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You get multiple mutes before the 14 days ban kicks in. I do agree that sometimes when multiple people all report you (talking 3+) after a game, even if it's false/for no reason, you can get punished for this, but I believe this got fixed after the system rework.
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: Study on league players
1 - 16 hours 2 - Evenings after work & weekend 3 - Until this week 0 hours per week 4 - Like stated above 5 - It's nice to have something to distract from education and work. 6 - I don't have friends
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: Tg means : ta gueule which translates to: shut the f up. Basic french insult. (I'm french) To the op: coming here asking for advice you did 75% of the job getting better. There were so many good advice before. But the main one is ignore those people. Look, they mostly are angry kids/people, they know nothing about you. They just want to be annoying. Don't givr them the satisfaction. Ignoring them ( and muting ) will be better for everybody. There is litterally nothing they can't say with a ping if they want to make a call. Play your game and at the first sign of negativity, mute them. Don't tell them just mute them. Probl solved. You seem like a nice dude. No reason for you to get a perma. You got the ban, learnt your lesson now just don't care about those people and enjoy your time on the rift. Remember it is just a game, have fun with it ;)
Just wondering, why are a lot of French players extremely toxic to English speaking players (I'm from Holland myself). I've met a few nice French players, but the majority of the encounters I've experienced tends to flame both the enemy team or ally team as soon as something is said to them (or sometimes just because 2 people speak English, they get mad). Is there a hate for the English language?
: > Do you thinking coaching like that is also bad? No. But I wouldn't call it coaching^^
> [{quoted}](name=Humpelstilzche,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ap2dE12K,comment-id=000800000000,timestamp=2015-12-14T12:20:39.647+0000) > > No. But I wouldn't call it coaching^^ Motivating perhaps? Idk what it is. It's just suggesting objectives that we could take at a certain moment. ^_^
: Recently I had the opportunity to talk to Ymir, one of Riots player behavior...ehm...experts? specialists?.....not sure, sorry Matt. We talked about a lot of things, but one thing that I remember very clearly is what he said when we asked him how we can help people like you, people who actively WANT to become less toxic: "Real change comes from within". No matter what advice or methods we give someone, the most important factor still remains that this person actually WANTS to change. It seems you already took this first and most important step, so lets try to take the few remaining steps together. Muting is a solution for some people, people who are able to forget about the attitude of their teammates when they don't have to read their chat messages. This doesn't work for everone. I basically never mute people, because it doesn't really help me. When I have a jerk in my team and I notice it, it's not his chat messages that annoy me, it's the fact that I have a jerk in my team and that I simply fail to understand these people, which really bugs me. So I can totally understand you when you say that muting isn't a solution for you. Muting also doesn't change anything about your actual problem: You get angry about these people too easily. So my advice about muting is: Don't do it, unless you notice it helps you. ___ But in my opinion, you should learn to fight the actual problem: Getting angry. You should think about WHY you are getting angry. In most cases you will realize that your reason for being angry is...well...kind of silly. There are about 100 million LoL players out there, sitting in front of their computer. So every player you meet is just one random guy out of thise HUGE amount of anonymous people you will never ever meet. All these people have absolutely no impact whatsoever on your life. They are random strangers on the internet. Why would you care what they think about you? Why do you get angry when these people write something stupid? Why do give these people so much power over your emotions although they are just random internet strangers? Should they really have so much power over you? Why? There is no answer to this "why", because there is no reason. It really doesn't matter in any way what these people think or pretend to think about you. So someone calls you a "bastard" what? You are just a random stranger to him, I strongly doubt that this "bastard" is an expression of actual hate. This guy doesn't even have strong feelings against you, he just carelessly insults you, there is no reason to react to that. And lets just assume he actually