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TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: It apploes for a time if you deal physical. It has no cd.
: Press on the character you are attacking, check if icon appears on the right lower part of the info box. It seems i cant see this icon even on katarina and varus or with moreleminicon ,but why ?
rèV (EUW)
: It should apply, you can just test it in Sandbox mode.
it dont you can test , i tested it in practice mode a lot of time (show for katarina or varus or moreleminicon but not executioner or mortal)
: You need to do physical damage in order to proc it.
I do , Im yasuo and basic attack or illaoi and lead slam, but it don't show this icon for me. specially when i buy this item against nasus or mundo i dont see that icon at all during fights even when my adc buy that. if you deal physical damage continuously it will apply continuously ?
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DTT Ryan (EUW)
: Camille broken as hell.
what is account name or game link ?
goodboy2 (EUW)
: game is full of noobs
Tnx for calling me upvote this post , my account banned permanently and im playing dota2 now, it is so better game, a little toxic but they teach you game , UPVOTE
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: Well... Got a 2 week ban.
im banned 2week dude i think you can't at all chat in game and that option is totally put to use and be banned ! if u use chat u will be banned, i had 3 banned account for perma trust me just make chat hud 1 and dont chat ,if another one do a stupidly mistake be sure the enemy team do this mistakes also
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Fathands (EUW)
: Your ult isn't cancelled. The supress is gone. It still deals the damage.
I just want cancel my ultimate after the enemy get out of this in anyway
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