ModMayhem (EUW)
: Ranked System basic help.
1) Flex and Solo/Duo have separate MMR ratings, but your initial Flex rank is slightly affected by your S6 rank + any games you played during preseason. 2) You've got a hidden rating called MMR. Like LP, you earn MMR by winning and lose it by losing games. If you MMR rating is high, you'll also earn more LP/lose less LP and even jump divisions or skip promos. (If your MMR is a lot higher than your current division) 3) I'd say that you should find a champion you really like and stick with it as much as possible. Sure, a lot of people hate on "one trick ponies" - basically those who can only play one champion, but I think it's easier to solo carry when you're extremely skilled at your champion instead of trying to learn to play all of them from the very beginning. Also, one very essential rule is to avoid dying more than trying to get kills. Getting kills is important, but you don't have to win lane. Tons of games can be turned if you just don't die too often early game. 4) Both Flex and Solo/Duo have 10 initial placement games. They are there to estimate your rank, but it's not the end of the world if you happen to fail a bit in your placements. The climb is the important part! ;)
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Could you guys answer these questions for me?
1. Teemo is usually played top, but I've also seen players succeed with him in the jungle and occasionally mid. 2. This is a bit tricky to answer. Turrets are "more important", as in they actually have an importance to your ultimate goal of winning the game. Baron can be ignored and still yield you a win, but taking down turrets will directly affect your path to victory. However, baron is a very strong tool to use. It'll help you take down turrets more easily and push out for a win. So if you're asking "should I take baron or a turret?", the answer is going to vary from game to game. Let me give you a few bit examples: a) Your team just aced the enemy team. Mid is pushing towards their inhib turret. Inhib or baron? In this case, I'd say inhib, especially if you're all low on health. Pushing down the turret+inhib will make it easier for you to grab baron later and give you a huge advantage. b) Your team just aced the enemy team. You're at their inner turret mid. Your team wants to do baron, but one enemy is respawning soon. In this case, you're often better off following your team quickly to rush baron. The turret can be taken down easily later, and you might risk to lose both baron and your teammates if you're too slow about it. So basically, the best way to answer your question is to build up experience through playing games to make these kind of decisions. You're going to need to make your decisions depending on how the game plays out. 3. Learn how to farm efficiently and play a lot of games bot lane. You need to get the feeling of laning with another player down. You'll need to react to whatever happens while keeping up your cs. Also, kiting is important. To this day, I still suck at kiting, but at least I'm getting better at it ;; 4. You can try playing with friends (both IRL friends and online friends) as that may make things more chill. Remember to take breaks when you're tired - it's easy to make playing into a chore when you focus too much on the competitive aspect. I also enjoy playing my own off-meta experiments in normal games to create some variation to my more try-hard picks in ranked. 6. You can apologize if you made a huge mistake and try to keep the team moral up. If the player keeps harassing you for it, you can either choose to just ignore him/her or use the mute function. 7. In most cases, no. Of course it depends on the situation, but you're often better off using the time to get back to lane. (And backing when you have enough gold is also a huge plus) If there's nothing really happening on the map and all lanes are pushed, you could always chill at the fountain for a while. Or if someone is close to getting a turret or some global team gold.
: Why isn't it viable for support and AD Carry to take heal?
Do you mean a double Heal bot lane? The summoner spell has a healing penalty if you use it on someone who has recently been healed by the same summoner. Other summoner spells like Exhaust and Ignite also provide a lot of dueling power that double Heals can't really compete with imo. ^^
: So... can I even earn hextech cubes?
The condition to get a chest is to score any S rank on a champion in a matchmade game, or be premade with someone who scores an S. But there are some more details that might be easy to miss! First of all, once you have earned a chest on a champion, you won't be able to get another from the same one that season. If you head to the champions tab, you'll see a golden border around the champions you've unlocked chests with. Oh, and you need to own the champion to earn a chest. The last thing to note is that there's a stack system like ARAM rerolls. You can hold up to 4 earnable chest slots and one slot will unlock each week. You can see the slots in your profile!
: Would be awesome on {{champion:17}}
Haha, people would hate Teemo even more!
: Great idea! So, her W is basically a flashbang version in LoL?
Yup, exactly! :D It's like a real-life blind haha
: Create your own Alola champion!
