: Yeah I used to get this too when alt tabbing but haven't had one since I reinstalled the game on another SSD drive. Try that if you have more than one drive! Probably just lucky tho that it hasn't happened in a couple of weeks but well couldn't figure out any real solution. Hope someone finds out the cause! {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Ah I am thinking of getting a new hard drive as my one is getting full, so I might try that if it works. Let me know if you do get this error again anytime soon. Also the windows notification sound plays just before the freeze, which makes me think something in windows is causing this problem but I'm yet to discover the solution.
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: If Sylan Gets Aatrox's Revive, Does it prevent Aatrox from using his ? Or does it steal, and put enemy ultimates on cooldown?
I think he just copies
QrowDooks (EUNE)
: New champion
I think you left the rest of your sentence in 2018, but I do agree we do need a tough maybe from the
Rynor (EUW)
: Riot Games Employees Behaviors
You just mad you got banned. Stop wasting your time buddy go and enjoy life, smell the fresh air and be happy. Why you stressing yourself so much?
Warizon (EUW)
: Game freezes and I can't do anything but sign out or restart the computer
Im so happy to see more threads like this, we need riot to give us a fix. Oh and here is a tip, when it freezes and you cant bring task manager what you have to do is open task manager now and go to 'Options' then select 'Always on top'. This way you can get task manager to come up even if your game closes without needing to restart PC.
WoodWire (EUW)
: League freezing randomly
Yes this has happened to me aswell, Im guessing its affecting windows 10 users. I hear a windows notification sound, then the game freezes and I have to close from task manager. It hasn't happened to me the last 2 days but it is so random.
InvalidUK (EUW)
: New Player Observations
Haha dude you explained exactly how I played when starting few years back. Over time you will come to realise that the community will always be toxic, whether you are playing ranked, blind, draft or even ARAM lol. You just have to ignore them by either muting or just not paying attention. If im getting pissed I just mute everyone including the pings and just play, this way no one can disturb you. Its only been 2 months, soon you will get better and this will all be a normal day at league haha good luck and have fun dude.{{summoner:1}}
Caedopi (EUNE)
: No URF for xmas disappointment expression
Yeh I agree! We need URF, and not AURF and also not some dumb nexus blitz mode that sht is wack.
: urf is crap
It is wack. How the hell is it random when I keep getting the same fkin champs.
: Game is getting worse and worse
I agree and this new patch has made it even worse. Do I uninstall or nah?
Cornspies (EUW)
: League is dying? My Opinion
You know what since this new patch I dont even enjoy playing league anymore. It is so fkin trash atm i dont know why. it was so fun when i started 2 years ago now its just pile of garbage. Just revert it to how it was before man why the fk do they keep making these big changes for no reason. It is good that its dying so the company realize what the %%%% they are doing.{{summoner:4}}
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