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stumpy (EUNE)
: fleet + taste of blood for more sustain maybe? That and alternate between press the attack depending on the matchup
Also seems interesting to me indeed! do you think it would be more worth than Nimbus Cloak + Celecrity?
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Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: ADC players what kind of support champion would you prefer to have at your side? (Poll)
It depends on what I am playing and what the enemies are playing. You should watch FSN Saber on yt he has videos covering the different types of botlanes. Most important thing is that you know how to play the lane. He distinguishes between 4 types of botlanes: All-in, catch, trade and poke. Really interesting vids that are definitely worth checking out
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Salron88 (EUW)
: 99lp is frustrating. can we change just that?
By doing this you just lower the treshold to enter promos from 100 to 98 LP. This way whenever someone is at 97 LP he will be like: "Damn, I have to play 1 more game in order to get 2LP for free" so you basically do not solve the problem. The same thing is already explained by others basically.
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SkybladeX1 (EUNE)
: I'll write it very detailed and I hope it'll help. I mean , it should , if you actually understand what I'm writing and put it into practice , not just read it and be like "Ok." - Rammus is Smurf 2017 **Vayne/Lulu vs Jhin/Thresh** Tell your support to max E and put it on you whenever he sees a jhin q bounce or AA , or maybe a thresh AA with E passive charged up about to hit you. She should use polymorph if there's an angle where you can hit your condemn (or you've already condemned the enemy adc , for more cc after yours is done). She should use W on you if you think you can't stun the enemy so you dodge the thresh hook. Her Q is pretty useless , tell her not to use it for damage like some lulus like to do by putting pix on a minion with E and then Qing from that place. That's a huge waste of mana. Oh , also tell her to rush ardent censer ASAP , not sightstone or mobi boots. It's too busted. The most she can get is a nomad's medallion or a frostfang with her gold (and hp pots ofc) until ardent is complete. As for you , because your supp will be rushing ardent , you need to buy a control ward every time you back. If you're playing on blue side , the tribush is a pretty good place to put it. If you're playing on the red side , however , you don't have many good spots to put it unless u walk quite far away from the lane , to the river. So just tell your support to get one and put it there while you get a potion or something. Until the Ardent Censer is complete on Lulu , you should play defensively and just CS. They will undoubtedly outdamage you before she gets that item. When I say "just CS" I don't mean letting a huge wave of 15 minions crash into your tower while you only get like 10 of those. I mean freezing the lane without the tower hitting the minions (or only hitting 1 or 2 close ones) while instead of last-hitting you keep auto attacking as much as you can to prevent loss of farm by tower shots. This shouldn't put you in danger as you're still quite close to your tower and thresh wouldn't dare press the 2nd Q. And if he does , condemn him into tower while Lulu shields you and he's gone. Since Khazix is their jungler , wards might not always help because he could use (or evolve) his ult. This is why you should just play defensively in the very early stages. Once Ardent Censer and your first item is complete , and you know the enemy jungler isn't nearby , you can go in as long as you don't mess up. Lulu's W , your movespeed and your tumble should help you dodge Thresh's Q. Also , try not to run into Thresh's "The Box"'s wall when he puts it down while running away (assuming you don't get hooked so he can't put it down to kill you , he'd be using it for the slow to get away from you) unless you're sure you can kill one of the enemies and not die afterwards if you get that one more crucial auto attack. Now , what might help trading : If you're pushing and you have significantly more minions than the enemy , it might not be a bad idea to let the enemy adc auto attack you once so he takes all that minion aggro and therefore has to back off , since if he doesn't back off , he'll just keep taking more damage. And backing off usually causes your minions to die to the enemy tower. If she turns back to get lasthits every now and then , he'll take like 40-50 more minion damage. While this happens and the enemy wave is under tower , you can use that Control Ward in a river bush I mentioned earlier , or just ward the dragon-pit , but not the back of the dragon pit. Put the ward basicly where the scuttle's vision is once it's killed , but slightly closer to the dragon so you see the Khazix coming in (since he obviously won't use his invisibility ult in the middle of the river) and you also get vision of the drake. If they're pushing and they have minions which are about to get in your tower range , I told you what to do earlier with the lane freezing. This is the more likely scenario of the two since Vayne has a relatively weak early laning phase. If the waves are clashing right in the middle of the lane , stay closer to the bottom side of the lane to avoid