sulfie (EUNE)
: Chogath, where is the counterplay?
{{champion:67}} {{item:3153}}
: too many int , everytime only in my team , can we have an option to change this bad rng?
I feel like this too but I know it's just a portion of the games I will play, it will be alright in the end (:
Dardasim (EUNE)
: DE-SPA...
Well Monty, they did. They announced their travel months in advance.
Afelers (EUNE)
: why do I assume lots of people gonna click this topic only because of the word 'loli'
Everyone loves sucking on lollies! ... ᷅\\_(ヅ)_/ ᷄
: Which elo are you playing in? I havent had anyone leave my games since i left gold. Its almost old news to me however that could just be my luck.
5 games as of just now, Lux went afk for 10 min. Games have people from Gold 2 - Plat 5/4 This is absurd.
Rioter Comments
: WHY AM I even losing Lp if I had 2 AFK in a RANKED GAME???
The 3 games before my last one were all 4v5's. It's ridiculous.
: help :/
I'm not sure you can change the text settings within league; try what Valzuuuh said.
mancersana (EUNE)
: Are you sure that eune is closest to me than the euw server?
Turkey would be the closest?
: No I want to change the letters in lol
Daveth96 (EUNE)
: is it normal in higher elo then? it just goes down no matter if i lose or win, promote/'s actually tilting
It will happen occasionally for like 10-20 games, never lasted longer than that for me though, or unless you're on a losing spree.
Daveth96 (EUNE)
: What the hell is going on with my LP gains???
I get +18 for a win and -20 for a loss and I've just been promoted recently and I'm half way up the next division. Just our mmrs being lower than where we're at?
Leonheart (EUNE)
: Do you still play {{champion:81}} ?
For when Draven, Twitch, Cait and Vayne can't get the Job done, yeah.
: It is a sign to become Fiddle main and get mastery 7 with him.
: Just bought 10 hextech chests and keys and got...
Got pulsefire Ezreal out of crafting the day after I bought arcade Ez lol
: Teemo Drawing 🎍
Gentleman Teemo, please? XD
: Old Or New Fiora???
I love the old Fiora. I've grown fond of the new Fiora. I think her evolution is the best thing for her, but I would still vote for the old as it's something I used to play a lot.
GLurch (EUW)
: You mean.... [THIS]( post? If you have problems finding something, go to this website: It was made by the Volunteers on these boards to summarize all information of the system. You could find this source for example in the "Reports" Thread.
: Being British doesn't mean you know grammar. Most average Brits know less grammar than someone learning it as their second or third language.
> [{quoted}](name=lick a fish,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=F0u9RRu7,comment-id=0000000000010000,timestamp=2017-07-12T18:41:50.016+0000) > > Being British doesn't mean you know grammar. Most average Brits know less grammar than someone learning it as their second or third language. I agree partially with your second point. I disagree on 'most', rather you mean: 'some'. I do know as an academic, a great deal on this. The aforementioned sentence is acceptable, viable, and accurate. Sorry. Your reluctance to accept this is... quite strange. I know no matter what I say, you will be increasingly persistent in responding with 'some' counter-argument. I don't know if you've meen mislead, are a troll or genuinely confused, here. Thank you for reporting upon something you thought was a 'bug', though.
ChrisMac (EUW)
: Is Asking for Reports a Reportable Offence?
A few months back a summoner linked a post on the NA boards, in which a (can't remember which) rioter stated that it was no longer an offense. I've tried to find the relevant thread but can't manage to find it. I don't know if this stance has changed, or whether this Rioter was accurate in the proclamation. Do note that there is no source attached to this comment, and I am simply making a statement of recalling something to the contrary of popular belief. Sorry I can't find the source. Maybe Eambo could offer something on this?
: it isn't. Unless it means their as that Summoner's team. It would make A LOT more sense if it would say X was most honored on their team (as enemy team) and Y was most honored in your team. Because right now both messages are the same and it gets confusing.
It is correct. Yours, - A native Britlander. EDIT: OP has edited the original post to something which is hiding the fact he was wrong.
Rioter Comments
: Well, they are. The binary gameplay of champions like Annie, Garen and Master Yi means that they're pretty easy to outplay and their intentions are clearly telegraphed and are therefore easier to punish compared to a higher skillcap champion like Yasuo or Riven which both have more ways to go about things and aren't as binary as the aforementioned champions. Why do you think you don't see Annie outside of Bronze or Silver (with the exception of Annie Bot)? It's easy to shit on her.
>It's easy to shit on her. That has to be illegal.
Smerk (EUW)
: No, there is option "Relative Team Colors", it swaps colors if your team isn't on blue side.
Oh cool, going to have to explore the options menu, didn't know!
Smerk (EUW)
: There is handy option that allows you to always play as blue team. Purely cosmetic of course, but it does its job
Dodge until you get blue team, lol?
: What's Rhaast's relation to Varus?
Varus and the bow are symbiotic. Rhaast does not necessarily have to be related to be in a similar circumstance.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: If you started on top, then you goal is to go down. The loading screen reminds us to focus on objectives. That's it.
Rioter Comments
: So Twitch is now a jungler?
He's been viable in the Jungle since release in the right hands. He's not META (Most effective tactic available) in most match-ups. Do they have a lot of squishies? VIABLE Do they have a dive comp? NOT Viable Do they have no hard cc? *VIABLE*
The highest you've been is gold, though?{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: When we talk about RP parity across regions, we're talking about exchange rates in the very long term (1.5 years this time to see where things would roughly stabilize). As currency exchange rates naturally shift over shorter term periods there will be small discrepancies that open up and changes what currency gets you get the most "bang for your buck" We have to strike a balance between changing the price of RP based on exchange rates to achieve closer parity, and the amount of pain that comes each time prices are shifted. This is something we can always get better and we want to hear from players on how we can make it better.
