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: > You cant get a certain unit you need to complete your build? Tough luck, so take what you get any build sth else. Ah yes i'll just throw away my lvl 3 Vayne because i can't seem to get Ashe/Kindred for ranger comp And i have't been building Nobles all game so tough luck. > Guess what, other ppl are also getting shit items. Yes sometimes ppl luck out while u get left behind. Happens. It shouldn't happen. It completely removes your ability to win a fight, regardless of your positioning. > It all comes down to positioning. Some people just refuse to reposition. "Oh this assassin player just killed me 2 times in a row? Nah lets stick with the same comp instead of switching back and frontline." Well if i knew who i'd be fighting, i might just be able to outposition this 6 assassin comp. Sadly, there are 4 others going things like rangers, demons, glacials, nobles,... In other words, chance to fight the assassin comp is too low to reposition. Also, i can't even begin to recall the amount of times i've repeatedly had to see my team crushed by the guy in first only to reposition and have even the lowest player beat me. > I dont know what you are doing but i've been playing a fair amount of tft and the afk champs are pretty rare these days for me. Yes it happens sometimes that someone bugs out, but definetly not as often as you picture it here. Have you ever used Garen? >Its not (only) about getting good rng, but knowing how to play around bad rng. Agreed to a degree, but don't tell me losing to a triple Force of Nature player with glacials, rangers AND assassins while i barely have any combo going and no items means i'm a bad player.
Thanks for saving me the hassle of ripping that apart <3
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: Leaver buster
Yes and no :/ I think you're right in the sense that it's not your fault and I had this problem as well, in a ranked game (my PC isn't the best and the graphics card is dying and it decided to just shut my whole PC down in the middle of the game). It does make you mad and I wish there was a better way to develop this whole leaver buster thing. BUT: This is also where you're wrong. Riot has said that PC or internet crashes are outside of their control, and they're right. How are they gonna check if you just left or if you really had a PC or connection problem? It's not really doable, unfortunately. In their words: if you know your computer can't handle it, don't play it or don't get upset when something happens.
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: Lets show who reported who and why!
I've been reported after games where I've barely said anything except told flamers to please shut up and stop being negative nancys (although I have never been banned). If you are banned for some reason I get wanting to know why. I would want to know the specific game I was reported for (maybe along with a chat log) and the reason as well as the text that was used that made Riot decide to ban me. I don't think that WHO reported is important in any way but the context is. I've seen people get banned for harmless things where other people in the team would have deserved to get banned a thousand times over and see no consequences (speaks for the tribunal system, no?). At least with this perhaps people might be more ready to change their behavior.
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: Officer Leona Skin
Love. Want. :)


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