**Lux** - The Lady of Luminosity **Idea** Lux's current playstyle is very traditional mage-y and is mostly just pure damage and skillshots. Her lore describes her as a prodigy and a very skilled spy who is able to bend light to create illusions, but it isn't really reflected in her current kit. She actually used to have a stealth mechanic attached to one of her spells during development, so I thought I'd build on that idea and create a kit that fits the more tactical mindset that Lux seems to have! This is basically Lux on steroids, and I can't say it is balanced in any way. I did try to lower the poke potential of her E and changed the damage part of her passive. This should result in an overall loss of burst in her kit, but her newfound ways to trick her enemies should make up for it! (I'm sure that this would just be annoying to play against, but still...) **Passive: Illumination** Lux's spells mark enemy champions that they touch with light energy for 4s. Her basic attacks and Final Spark consume the mark, blinding the enemy for 0.5s and making Lux disappear from the affected target's vision for 1s. Basic attacks while stealthed to a target deal bonus magic damage equal to (level/3 + 2% AP) of the target's current health. **Q: Light Binding** Lux bends light in a straight line, firing a sphere of light in the target direction. The first enemy hit takes 50/100/150/200/250 (+60% AP) magic damage and is rooted for 2s. Upon hitting an enemy, the sphere explodes, spreading the light energy in a circle. Enemies caught by the explosion take 30% reduced damage and are slowed by 15/20/25/30/35% for 2s. **W: Prismatic Barrier** Lux throws her wand out in a wide arc, creating a strong source of light. The screens of the enemies who are nearby are lit up by the light with a strength decided by how close they are to the wand. If Lux is currently stealthed to any enemy, allied champions touched by the wand will also be stealthed to the same enemy for 1s. When the wand returns to Lux, she gains 10/15/20/25/30% bonus movement speed for 1s. **E: Lucent Singularity** Lux sends out an anomaly of twisted light to the target area, granting vision in its path for up to 5s. The light is bent in the zone, slowing the animation of allied missiles by 50% for enemy champions. (Note: Basically, the skillshot animation will appear to reach you slower, but the actual skillshot will hit you.) Upon reactivating the ability or at the end of its duration, the singularity detonates, dealing 40/75/110/155/200 (+50% AP) magic damage to all enemies in the area. **R: Final Spark** After gathering energy for 0.5s, Lux fires a giant beam of light that deals 300/400/500 (+70% AP) magic damage to all enemies hit, briefly revealing them as well as the surrounding area. If it hits any enemy champions who are marked, the light will reflect, bouncing in a thin line angled depending on how close to the center of the beam the enemy is standing. The thinner beam deals 50% reduced damage and reveals stealthed champions momentarily upon being hit.
NiuLogic (EUW)
: Normal Draft pick guaranteed Roles
You're guaranteed one of your chosen roles, but it's not a guarantee that you will get your primary role. This goes for both draft pick in general and autofill protection during promos.
: Easier Way To Get Chests
You do get chests for getting at least S- on a champ you haven't gotten a chest from! (matchmade queues) I find that I always have slightly more chests than keys though. ;; If you check your profile in the client, you'll see how many chests you can still earn - one more unlocks each week up to four.
: Crafting & Grades
Your KDA for that game is really good, but as others have mentioned, you're compared with everyone else playing Ezreal ADC and other stats matter too. Cs seems to be a common thing that can lower your grade, especially when playing ADC. I don't know all of the factors that they look at when grading your performance, but you can try boosting your performance on everything you can - cs, damage dealt, wards placed etc. It might be small details like those things that determine whether you get S- or A+. ^^
Nar7ia (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Aegis,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=5A1KftGX,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-09-24T17:31:59.278+0000) > > \o The key to improving is just to play, play, and play And losing a few brain cells while at it :D Unranked to g4 here btw. I feel like I have hit a wall because I am constantly getting to 85+ LP only to fall back to 0. Anyway trying to improve and hopefully get plat v this season. I don't have much time due to exams in december :l Going to aim for diamond next season xD
Indeed. Can't say that the climb was smooth the whole way - I've spent quite a lot of time both in Plat V with Gold IV MMR and Dia V with Plat IV MMR. D: Good luck with getting diamond next season! If I notice that I'm getting caught up in a losing streak, I usually call it a day. Those times when I don't stop, I usually end up dropping from promos down a whole division.
Possible (EUW)
: do i get free keys?? mind is blown.
Yes! Every time you win a matchmade game, you have a chance of getting a key fragment. Three of these can be crafted to a key in the hextech tab. You'll usually get more keys for your first wins each month. The drop rate will then decrease for each fragment you get. It will reset each month, so you should be able to notice when you start getting fragments again!
Possible (EUW)
: I dont think you end up with more value, since you either need to disenchant loot that you got or play alot to get enough essence. The worth of the loot is worth more most of the time but you end up equally IMO
I think you do. You need to consider the price of the hextech chests (you seem to get skin shards more often than not). If you buy chests+keys for, let's say, 975 RP, you get a fairly good chance at ending up with shards worth the same or more. Then you can reroll them or just craft your skin of choice. Add the fact that you also get free chests and keys and I think that the overall value should end up higher. But like mystery skins, you don't actually get to pick what you get. Of course, it's still not a guarantee
XRyuhouX (EUW)
: RP - Chests or Skins?
I'd say that it depends on what you want and how you want to get it. For instance, if there's a specific skin I want, I prefer just buying it. Especially if it's on sale as that's some great value you get. I already have most of the skins that I reaaaally want, so recently I've just been buying chests or mystery skins. I think that the RNG side of it is fun, and you can get some really awesome loot! I think that you generally end up with slightly more value if you buy hextech chests, but you don't get to choose what you get. Same thing for mystery skins - you'll end up with skins worth more than your RP, but you can't pick. If you like to gamble, go for some hextech chests/mystery skins :)
: What is your progression so far??