getting ganked. Perhaps staying behind minions may be a decent idea if you feel like you can't dodge the thresh hook. As for whether you want to push or to have them push , you'll have to decide on the moment which would be better. Pushing is good if you have a lot of gold and it's about time to back , or if the enemy mid was killed by a gank and you can do dragon. Having them push is good if you're not sure where the enemy jungler is or if you think the enemy could kill you if you overextend. What I like to do when I play an adc like Vayne is have the enemy push into me , be behind by 5-10 CS , but when they back shove the lane HARD. Ask your support to attack minions that are full hp so you get it to the enemy tower ASAP , making the enemy adc miss that 5-10 CS so you'll be even. After shoving hard , you can back yourself. Now , in case they don't want to back and they want to make you back first , just make sure not to take too much unnecessary damage which would make you back because they'd threaten a potential dive on you. But if you got ganked for example and you're low on hp , you obviously have to back. In that case they get the better end of the deal , but hopefully by that time you'll have a powerspike ... or your support will have bought ardent censer. **Vayne/Lulu vs Tristana/Alistar** (only saying what's different from the first case) That's a kill lane the enemy has there. You're not gonna be dodging Alistar's headbutt-pulverize , nor will you be able to evade Tristana's E + auto attacks. Khazix will likely come bot too since this is basicly the kill-vayne comp. I'll say it now : If you know the enemy jungler isn't nearby it's okay to get WQ'd by Alistar. Lulu should be able to shield you and polymorph one of the enemies (hopefully tristana , but if she isn't in range , Alistar is fine too so that he doesn't get his passive off on you). Just kite backwards while only letting the adc attack you. How do you do that? That's easy. Assuming you were just WQ'd by Alistar and Trist placed her E on you , maybe even auto attacked you once , there are 2 scenarios that could happen : Lulu plays it safe and polymorphs the alistar , while you just kite back and get a silver bolts proc on him , or Lulu goes forward and polymorphs the tristana , in which case you're ulting and going in. You most likely wouldn't be able to escape because Alistar would stun you. But it's also important who you target after ulting. You may think going for the adc is a no-brainer but think about it this way : if alistar doesn't have his ult yet , and tristana placed her E on you , why get closer to trist? Just so he can make the E even stronger? You can most likely kill the Alistar and get a lead , allowing you to kill Tristana in a future fight instead. Of course , this isn't always the correct play. But it is something to consider and you have very little time to decide what you're gonna do : basicly while you're knocked up by alistar. I recommend mostly playing it safe in this lane unless they make a mistake or you have a gp/karthus/something like that. I wouldn't count on jungle ganks unless they have great CC , like a lv6 Zac (something like Elise might not work because Alistar can just bodyblock it and then ult to get out of it while trist jumps away and you don't even scratch Alistar) 'cause Lulu has no cc unless she flashes in to W , since its range is shit. (hence why if lulu w's tristana , you'd need to go in in the previous scenario) and your condemn will only make it worse most of the time. The only thing you have is damage. I only talked about the laning phase here since you said you're good in teamfights and this is what you struggled with. I hope I managed to help. Best Regards , your average diamond janna main
Hey I have just read your detailed explanation. It can definitely help me out, especially the part telling me when to freeze and the part when and how I should trade. I want to thank you for taking this much time to help me out, it is truly appreciated Thanks again and good luck on the rift :D your average platinum vayne main
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Early game, keep an eye on your Support when they're warding. When their ward expires, replace it. Vision is maintained in the Bot-lane and your Support may have a spare ward for other uses.
Thanks for answering. Will keep that in mind !
SkybladeX1 (EUNE)
: I'm a support main (plat 2 atm , was dia 3) so I don't play ADC much persay , but I see what my adcs do right or wrong. Can you give an example of a matchup you struggle in? (preferably along with supports and maybe even junglers) Maybe I can help. If you just want advice in general , there are tons of guides and youtube videos and all that.
Thanks for answering! Lets say I play vayne lulu against a Jhin / Thresh or Tristana / Alistar with a khazix as their jungle. I completly get poked out of lane and when I trade when they poke I get outtraded. But when I play Jhin or Tris in a favourable matchup I cant seem to get the poke down on the enemies and will still lose / go even in the 2v2.
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: Team Semper Fi - Academy Recruitment (Looking for Players!)
Even though they were not looking for another Platinum ADC. They were still really friendly towards me and gave me some more information about joining another team. Thanks :)

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