means it, he actually hates you and wants to hurt you? So what? He is still a random internet stranger that hasn't and will never have any impact on your life. His feelings about you are entirely unimportant for your life. My point is: Who are they that you allow them to have so much power over you? The same goes for "being verbal". I guess this is about discussions in chat, probably also the more aggressive kind of discussion. You can apply the same logic here: Who are they? Why do think you have to justify yourself in front of them? They are just random internet strangers, you will gain NOTHING by being right or winning a debate. LoL is a game, not a debating club. If they want to debate, let them debate with a wall of silence. Even if they discuss about you...who cares? Their opinion about you doesn't influence your life at all and you won't be able to change their mind anyway. Why? Because you are just a random internet stranger to them. So don't even bother, it's a complete waste of time and energy. ___ You say you like to coach your team when you think your team needs guidance. Although you probably have good intentions, thats not really a good idea. Let me tell you why; I'm afraid i have to talk a bit about psychology to do that: There is a general tendency in humans to overestimate their own skill. It is normal to think that you are better than others, when these others are actually exactly as good as you are. There are various reasons for this psychological bias. The most important one is probably our mental health. We kind of need this positive picture of ourselves in order to keep our mental health. If we would perceive our own actual imperfection at all times, this would be A LOT of stress for our minds (maybe comparable to a serious depression). So our mind does this intentionally. But there are also unintentional so called "cognitive biases" that alter our perception of reality. For example we fail to realize how much effort it took to aquire the skills we already have, resulting in the expectation that everbody else should have aquired these skills as well and is a complete idiot if he didn't. At the same time we are very good at not noticing skills we don't have ourselfes, so when others have a skill we don't have, we often don't even notice it (sometimes because knowing about this skill is the same as actually having it...."it takes one to know one"). These two effects combined result in the biased perception that we are superior to others. You notice other peoples flaws but don't notice their superiority. So why did I explain that? Because every single player in this community feels like you. We all feel like our teammates could need some guidance, simply because we unintentionally (and most of the times unawarely) consider ourself superior, while we are actually not a single bit better or even worse. Now you might think "So what? They can still take my advice when I am actually right." But the problem is that all the other players also think they are superior to you. So they are getting advice from someone they consider to be less skilled than they are. Nobody likes to be lectured by noobs, and since pretty much everbody thinks his teammates are noobs im comparison to himself, most people react very negative to "coaching". Long story short: Don't coach other players, it's not your place to do that and in most cases you won't get a positive reaction. ____ So the tl,dr of this whole text: * Care less about what other people think or say about you * When you notice that you get angry, think about why that happens in order to realize that you have no actual good reason * Don't discuss. It's a game, not a debating club. If you want to do discuss, use the boards. * Don't coach anyone unless they specifically ask you to do so (which is basically never)
Thanks for your post; the tl;dr wasn't very necessary as it was an easy to read and well written post! :) About the coaching part, I don't think I'm superior, I've only played for ~8 months, and I don't tell people to play better or anything. When I say I'm verbal and coach players it's more like saying Good job! Nice gank! even when something happens in another lane which I'm not even part of. Or a bit more "coaching"-specific things I would say is after a won teamfight might be "Let's take an inhibitor/baron/drake", and maybe afterwards "Careful, Riven respawn timer 10s". Do you thinking coaching like that is also bad? Because that's what I meant. I've had the teamwork & friendly ribbons because I really like to communicate and be part of a team.
: Maybe treat every game like a different challenge: The person(s) who have NOT flamed at the end of the game, THOSE people are the winners. In that point of view, everyone who flames is instantly a loser, and if you flame with them, you have lost too. It may be a little mindtrick that can help you keep your cool.