Started playing S4 S4: Silver IV - Gold III S5: Gold I - Dia V S6: Plat II - Dia III Peak is Dia II in both S5 and S6. Yes, I mostly spammed/spam SoloQ games. \o The key to improving is just to play, play, and play
: What's the BEST way to avoid trouble in ranked for new comers?? behavior based
Try to not get provoked by other players. Muting is an option if someone keeps flaming you, but I personally try to avoid muting if possible since they miiiiight just say something useful. Maybe. One thing I do occasionally is muting a person who is flaming and then unmuting after a while to see if said person has stopped. Even when you're right or when other players try to argue with you for no logical reason, don't take the bait. Most of the time, nothing good will come out of trying to reason with them and you're often better off ignoring their hateful comments and keep playing. Don't cut off communication completely though. Just ignore the things they say that just don't bring anything good to the conversation. Last but not least, a lot of players who tilt aren't necessarily flamers or extremely toxic. If possible, you can try to untilt them, either by encouraging them or by helping them out just slightly more. Sometimes, a tilting player will just reach the bottom after, let's say, being constantly dive by the enemy jungler. Try to countergank, grab objectives elsewhere or just convince the player that it's fine. And if you're nice, it's often easier to throw in some constructive feedback too, like "Try to play safer and back off when you see the jungler coming. We've got your back!"
Thespy71 (EUNE)
: Haven't gotten a key fragment in 2 months
That sounds a bit strange! Do remember that you need to win the game for a chance of a key fragment drop. Maybe you got some drops, but didn't get notified? I haven't checked in on the Alpha Client for a while now, but last time I used it, you didn't get notifications for hextech crafting rewards. They are still added to your crafting inventory though. You also need to play matchmade games, just in case you enjoy customs, hehe. :p
: but this worked for me once. I was afk because my router was switched off after the 2nd minute. My team was able to remake, although this was in July. Again it happened for me I disconnected at 2nd minute and my team didnt remake or it ididnt work
Were you afk at any point before the 2:00 minute mark? Could it have been anyone else in your team or the enemy team who disconnected too and fulfilled the 90 seconds rule? Just throwing out possibilities. c:
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: The best thing would be "Fill" with an exception. I really don't mind playing support, but 5 times in a row gets boring. I believe Fill with an exception wouldn't at all damage queue times because now we have Autofill, and sometimes you'll get support anyways, but at least not every game.
I've seen this suggestion show up a few times and I personally think it's pretty cool. Can't speak for Riot, but turning the secondary role into an exception would, as you said, allow people to fill without getting the same role (read: support) several times in a row. And since you'd essentially be queueing up for 4 roles, it wouldn't be bad for queue times.
: Remake system not working
"If any player is dc’d or flagged afk for at least 90 seconds at the three minute mark, a /remake is available" So I'm guessing that she was not flagged as afk during those first two minutes before she disconnected for some reason? If she dc'd at 2.30, the 90 consecutive seconds rule would not have been fulfilled. IIRC, when a player spawns in the center of the fountain, they haven't connected at all to the game, so she might have connected at first before disconnecting.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Can we add a 'random' role in Draft Pick?
I guess the problem with a "random" role is the overlap with "fill". If the role is rolled after queuing up, queue times will be taken into account and it will likely turn out just as "fill". If the role is rolled upon selecting "random", it would be slightly different, but would you select a secondary role too? If not, only queueing for mid, if we assume you rolled it, would make queue times really long. Selecting a secondary role then would give the same result as just queuing up as, let's say, Mid/Top. (And speaking from my experience, I end up with the latter more often.... :c) But I get the fun in being able to fill whatever role is needed without automatically being delegated to support all the time! I'd recommend communicating with your team in champ select if you want to switch roles. People are often pretty flexible about this. c:
: Can you tell me which idiot is responsible for Illaoi?
I'd say that the logical explanation is that her strength relies on her opponents' knowledge (or lack thereof) of her kit. She is insanely strong if she gets to fight under very specific conditions. For instance, having spawned tentacles nearby, landing her E and having opponents who actually stay inside her ult are all factors that contribute to her strength. She is fairly easy to play around however, and providing only damage to her team, she is rendered useless if she is locked down. Whether it's good design or not is up for discussion, but while she is strong, she certainly does not lack counterplay.
: Why veigar doesnt gets nerf?
As others have stated, Veigar has weaknesses like lack of mobility and being vulnerable to getting jumped on. As a support, he also loses out on stacking AP from minions, which will hit his damage a lot. Unlike other supports, he doesn't really provide any peel for his adc outside from his stun as he is mostly about pure damage. Now, I don't know how late into the game you're talking about, so it's possible that he started farming lanes or got himself some kills/assists. If it's really late, it's also possible that he caught up in stacks, enough to take out the squishy targets with his spells. In this case, it's more about staying away from him as his long is not incredible and/or itemizing against him.
HDinis09 (EUW)
The placements are there to estimate your skill level, so it might not be very accurate the first few games. If it's your first placements, the system won't really know where you belong. (Although I doubt that it'd match you with diamond players since I think it averages around silver for new accounts.) If you lose, you'll also get matched against opponents of lower divisions in future matches. So while it may seem unfair in the beginning, the goal of the process is actually to place you at a level where the system thinks you should be able to play. c: Basically, you do "tell the game" what skill you have by both winning or losing.
