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: If you're playing with an adc such as lucian and ezreal etc.. which can easily escape enemy bot lane, you could push the waves into enemy towers (if possible) and roam mid to impact the rest of the map and/or go for a deep ward. If you have a lead USE it. Do objectives, drakes. If there is an infernal FOCUS IT and make your jungler understand it is really important. If your adc is just running it down, there is no use for you botlane. Just use your resources somewhere else on the map. Help the top laner, help your jungler or top. Remember Objectives wins games. If you can go for either Drake or Herald, DO IT. Do not flame of any sorts, it can tilt your team and make them play worse. Try to keep positive, but not too clingy. It is hard as a support player to climb and it requires a lot of knowledge. I'd recommend watching a few videos about the topic, about where to ward, what to do and what/when to take objectives. I'd also recommend playing a support with alot of damage. This requires you to have good positioning, and you should work on that if you're not comfortable. Any carry champ like Brand, Zyra and Vel'koz. You could also go for pyke as an ad alternative. Good luck! :P
I did it! Played nautilus into a pyke. Fortunatelly, the enemy team had a jungler that never ganked, soo me and my caitlyn got the lane shoved on the enemy team non stop. Helped mid during that time and I stop the kassadin from tilting by talking with him and helping him in mid. He still had a big problem in lane phase. We got the first inhibator really playing naturally. It was then that all hell break lose: diana in ky team died not once, not twice,, but 5 times the same way: pushing either top or bot alone (which isnt that bad) but without vision, getting destroyed 5 times. We also took more than 12 minutes to group in baron all 5 (with super minions in mid, it wasnt like they have enough power to contest). I honestly had to beg, beg in game chat, for people to group up or not pushing without vision. I left the lane phase 4-0 and died 3 times innwhat I call "the support syndrome: enter and save a idiot out of position or let him die" We literally had 2 inhibitors out to grab for 8 minutes and we kept having deaths with people out of position, making us having to defend 5vs4 and even 5vs3 for no reason at all. Their yasuo, fortunatelly for us, had the " I am feeded, I will keep 5vs1 syndrome". It was his last mistake that actually made us secure the victory, by killing him, having the entire enemy team focusing a full build nautilus in mid lane for 7 seconds, while my ad sneaked in top and got the two inhibithors. It was at that point that I knew we couldntn lose. We defended while I was down, group baron all 5 while they were figthing two waves of super minions. Yasuo tried to contest baron alone and got imploded to dog shat. With baron buff andn two super minion waves already, it was just a matter of closing by staying near the minions and let them pressure it. It was soo tiring, having to write soo much text... in the end, I literally told my diana "if you group with us and dont die a single time more, I will get a wh0*e to bl0w you" 6 tries, in 6 promotions from S3 to S2 but I finally did it
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: how about you just learn to play the game ? just spam one champion and you will 1v5 in that elo
This doesnt really helps and you should know by now why it doesnt. There are 9 bans possibilities, and yes, I am also counting someone in your own team banning your favorite champion. Then what? Or what to do if someone else picks your champion? Come on, I know you mean well and you are a platinium player, I dont want to offend you... But this isnt good advice.
: Don't play supports while in promos. Thats it. Alternatively, play ap casters as supports and carry.
I dont have the pratice for lux, brand, those kind of supports. Mind you, I can definately get them and play, but I doubt I will play at my rank level. I know them inside out not because I play them in ranked, but because I need to know them for counter picks and to adjust my playgame, based on the cooldowns.
: You barely play the game. If you actually want to climb you should play several hundreds of rankeds in a season. If you don't actively play you won't get better and won't climb unless you luck out really hard. Basically you are going to the Gym every two months and are expecting to get ripped af :D The other thing is - judging from your OP.GG - you should probably stop playing Thresh and play more Lulu.
You are rigth, my dear friend. I am 34 years old and work on IT, unfortunatelly, the time to play games for extend periods of time is no longer there. I do have 3.6k draft games, soo I agree that I dont play ranked...but I am far from unexperienced. I will keep the "dont play thresh, play lulu more" Apreciate that. Also gonna try to play more Nautilus instead of thresh, which I am already doing.
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