much can u write in a game :D i mean did u even play?
Ahaha yeah, I definitely play, but I see your point. I do think I would do much better if I typed less, both in terms of rank and behavior.
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