: After 4 months of pain and suffering, I finally did it!!!
MujinTengu (EUNE)
: In-Game Damage Dealt is misleading, or am I Blind?!?
Just throwing out guesses, but maybe your Thornmail helps a bit with the damage? Up to 75k sounds a lot for someone who builds full tank though so... maybe there's something with Sion's passive that works like Yorick? IIRC, Yorick's damage would show up as tons of true damage dealt because of his clone thing. Maybe Sion's post-death thing dying counts towards your total damage dealt too?
Safari (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Aegis,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xEzG0MyW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-13T15:23:23.274+0000) > > As a Lux main, I don't think that the new build will work well consistently. But I also love playing with builds that aren't meta, so if you have fun playing it, keep doing it! I'm sure that the new build will allow you to play Lux very differently, and it might even work better against specific comps. > > But its downside is basically the fact that, if I understand the build correctly, you rely a lot on auto attacks? This is understandable as Lux's passive + Lich Bane will proc for a hefty amount and if she locks down someone or slows them, she can keep the autos coming. The main problem here is that Lux's auto attack range is pretty standard and her usual playstyle is a long-range mage. While she has a snare, she is very squishy and really vulnerable to enemies jumping onto her. Forcing her to constantly stay without auto attack range is very risky and won't work against most comps that you see, unless they are all kiteable melee champions. This build will probably leave you with mana problems early and a slightly lower amount of AP in the end for lower burst from her spells. > > I also think that Rylai's in the old build is fairly odd. Your E already slows, your Q snares and your W isn't a damage spell. This leaves your R and Passive as the only spells that will use the item. Since the Zhonya's change, I also find it a bit more like a situational item. Honestly, even with Morello's, I find myself running out of mana quite often. I think that a lot of Lux's potential is lost if you hinder her both by running out of mana and having a fairly low amount of CDR in the old build. > > My build is usually: Morello's -> Luden's -> Sorc Boots -> Rabadon's -> Void Staff -> Zhonya's > > Of course, I'm not saying that my build is the best one either. I just prefer playing Lux as a long-range mage who can burst down most enemies with Q+ult by mid/late game. With her low mobility, lack of hard cc (as in, preventing both movement and attack), one utility spell, low defenses and all skillshots, I personally think it's a bit too hard to play her as a... skirmisher mage? Listen to the smart guy ^^^ Lux have a really strong ap scaling, and post lvl 6 you would most likely want to use your Q E R(thunderlord?) combo to one shot people instead of procing the passive and getting into the danger zone. Lets say you face someone like leblanc/zed/akali in the midlane, at lvl 6 I'm sure you wouldn't want to be in auto attack range, your only chane is to hit poke a few times with E, and then go for the instakill combo. I'd say you would need morello because poking and missing a lot of q e's will take all your mana, and you won't be able to use your ult.
Yup, I agree! Her AP scalings are great and you honestly only need to hit Q + ult to kill pretty much everyone except tanks. This depends on how fed you are of course, but her Q + ult procs both Luden's and Thunderlord's and your own passive. Pretty unexpected amounts of damage at times! And yup, those champs you named above would pose a lot of problems for an auto attack based Lux. They can get to you easily and you probably won't survive to auto them to death. This also means that your abilities, that are usually your strong point, aren't as useful either. Even if OP doesn't opt for Morello's, even going Tear is an alternative. You lose out on CDR, but you get more AP and a nice active shield. Before the items change, Athene's was also an alternative when facing AP opponents or when you needed to spam a lot!
Xenoid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Aegis,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=xEzG0MyW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-13T15:23:23.274+0000) > > Honestly, even with Morello's, I find myself running out of mana quite often. > Hello Aegis, The {{item:3165}} and {{item:3802}} have different mana regeneration effects. {{item:3165}} regenerates your mana on kills and assists, but {{item:3802}} when you level up, which makes it a better option for laning phase. I prefer to stay with {{item:3802}} for a bit longer and go for {{item:3020}} first. Surprisingly, Magic Penetration works better on champions without Magic Resist. The next items depend mostly on what opponent team builds, but it's from this pool of items generally: {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3003}} {{item:3102}}
Heya Xenoid! I'm going to admit that I completely overlooked that change of Morello's from the mage update. I was aware of the passive mana restore on champion takedowns and flat mana, but I thought it still gave % mana reg! Still, I prefer going for the Morello's -> Luden's route most of the time. Of course it depends on the matchup, but the burst from Luden's is great for your combo as a Q+ult or Q+E+ult with an auto weaved in will proc Luden's AND Thunderlord's AND your passive for some pretty epic burst damage! As for boots, if your enemy has close to no MR (Let's say 30), you're going to deal a lot of damage as you'll be nearing true damage territory. I think that the amount of damage nullification you get decreases / MR as you get more MR, so you'll feel the difference in those few points between 30 and 70~. (You can really feel the difference when the enemy has MR runes, when they have no MR and when they build, let's say Abyssal Scepter) And yup, I totally agree about the last item being situational. I usually go for Zhonya's for its active, but I've even gone for Lich Bane at times. I usually stay away from items that give 0 AP though.
