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: why LOL player community so stupid?
I agree why delete such a huge problem? I experience poor decision making and people completely throwing away logic all the time when playing. Then they get toxic and make excuses. For example this last game i just played a Yi(enemy) ganks with below 100hp while my own jungler(KhaZix) gets the bright idea that he has to gank the enemy ekko - which btw was 3-0 at that point - who is level 8 while KhaZix himself is level 5.... I know that you just wanna make money off of people so more players are better but why at the expense of the people who actually wants to play to climb? You might as well do an IQ test to play ranked when you can do as hilarious a thing to delete and hide away issues in the game that actually affects a lot of eager players
: He is designed to be played as a support, thus he is a support and should be tagged as such. And having counters is fine... tanky supports struggle vs ranged supports, this is no different you just be careful when you pick him and understand the match ups... and that issue with late game can be solved by just getting good with Pyke
that's exactly the problem no one looks at matchup let alone team comp in low elo they just lock him in
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