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Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which champion makes you feel happy when you play it no matter if you win or lose? ^.^
{{champion:89}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:497}} I never play no one for teh meta those are always my fav mains and always have fun playing them
: Yes, connection stability and quality. That thing which people always have 100% control over all the time and definitely wouldn't be a financial sink of some sort to improve, assuming that it _could_ be. The definite best solution would be to propose they not play at all, and your idea definitely isn't prime fodder for r/gatekeeping. (deep breath) Kappa.
So by your reasoning what we should put up with on League of Legends is just to loose games one after anotehr because of ppl that are afk and disconect .... k than is not worth to play ranked cause ull stress a lot loosing for no reeason otehr than that.
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BleupizZ (EUW)
: Can you block a player from playing with you in the future games ??
The only ones i would want to block for playin are the ones that go afk -.- wast6e of time for everyone .... on ranked is even orse to loose points when its not ur fault....
Trias000 (EUNE)
: When you're on a horse so high you can get hit by a plane
Because u and otehrs value so much those kinds of thins thats the reason ppl flame and etc ;P ignore them mute them alls good worse is afk ppl -.- riot should do somthin about that ..... its ridiculous to loose games cause of lags and such ....
PreDaJoR (EUW)
: the game is unhealthy, and there is nothing we can do, too many kids
: My experience in EUW and the first game I AFKed. Playing since S2.
U said no trolls HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ppl that choose supp on bottom position ... mids that are on top all the time And what u even write about net is also a lie .... i have the same ping both servers
: My experience in EUW and the first game I AFKed. Playing since S2.
Just been into EUNE and sorry to say pppl flame as well and are stupid so dont see much diff didnt reach far only some games to see it ... so wouldnt say about the skill of players {{champion:89}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:40}}
: flaming = mute, but making a game toxic by afk/feeding/trolling is not
This post for me makes no sense --- any of u ever thought that someone might be having a bad game .... or lost concentration cause (if bot lane wich is my case) the adc isnt doin that good and u have to save teh lane by somtimes have a result with 4 3 as leona for example ... and than pppl sayin u trolling cause of that??? thats just stupid arguments .... me personall afks is not good true ruins a game or not if teh otehrs are good u can win ... i won a few games 4 vs 5 or even 1 3 vs 5 ..... now ppl sayin tihngs like that just ruins the mood 0f the game ... i have to make a bigger effort to be untiltable true but somedays u just cant... {{champion:89}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:98}}
: Can't Login to game
Having the same issue over 4h to enter never seen it before...
yyzarc (EUW)
: Thank you :)
Are u also refering to the wait period never seen that over 4 h???
: > [{quoted}](name=AMCJ,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=ZEcVpFAz,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-07T21:21:34.634+0000) > > Thays why i said it... > > That solari skin i like it but if it was up to date... Yeah but thats a regular skin and not a legendary tier skin.
AH OK! always good to know! ty mates {{champion:497}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:89}}
: > [{quoted}](name=AMCJ,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=ZEcVpFAz,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-12-07T21:04:20.168+0000) > > ok got it ty for clarifing :) Ever thought about OldSchool Legendary skins in comparison to the recent ones? It makes me sad. Demonblade Tryndamere for example.
Thays why i said it... That solari skin i like it but if it was up to date...
TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
ok got it ty for clarifing :)
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: People only play this game because they are addicted
I am minority too ... but i know a lot of ppl liek me have fun as Support main! So not all want the kills :P i kill when i have to but if pppl know how to play i dont mind giveing them kills... I just play the Supp that i tihnk can gimme that edge of palying alone on bottom lane cause that hapends often... {{champion:497}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:98}}
: Who to use to counter leona?
Isnt Nautilus kinda weak atm? Ty all for the responses... Amd basicly most pppl say Morgana...