CD Driwe (EUNE)
: Well yes your build worked really well for me, i even find it more useful than my own :D, dunno maybe ill now start asking always advices from more exprienced players like you ;) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Only thing what i liked with my build was the basics, when i hitted them after spell it took like 50% - 80% depending on the mr rate of the enemy and also cooldown was 45% :D, also with that movement speed it was easier to run away. {{champion:99}}
Oh, feel free to ask whenever you're not sure! There are tons of people who are willing to help when you need it! :) While I understand the satisfaction from damaging autos, the satisfaction of just Q+ulting an enemy to death is just as awesome! :D Since I'm fairly confident in my Lux skills, I run scaling CDR runes and actually don't go for MR runes. If you can get your hands on blue, this will net you the 45% CDR that you need for the spell spam! And if you stay away from the enemies, you won't need to run! c:
àbood (EUNE)
: key fragments
I don't think that your performance affects drop rates as long as you win the match. The drop rate is lowered each time you get a fragment drop and once it resets (once every ~4 weeks or ~each month) you'll get the first few fragments closer to each other. Basically, it's made so that those who play a few matches every now and then can get enough for one key, but those who play a lot will still be able to earn more keys each month. ^^
CD Driwe (EUNE)
: Lux gameplay
As a Lux main, I don't think that the new build will work well consistently. But I also love playing with builds that aren't meta, so if you have fun playing it, keep doing it! I'm sure that the new build will allow you to play Lux very differently, and it might even work better against specific comps. But its downside is basically the fact that, if I understand the build correctly, you rely a lot on auto attacks? This is understandable as Lux's passive + Lich Bane will proc for a hefty amount and if she locks down someone or slows them, she can keep the autos coming. The main problem here is that Lux's auto attack range is pretty standard and her usual playstyle is a long-range mage. While she has a snare, she is very squishy and really vulnerable to enemies jumping onto her. Forcing her to constantly stay within auto attack range is very risky and won't work against most comps that you see, unless they are all kiteable melee champions. This build will probably leave you with mana problems early and a slightly lower amount of AP in the end for lower burst from her spells. I also think that Rylai's in the old build is fairly odd. Your E already slows, your Q snares and your W isn't a damage spell. This leaves your R and Passive as the only spells that will use the item. Since the Zhonya's change, I also find it a bit more like a situational item. Honestly, even with Morello's, I find myself running out of mana quite often. I think that a lot of Lux's potential is lost if you hinder her both by running out of mana and having a fairly low amount of CDR in the old build. My build is usually: Morello's -> Luden's -> Sorc Boots -> Rabadon's -> Void Staff -> Zhonya's Of course, I'm not saying that my build is the best one either. I just prefer playing Lux as a long-range mage who can burst down most enemies with Q+ult by mid/late game. With her low mobility, lack of hard cc (as in, preventing both movement and attack), one utility spell, low defenses and all skillshots, I personally think it's a bit too hard to play her as a... skirmisher mage?
: Thank you for clearing it up and it was kinda bad of me to post this was just tilted and posted this. i will be using these tips. (btw i was playing singed{{champion:27}} XD) thank you!
No problem at all, I hope that this will help you in future matchups! I can understand being slightly tilted when playing versus Illaoi. Even if you run out of her E range, you still get slowed by a hefty amount and that is enough to tilt me slightly, hehe. :p But as Singed, stay around her if she grabs your spirit. You've got the movement speed to avoid most of her spells and your poison will constantly remove time from the spirit duration. Run away when she ults and she'll run out of mana fairly quickly if you keep going. c:
: Mastery 7 Exclusive Skins
While it would be really cool for skins tied to the mastery system, it'd be waaaay too much work to make one Master level 7 skin for each champion. Even if they were to only focus on these skins and stop making other skins, I don't even think that they'd be able to finish the whole roster in one year. An idea that I've seen quite a lot is that we could get chromas instead. I don't know how much "easier" they are to make, but they seem like less of a workload to produce for all champions. I think that they've stated that it is a possibility for future improvements of hextech crafting?
As someone who plays Illaoi fairly often in ranked, I can tell you that while she has the potential to be very strong, she is also very easy to play around if you know what you're doing. I'll focus on explaining her E since it's the spell you adressed. Her E is, in my opinion, the second most important spell after her ult for her success. It might even be the most important one. As you might know, she deals % damage of what she deals to the spirit during its duration. With a build with 1-3 damage items, she'll hit around 70-80% at max. So how do you play around her E? First of all, the animation is fairly slow. You can stay behind minions and you don't even need to have a dash to avoid it as long as you have decent movement speed. If she misses, she'll be vulnerable to attacks for more than 10s early on. The second way is to attack her. This works best if you have some sort of mobility spell to avoid her tentacles once, but you could also keep killing her tentacles before approaching her. Her spirit duration is lowered whenever you hit her. WIth only AAs, one Q and her W, you can easily trade with her and make the spirit disappear. Do not do this is her ult is up unless you can 1) bait it or 2) quickly walk out of it. The third way is the most common during laning. Just run out of its range. You'll become a vessel, but you won't take a lot of damage. You'll see where the tentacles spawn and they are really easy to sidestep and kill afterwards. Basically, Illaoi is strong when fighting in her own zone, but also if the enemy might not know the optimal way to play against her. I don't feel that she deserves a nerf as she's already fairly easy to shut down with just a little CC or an enemy laner who knows how to abuse her generally slow and clumsy movement and attacks.
