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: A Skin for Yasuo, are you serious Riot? Pff... ://
OMG yasuo is getting so much new skins. And some of the forggoten champs doesn't have that many new skins. RITO PLZ{{champion:432}} {{summoner:31}}
: About the Udyr changes on PBE
IK man how u feel udyr is gonna be a bit bad now for a early game but ik u could make him work and lets ghe gets some more updates soon. I hope these will be better{{champion:77}}
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: Why am i hard stuck?
the thing is that there are a lot of new and old players (by old i mean they have new acc and smurf on them) so one of the things why u cant reach plat is that. Byt anyways you sould be happy that you are high gold. BTW dont sooner or later you will reach plat GLHF MAN.{{champion:157}} {{champion:157}}
Pοro Ward (EUNE)
: Could we please talk about the Prestige "skins"?
it would be great that you could get new or the old chromas from missions and such.... but the thing is that they wouldnt make any more money from the chromas anymore... i hope u will understand that my friend{{summoner:30}}
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