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Im also on the same ship ... keybindings keep coming to default alost everytime theres a patch .... sucks i have to bind everytime but oh well {{champion:497}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:89}}
: About the snowdown pass
Meh unless in next days there are better rewards for teh tokens i dont see any reason to spend money on that pass.. {{champion:497}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:89}}
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: {{item:3027}} is really good. But if you go on this as a first item then you will need to play a little def in early. Try just to poke, not to make some big trades. You can also try to go on {{item:3070}} as a first item, but again you will need to play def. Good think that he scales good and you can change your pokes to big trades more faster.
I always use the drop on him same as those who spend a lot of mana that are ap ofc.
: I didn't check something, but I can tell you that you play it wrong. I was main Veigar top hybrid with {{item:3165}}(but old one), {{item:3153}} ,{{item:3022}} and after full tank. Veigar is a champion who needs a lot of mana to stack with his Q, so less sustain than Malzahar. Try to find the entire videos, not just some cuts, and look very carefull at what that player do. You will find how you can manage to get some more sustain.
K good to know ty mate ;) its good that im the one doing it wrong that means hes more than viable! {{item:3512}} {{item:3029}} good ideas no?
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: SO for what i understand Mlaz would be viable for Supp if not nerfed.... :(
Just made another game on Malz supp another S .... are u guys sure hes not a good supp ... im liking a lot... {{champion:98}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:37}}
: Not overtuned... had nothing to do with his power... like I said before his ability to block skill shots with his voidlings allowed him to counter a large number of supports which made him strong
SO for what i understand Mlaz would be viable for Supp if not nerfed.... :(
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Smerk (EUW)
: You are only partially correct. You can get Victorious skin for this season if you are both gold 5 or higher and honorable enough with honor level 2 or above at the end of ranked season
honour lvl 4 have to do ranked games than ... hate all the flaming really...
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Bunnylift (EUW)
: Hi, Both these matchups aren't impossible, there's some tips here, but they're really vulnerable to ganks. Ensure your jungler you guys together will make teemo/heimer completely useless. One kill on Teemo and he's done, you can kill him over and over after that (provided he wasn't fed before). Especially early on, teemo and heimer are just free kills waiting to be picked up by a gank. And as for any matchup: check replays or even just on youtube, to see if you can find your champion vs the one champion that made your life rough. Try to see what he does, when he goes in to trade, when he doesn't, when he all-ins, with what items, what items he buys... That will help you a lot!
Ya ive seen many games on youtube from lol esports from soloonlyrenekten glacier ... and still didnt find nothin against those 2 thats why i asked :) Regards f the jungler rarely RARELY i get a jungler that helps me but i dont make mistakes to be ganked ... i get ganked form jgl and mid when im doing godd ... wich is almost everytime .... aside teemo and heim ... i decided to always block teemo and hope that they dont choose heim. When pppl do i know is just bad game for me also im talking about garen fiora as teh ones i use. {{champion:86}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:497}}
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: Supporting!
Question when adc is doing mistakes after mistakes not playin safe and etc should a support die constantly so to protect that bad player? last game f u see i had 10 deaths protecting a twitch he died still 5 times .... {{champion:86}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:497}}
: well not really, i had this when i started to main supp aswell i thought i wasn't able to carry in this role but when u learn how to go in at the right times and peel for the adc u definitly can it will be hard at some times but support is and will be an important role in teamfights also many people don't realize {{item:3190}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3222}} etc.. are the items keeping u alive and that's the job of the support also as the meta goes right now brand veigar lux ''supports'' can for sure carry games since these are just backup midlaners with vision but this is only my opinion
mmm soalri and redemption i use the bell dont... i tend to use more ap next to give some damage to teh fights... i even try soemtimes to go all ap when i see it wont go well with rakan and sona.