CtimoKimo (EUW)
I don't know if the Project bundles are still up, but getting the 10 augment caches + 1 gemstone bundle will at least net you one guaranteed gemstone. IIRC, you're limited to one purchase each day so if the event is still running for 2 or more days, you should be able to get your remaining 2 gemstones for less than 6300 RP. c:
: I know what you mean. i started in bronze 4 season 3 got immediately demoted to bronze 5 and got to 0 lp cause i was really bad at that time. And i knew i was bad so it didnt really affect me that much at the time. Im a very competetive person and just thought in time i would get better than all my friends and therefore i set my goal to platinum already back in season 3. I knew it would be hard and would take a lot of time. Ive learned so much and for 2 seasons i only played to improve and get better. It was first in the end of season 5 i wanted to climb fast and move up the ladder for once. So i played kennen only got to gold 1 with 83 points. then lost like 32 games in a row and got to gold 5 that was end of season 5. Back when i played kennen i played for a high plat team. we were constantly against high plat even some diamond 3 and stuff. I didnt care about rank cause my mindset is always when i go in to a game that i will beat my opponent no matter what. And i did most of the time, high plat and diamond wasnt really a big deal for me at that time when i played kennen. The only thing that would stop me was if i had a really really bad team we are talking about bronze getting boosted to plat elo. So i dont get it. as i said ive been dynamic queing with some plat players the last couple of days and i still carry them each game. If im against a plat 3 ill still go 9/1 after 15 minutes its not a big deal for me. And i know ill get plat but fucking when? ive been stuck in gold for 2 seasons now getting so close every time but never seem to succeed.... I dont know what to do anymore im having fun when i play till the second team starts throwing easy games. I dont care about a loss but i do care about 10 losses in a row. I simply dont understand how i can do good in higher elo but still be stuck here that really demotivates me, a lot. Just knowing that plat is still easy but im not even there yet. :( sry for the crying mate i just had to get it out somehow and it was either this or another broken piece of pc equipment :(
To me, it sounds like your main problem lies in loss streaks. :c That's also something I've got experience with (I mean, I've been both Plat V with Gold V MMR and Dia V with Plat V MMR) so I'll try to explain how to avoid those streaks that really just make you lose all hope in humanity and stuff! >w< First of all, I've found that loss streaks generally occur when I play a lot of games consecutively in a small time period. This can be a lot of games (8-10 per day) or span across several days. Loss streaks are still the reason for most of the times I've dropped divisions. Taking breaks (even for just one day) can help a lot. I know that it sounds really simple and stupid, but something that simple can actually make you perform way better. Even when you don't feel like you're tilting, it's slowly creeping up during loss streaks. Another thing is that it seems like you may be too narrowly focusing on your goal. It sounds like your MMR is pretty good, so just keep playing, but don't spam games just in hopes of climbing. That's what I do when I want to drop. (read: when I want to climb, but I end up dropping 2 divisions) It's a lot easier to keep up that "having fun" mentality if you get a pause between the games. \o/
marío xd (EUNE)
: > tell him to play safe and just farm Trying to tell them to play safe, not fight enemy etc is like trying to teach a cow how to dance.
Well, if you tell him and he won't listen, there's nothing you can do about it. You've done what you can. There are players who will listen to you, and the goal of trying to communicate with them is often helping them avoid tilting. As I said earlier, there will be games that you can't win, be it because of afks, trolls or just because the skill level of the enemy team is way higher. While you'll have to accept some of these losses, at least you can try to turn some of these potential losses into wins. It's not a 100% loss to 0% loss change, but at least changing it down to 50% will already make a huge difference while climbing! ^w^
: Guys i need some motivation to keep playing.
When I first started playing ranked, I was placed in Silver IV. The climb to gold wasn't exactly easy, but at least I made it by the end of season 4. It was during S5 that my real struggle started. I got placed in Gold II or I, almost immediately climbed to Plat and decided to aim for Diamond. I pretty much spent the whole season switching between all divisions from Plat V to Plat I. My MMR even hit a bottom where I was playing with Gold IV/V players or even occasionally a Silver. SO HERE COMES THE SECRET FORMULA FOR ESCAPING. Okay, this isn't exactly some miracle trick that will make you leap straight to your goal. But I can assure you that such a simple change in my attitude and approach to the game made climbing a loooot easier. I don't actually know if it became easier in practice, but it was a lot easier on my sanity haha! First of all, focusing almost all attention onto your own playing instead of blaming teammates helps A LOT. Even when they make mistakes. Because you're going to be the only thing that stays the same across the games you play. Therefore, to improve your win rate, the only thing you can actually affect is your own performance. Don't dwell on games that you've already played and remember to have fun. Also, stop playing if you feel like you're starting to get tilted. (I'm still an offender of this particular point, but it really works) I also find that playing games occasionally, with the intent of just having fun, made me win a lot more than when I played like 6 ranked games a day, trying to aim for a particular division or amount of LP. Nowadays, I play ranked because I enjoy the competitive spirit of it and not because I desperately need a certain rank. It's more of a bonus for having fun and showing off! ;)
marío xd (EUNE)
: Keep losing games...
