Oegle (EUW)
: Gold4 Support - LF Duoq
I could join you as adc ^^
Káisér (EUW)
: G1 Mid Looking For Duo or Team
I can duo with you mate {{champion:266}}
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Wùkong (EUW)
: This has happened before, I think I also partook in surrendering games in 5 man premade aram games years ago when it had 5 man IP boost lobbys. It was in the old client when you could search for custom chat rooms. Enemies were pissed we were doing it lol
what I see is that.....people misuse things, maybe riot doesn't care, because people already bought the pass, I would just disagree with being stuck with this bs every event. Where I try to farm tokens my way, but people don't let me because of some stupid start :( {{champion:111}} Getting hooked to something bad is like maining {{champion:17}}
: Isn't it called botting or something like that and it's a reason to get that account banned? ScrubNoob's last account was banned for the same reason on stream
I think these are more, boosted accounts that get sold later :0, sometimes you wonder why some websites sell lvl 30 accounts, with the basic champions. {{champion:266}} (Scratches head)
Neoflyx (EUW)
: What is this token farming thing?
It's a strat people are using you see, to farm the event tokens, instead of doing missions properly, they are going into an aram game, since in aram if you go full pre, you can surrender around 8 minute, end of the game you get tokens. Since if you lose you still get some tokens, sooo premades are abusing this strat, but ruining others game on the way. Making the game less fun :{{champion:111}}
Iakovia (EUW)
: That's fair enough then. I guess I'm lucky enough that I haven't experienced what you have at all. I do understand your frustration. I want to farm tokens too, but I do want to enjoy my games, and whether or not I win, I still get tokens so I'm not fussed. I don't think there is anything that can be done about it though. Like the person in the link you sent said about having a certain time limit to receive your rewards isn't too fair, because I have had games where we surrendered as soon as it got to 7 or 8 mins (can't remember the exact time on ARAM to surrender?) because of people going afk or trolling or just the fact we're being kicked in the ass and have no chance.
My frustration doesn't lie there only tho, imagine every single event this will be abused to the fact, it will get normalized, meaning we might get one of the most toxic environment, just cuz of it, sometimes this game needs a "Courtesy flush" so stopping things at its source before it gets worse is an idea of mine. Also another thing, Imagine this happening to league, https://youtu.be/npRcdl3f6iU?t=582 Brother, loot boxes, passes, missions that make the game somewhat interesting will be all gone :( Riot so far is the only one I know, that handles this situation well enough for this nightmare bill not to pass. There was a thread not long ago, https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/mm0Jomi5-missions-rewards-get-fewer-every-new-event Riot wants money, we give them money, but with the pass, people abuse to get more things right? Riot did give us a lot of content to choose from with tokens we farm, if somebody chose not to have a life and farm 2 weeks straight, that person will be able to get 2 prestige skins, 5 orbs, 10 champion chard tokens and 50 key fragments sooooo we get more things for free for the pass we buy to grind, meaning, the pass will ultimately craze up people, (and it seems to be a bigger gamble) - Riot ultimately might put emself on risk cuz of it. (If I don't have it I won't get free things) I got Pulsefire Ezreal two days ago from an event orb, which I got from the pass, we all know that is worth a lot in RP, but I got it from an orb that is worth 195rp I think. back to the main issue, as a form of a moving train, People abuse a system, it gets normalized, Rito doesn't earn as much as they should, does something about it to earn more, ultimately (might) fail, because loot boxes in many cases are looked down upon as gambling, in that case, buying a pass, will make you addictive as hell, and it might destroy everything riot has accomplished. Those new Anime skins dude, I freaking love them, I am Graves main too, sooo professor Graves would work like a charm on my ranked games.....but yeah, I find the system abuse crazy scary. This would be a good thing tho, if the pass would cost more, lets say 1850, but we get more tokens with lesser content that everybody would love, and ofc people would stop abusing this 8 min bs surrender strat, which would be great btw...i would happily sleep at night knowing that i chose a game, that didn't turn out to be shit.... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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