: I enjoy the games i am playing without necessarily having good players with me but yes in general you can't carry a terrible team BUT this goes for every role not only the support role. I won games in which my team was behind because i offer way more utility than the enemy support which played an important role for the final result this doesn't means that i "carried solo" (i just might played way better than others ). But yeah think of it,your playing soraka your adc is behind your teams goes solo..there is not much you can do .Or you play leona (a solid tank with great cc) and your team is 0/5 ... You need players who are not great but not terrible either.For example a midlaner who will be 0/1 or 0/2 and a top laner who is 0/1 is ok for me but not 0/5 both lanes!A good support can snowball his/her adc even if enemy team is better which is enough to highly increase the chances of winning.
true that i had some games i was dominating on top and got deaths casue i got mid lane and jg and top above me cause rest was dead .... and i have deaths on support cause i dont run try to save otehrs .... i somtimes wondwer if i should ... {{champion:86}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:497}}
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: What to do on botlane when alone? :(
Unfortunatly i cant play adc .... always appears jgl or mid or whatever cant farm as i farm on top .... and i like to play miss f.... but bot lane not for me... :( ill stick with top and support
Febos (EUW)
: Right now it's automatic. I don't for sure, but I think it changes based on your most played champion recenttly. When you open your match history, from the client profile, you'll see the 3 "recently played champions" to the right. The one with highest '%' is chosen as background. In your case, you have Garen at 50%, Rakan at 30% and Sona at 5%. Your background is Garen for this reason.
yes i know that mate i mean the otehrs skins but uor somoene responded that poon that expensive ones .... so miss f should have one :P but i dont think she does
: Ping issues
Just restarted the client 3 times during the game ... pppl sayin i will be reported and bla bla ... but it eems is not my net fault cause after restarted teh client 3 times it was 50 ping Now thats anoying and never hapends to me only since sunday... being reported for somthing that i dont do casue of my things isnt nice
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Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: if you have an ultimate skin and equip the icon for that skin your background will change to that skin and it will be animated. but for normal skins I'm not sure how it works
ah k tyvm :)
Febos (EUW)
: PBE = Public Beta Environment
AH k thnx didnt know that... But ibe seen some ppl wih their champs on skins on background...
Febos (EUW)
: You don't. That feature is still on PBE.
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: What to do when the oposite hgj always comes to top lane and u face 2 most of the time? :(
TY ALL for the tips awsome games i had nearly no kills and a lot of minions at least for me 300 at 35mins that bad? and it was aganst sion one of them on begiinbg it was dificult but at 25 mins i was killing him as he was an adc ;)
Cheini (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=AMCJ,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=j1AmEVm4,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-04-20T19:01:59.969+0000) > > so what u tellin me is that is ok for supp to leave to back up otehr lanes or objectives while adc stays always on lane while the otehr players are there.... > k got to see a lot more videos on adc .... wasnt excpeting that > {{champion:21}} yes, supp isn't tied to minion gold, nor to xp that much - in fact, destroying wards gives you some.. if you like it, welcome to the club, we also have cookies! :p
Haha nice one ;) ya i like to play top and bot lane miss f new costume made me look to adc :P {{champion:86}}{{champion:21}}
Cheini (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=AMCJ,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=j1AmEVm4,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-04-20T17:18:14.756+0000) > > i thought tilll like lvl 10 that suppp should be on lane phase... or when hes tehr eon lane try to poke the otehr champs and give me cover thats wrong thinking? this is a very good way to lose the game, yes :d it is okay to stick to your adc, and it depends on the charas you are playing as and with - still, even till level 10, the objectives are quite important and if you gank another lane or go for a surprise drake/herald or group for a first tower... it is way more worth it, isn't it? and then you have Bard who _mustn't_ stick with the adc... check this article! [Bard's Big Birthday Datapalooza](
so what u tellin me is that is ok for supp to leave to back up otehr lanes or objectives while adc stays always on lane while the otehr players are there.... k got to see a lot more videos on adc .... wasnt excpeting that {{champion:21}}
: What to do when the oposite hgj always comes to top lane and u face 2 most of the time? :(
So summing it up , is to ward a lot and be ready for jgl and just try to freeze the wave if i want my jgl to gank thats the course to take? i suallly only ward 2 passages the river and the one behind me... {{champion:86}} {{champion:114}}
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