I guess there really isn't much you can do when you get these types of games, except for reporting the players who troll. Luckily, they don't make up for a huge amount of the total games you will play, so even if you get several games in a row like that, it'll get better in the long run. Usually, players who raqequit are either already tilted or they have an affinity for tilting. As a teammate, you can try to prevent that by talking to him. If he's losing his lane, you can tell him to play safe and just farm and assure him that the rest of the team got his back. If he is getting camped, grab objectives elsewhere and tell him to back off. This is just a very specific example of course. For teammates that may not play as well as you think they could, try giving them tips and advice. Sometimes all you need is just a player who can organize the team and make calls. Don't be afraid of telling your teammates how you think they should play (for instance, tell that Ashe who keeps farming bot with no vision to not venture so deep alone if she always gets caught) but do it in a constructive way! While this won't erase all those types of games, at least this is something you can do to lower the amount of games that turn out like the one you described! c:
: Bronze Here - Recommend Me Champs To Play Please!
For the map awareness part, I started out by just forcing/reminding myself to glance at the minimap every few seconds or so. This was just to get the habit of looking at the minimap. At first, it may be hard to actually use all information that the minimap gives you between laning and the few glances you get of the map. I'd recommend just looking out for the jungler first. As you get more comfortable with taking in what the minimap displays while also playing, you can start looking for signs like how other lanes are doing. The minimap really is great and you should constantly look for opportunities to, let's say, roam bot if the enemy jungler is top and the enemy botlane is pushed towards you. If you manage to catch the enemy jungler and your opponent on their way towards bot, you can intercept them or follow them for a sneaky countergank! (Pings are also a great way of utilising the minimap) Moving on the champions... I suppose Yasuo might be fun as he can be played both mid and top. A bit hard to play though, so I'd recommend staying away from him at first unless you want to make him your main. Vayne and Twitch are definitely the two ADCs I'm thinking of when trying to find an assassin-like champion. Quinn might also qualify for this - she's more of a mobile in-your-face assassin than the more stealthy Vayne and Twitch. For jungle, I'd say that Rengar and Evelynn might be fun picks! If you like sticking yourself onto a target, Nocturne might also be fun to play. Experiment in normals when there are interesting champs in the free rotation and see what you like! :D
Rismosch (EUW)
: > - All entreis must be colored. - Every drawing method is allowed. This confuses me. I prefer to use only one pencil to draw, which makes my drawings black and white. You say it's allowed but at the same time you also say I am not allowed? It really confuses me. May I now draw black and white or do I have to use other colours aswell?
While I can't give you a definite answer in SeekerK's stead, I don't think that the two conditions are in direct contradiction to each other. All methods are allowed, but there's the added condition of colors. The method itself of using pencils is allowed, but you still need to color the entry, so in that sense, you need to use other pencils too. But I think that the statement about methods actually refers to traditional/digital art etc. So as long as you draw in some way and make use of colors, you're good to go. c:
: dear riot Cosantoir, today your team released the project chests on the euw. i really like them but where is the 4 one i cant find is it a bug or is it not released yet?? already thank you and have a good day.
If you mean the one that contains a random project skin shard (from the older project skins) and that rainbow summoner icon, it'll be released next week.
: Normal MMR affects ranked MMR? In normals im matched with high bronze - low silver , in ranked high silver (silver 1-2) and low gold (gold 3 -5). Thank you for the help :* Sry my english xD
Nope, they are separate! Play through your placements and your ranked mmr should become more accurate!
: "You are likely to be placed in Gold4. Good Luck"
While I don't know the exact details of how placements work, it should be something like this: You play 10 games where the systems will try to assess your skills and place you accordingly. I've heard that the first games seem to weigh more heavily than the last ones, but this may only be speculation. Anyways, since you're new to the ranked queue, they system won't know where to place you at first. So you'll probably encounter other players of quite varying skill levels until your mmr stabilizes somewhere. Since you've only played 2 games, it's still a bit inaccurate. I'd guess that checks the elo of the players in your game and found that your level should be around Gold 4 currently. IIRC, Gold is the highest you can place from a completely new account? Or perhaps it was Platinum. At least I'm fairly sure that you can't be placed in Diamond immediately. Hope that I'm not spouting nonsense though. For now, play through the rest of your 10 games. It's still a bit early to say where you will be placed, both for us and for the system itself. ^^
Bündas (EUW)
: Who to buy?