I'm so sorry you're having to deal with these responses, stay strong <3
: Hey there enV, so this is probably better addressed as 2 separate but related issues. I'm gonna try to give the full context, so be prepared for a wall of text. 1. "Why don't you increase the cost in £'s of the different tiers instead of reducing the amount of RP" - We always strive to have a variety of payment options in our store, so that players can spend their money how they like. Many of these payment methods rely upon 3rd parties outside Riot, and for many of them their transactions are hard locked to set £ values (Paysafe cards for instance are printed with £ value on them rather than an RP value). In order for us to change the £ to a non-standard value (instead of the standard 5, 10, 15, etc.) we would have to either remove those payment methods or convince our partners to overhaul their entire systems, potentially leaving people who don't have access to the more common purchase methods unable to purchase RP for an extended period. These are the same sort of partner restrictions that mean we can only have 6 RP tiers for purchase. 2. "Why is it now 10 pounds to get enough RP for a 975 skin, that's double the old 975 price point?" - So this one is a bit trickier. We created the £5 = 975 tier when we reduced the price of RP in the UK in 2015 (before that £5 = 840 RP), but in many of our other regions the "roughly 5 pounds" price tier gets you less than 975. So we looked at those regions to determine how often people purchase the "roughly £5" and "roughly £2.5" tiers (especially in combination), and almost nobody utilized the ~£2.5 tier anyway even though that was technically the cheapest way to acquire a 975 skin. Since people were not utilizing that tier, we saw a way to make it easier for players to get their full bonus RP and have an easier transaction experience for those that wanted to buy something from the 1820 price point and help ease the larger jump from £10 to £20, with the introduction of the £15 tier. It is also worth noting that the £5 is actually the least reduced tier, if we reduced it by 20% then it would have been 780 RP, so we bumped it up to 790 so you'd have access to the 790 tier of champs without additional purchases. We understand this is one of those cases where the answer isn't clear cut, but we're trying to make the best decision for players we can based on our data, while still maintaining RP parity across our regions. This is something we are gonna actively monitor, and if it doesn't work out we are always open to change, we want to have price points that make the most sense for players just as much as you guys do. I hope this clears some of this up, but let me know if you have additional questions or concerns. It's really important to me that players understands the reasons behind what we're doing and that they know that we are listening to their feedback very closely.
For the same amount of RP at the £50 mark, someone from the UK pays the equivalent of an extra £6 compared to what a continental European pays. Seems like a fair alignment.
KalaGh7 (EUW)
: Well .. how do i do What should I do ? i not understand please Help me :( I'm tiny
: First of all, accounts don't get cracked or hacked. The former would involve using brute forcing software (which can take ages if not run on an extremely powerful computer), the latter would involve someone breaching Riot's own security measures. Accounts that are "cracked/hacked" are almost always caused by either the account owner using an easy to guess password or a third party obtaining the account's password (either by it being phished and/or the account owner being stupid enough to give out their password). In all of these situations, there's nothing Riot can do because they all came about because of the owner's stupidity. Secondly, you don't get banned for one game unless you go full Hitler in chat. The chances are you got given several warnings prior to your ban and chose to ignore it. Feel free to post your full unedited chat logs.
Dictionary attacks with a sophisticated rule set(s), are more than enough to 'quickly' obtain most passwords people use to be honest. If you think '1nf1n1t3t1m3' will take a long time to guess then you should be adding more entropy to your passwords. It might be unbruteforceable but that doesn't make it impervious. (Not saying op was hacked, just saying... don't hurt me)
: glad to hear you're back to the rift, kick ass
Hey a nice person, a dwindling species. ^^
: Small delay between issuing a command and character moving.
Potential fix: Re-installed C++ redistributable. Better than it was.
: use winmtr and ping you server ip, probably packet loss like everyone else is having these days and hopefully they're working on a fix
I used Berkeley's netalyzr, and other methods, no packet loss. Have a potential fix, now. Re-installed C++ redistributable.
Rioter Comments
: Talon Or Yasuo?
Unless you play a lot of blind, Yasuo will be banned a LOT.
: more nurse skins for female champions?
The other champs never passed medical school.
: Who the f*** @ Rito tought...
{{champion:1}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:101}}{{champion:238}} {{champion:143}}{{item:3157}} {{item:3211}} {{item:3029}} {{item:3140}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3111}} {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:1}} {{summoner:21}} {{summoner:12}} Literally 0 counter-play.
: Yasuo is banned forever now.
Rismosch (EUW)
: What is this?
: 14 day suspension rant
: Why do people think it's okay to say "go kill yourself" to someone in the game chat?
'Anonymity' over the intermawebs; however, you're just a few cables away. ... :)))
: They are rather old champions. Did you see those new champions that got out and are females? One is a potato head {{champion:163}} , one is a gym addict {{champion:420}} and the other wears 10 types of clothing + a cape {{champion:498}}.
: Opened 7 chests 5 champ shards 1 icon and hextech singed shard have all champs..
Tosha (EUW)
: I suggest tinder
Doomley (EUW)
: It's only MMR related. It has nothing to do with the amount of wins compared to losses.
If you're winning an absurd amount compared to losing, that will affect your MMR, though. So indirectly, he is more correct than he is wrong.
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