> [{quoted}](name=Tosha,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ap2dE12K,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2015-12-14T11:09:22.206+0000) > > Maybe treat every game like a different challenge: The person(s) who have NOT flamed at the end of the game, THOSE people are the winners. In that point of view, everyone who flames is instantly a loser, and if you flame with them, you have lost too. > > It may be a little mindtrick that can help you keep your cool. It may sound a bit cheesy, but it might work. I'll give it a try ^_^
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: I'm a pretty calm person and two of my friends are very...."emotional" to put it gently. Here are some tips from my side: 1. Play with friends or generally in a group. Maybe talk with them over skype/Teamspeak. If you have to rage, do it in the call, not in the chat. Nobody can ban you in league for things you say in Voicechat. 2. Muting can be a solution, however some people (like me) just can't do it simply because of the believe that these people, even though they can be the literal definition of "asshole", can sometimes make a good call or come up with a plan that might work towards your favor. So, in short, mute if you think they won't say anything productive. 3. Making fun of them. Don't rage, laugh about them. Most of these people either are plain bad at the game and want to feel better by making YOU mad. It's pityful and laughable for me, why shouldn't it be for you? 4. In my most cases, if someone flames another person in my team, or me, i can finish the whole flame with one simple line: "(Do me a favor and) Shut up". I never had a case where that didn't work so far. Might work for you too :) It's good that you want to recover and not just cry on the forums "why did i get banned?", you're in my eyes better than most flamers. If you need a calm person that can keep you in check in occasional games, feel free to add me mate. The fact that a toxic person wants to recuperate... It fills you with **Determination**
Thanks for your tips. Regarding tip 1. Most of my (IRL) friends do not like League (I'm a C# Developer and my colleagues think League is for "filthy casuals" xD), but I do occasionally play with my "newbie" (level 20 something) cousin, and this often results in much less flaming going on with randoms. Regarding tip 3; You mean laugh at them IRL, I figure? Cause I think laughing IG might cause even more flaming(?). I'll surely add you once my ban is lifted and look forward to possibly playing with you some time ;)
: Just don't chat. If you feel the need to chat, ask others kindly to stop talking and focus, but don't say anything else. Don't try to make (stupid) jokes, just know when you need to shut the hell up.
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: Greetings ATimmeh33, first of all i want to take a Moment to say i really respect what you did there. It takes some courage coming on the Boards, admitting you made Mistakes and got punishment for it. **AND** even more so to actually ask for Help, wanting to change and not being defensive and going all "im innocent, rito pls why?!". {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Please don't be discouraged by the inevitable posts that may appear in such Threads, along the lines of "u toxic, glad u gone" etc. (wanted to get this out up front while i take some time to write a Wall of Text answering the post! ^_^ EDIT: Seems like this one is covered awesomely well already. Awesome!)
Thank you for the compliment. I was expecting troll posts so I am ready for them, and since I'm trying to better myself and learn to ignore people like this it might even be a good exercise ;)
: Be honest here: why do you feel provoked? Insecurities? Pride? Something else? If you know what exactly is triggered in yourself that makes you want to talk back, you can work on changing that, but it's different for everybody.
Probably it'd fall under the category "pride". I feel like I need to "defend" myself or "set things straight" when people insult me.
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: > I feel like muting isn't THE solution because **communication is needed often to win games**.. The thing about that - if someone starts flaming, or is generally negative in chat from 1:40 minutes ( example: "_In this case it started when I asked for a leash on Gromp and my ADC said "tg bastard".. _"), chances of them saying anything helpful or constructive in chat for the rest of the game are pretty non existent. Also, people like that aren't going to listen to your suggestions either, so any meaningful communication is just a pipe dream. > When should one mute a teammate? As soon as they exhibit negativity in chat - especially towards you. > How to deal with insults before muting? Simply ignoring would be my guess? If you can ignore it (and I will guess that you can't, since you are here asking for advice) - ignore it. I find chat in general distracting, and tend to mute teammates who spam, regardless of content. Some people don't even see the chat when they play. My brother, for example, notices the flame, but it doesn't really bother him, so he just ignores it. Most flamers, if you don't take the bait, usually stop flaming (at all, or just you), so it's really in your interest to not engage them. If you can't ignore them and don't trust yourself to not flame back - mute. You don't need to "grow a thicker skin", you don't have to prove yourself to anyone. If you want to keep your account, stay out of chat.
Thank you; this is a very helpful post. You note a lot of points that are absolutely true. For some reason I always have the feeling like when I get insulted and don't respond I admit to their insult and they "win". I know this is a really stupid, and maybe immature thought. I'll try to use your points as soon as I can play again!
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Support Man,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ap2dE12K,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-14T10:42:52.051+0000) > > Did not read lol tl;dr? Thanks for your advice though.
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: [EUW] Pool Party Recruitment Thread and Chat Room
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