Sounds like you prefer assassin-like champions? How about Rengar, Kha'Zix or Talon? c:
Sindya (EUW)
: Up to 10 FREE SKINS - GIVEAWAY! [ Winner announcement ]
User ID : ZFTdKLjM6J Good luck with your research!
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 27
{{champion:56}} Nocturne is in a bit of an odd spot I'd say. His kit is a bit hard to balance since he can just latch onto any squishy within range, block their cc and proceed to completely butcher them. So he is basically limited by his own kit in how strong he is allowed to be. Like most of the recent reworks and even buffs/nerfs, it would be interesting to play more with the "darkness" fantasy and the Noc's core identity, but creating more windows for counterplay. Personally, I think that darkness that affects the players' vision/actual playing could be pretty interesting. {{champion:84}} Akali doesn't really live up to the ninja fantasy that could be a lot more awesome. Playing against her, it also feels like her playstyle is way too similar to champs like Diana who just dashes to you and starts dealing tons of damage. Her shroud is a very interesting spell that can be used for playmaking and is an example of how a spell creates both interesting gameplay and lives up to the champion's intended fantasy. The other spells aren't even close to that in terms of being interesting. Not all champs need to be extremely hard to play, but giving the player and the opponent more ways to play around Akali would be way more fun in general. {{champion:28}} Permastealth is a cool idea, but it comes with tons of problems. It's kind of how it's antifun to see an exclamation mark and then die to Rengar 0.5 seconds after that. Eve popping out from nowhere is kind of like that too. My biggest issue with permastealth is the fact that she constantly puts pressure on all lanes. Because she could be anywhere. Sure, you can ward her jungle or try to estimate where she is. I think that, like Nocturne, this limits her potential though. Maybe making her stealth more situational, but also more powerful in those moments she manages it correctly would be the way to go? And I think that it'd be cool to discuss lore in some way next time! Or if we're allowed to be creative, maybe we can create our own champions or abilities or even items?
Seanyr (EUW)
: Am I expected to climb though carrying every game?
I know this feeling and I'm sure that most people experience this while playing solo. It feels like your own performance doesn't actually matter and that it all depends on the matchmaking. Fear not, your not alone on this! But hear me out - I believe that a change in attitude might help you a lot! - Understand that not all games can be won. As soon as I embraced this, I reduced my tilt levels by a lot. It's true, sometimes the problem DOES lie in your team. Sometimes, the enemy team is just better overall. Just go on to the next game and don't linger on the frustration left from the game you played. - Focus on your own performance. I know, if you keep going 11/1 and still lose because your whole team is 0/7, it may feel pointless to stop and start thinking about what YOU could have done. After all, there is a limit to how much a single person can carry. Still, your own skill is the only thing that is going to be consistent across all games you play. You're the only factor that is the same across all games. You can't affect matchmaking directly, so you can only focus on your own playing to increase your win rate. - Don't get tilted. Don't! I get really frustrated at times, but I usually stay away from the chat. And if I really need to get something out of my system, I type it and then I erase it. Stop and think; does this actually contribute to anything? Will it help that I point out that my adc is a stupid noob Vayne or whatever insult that comes to you? I've turned tons of games simply because I don't type. Give your teammates a chance too. Sometimes, all they need is you to stay positive or neutral and carry them for long enough so that they can get back into the game! - Help your teammates! This ties into the point above. If you're fed, you can roam and try to feed your other lanes. Or you could put pressure somewhere else on the map, delaying the enemy team. Or you could just hinder them from finishing. If you give your teammates some time, they may come back! Here's an example from a recent game. See the enemy team's gold lead? They were still ahead when the game finished, but I managed to delay the game enough for my teammates to earn the gold they needed to win teamfights: - Sometimes, you just need to stop playing and call it a day. I'm still bad in this regard, since I just want one win if I keep losing. But I often end up tilted and it just isn't fun to play anymore. - This is a very individual thing, but I think that playing champs you enjoy really helps keep your positive attitude up. Some people like climbing with the current meta top picks, but I think it's way more fun to just play the champs I like. That way, I get excited for each game. And I can focus on polishing my skills and analyzing champ-specific things I could have done better. For instance, I main Lux. I look forward to hitting snares at enemies from the fog of war and killing them with that oh-so satisfying ult. I enjoy playing Illaoi because people often run into her blindly and die. And even if they know how to play against her, it feels like a challenge to try to outplay them. I hope that this helped! (And that it didn't sound like the typical "stay positive and everything will work out" kind of advice. All these points are from my own experience of climbing and I really think that a change of attitude helped A LOT with making climbing both easy and fun!)
: How to start?
If you are familiar with MOBAs, I think you'll learn pretty quickly. For reference, I used to play DOTA with my brother and even if we both kind of sucked at it, it let me jump straight into League. My classmate who has no previous experience in this genre never got into the game since there were so many things he had to learn at once. So you've got the basics down. This includes knowing what the game is actually about (destroying the nexus), knowing the basic map layout, knowing how to move and use your abilities and buying items. When I first started playing, I picked up a champ I liked thematically and playstyle-wise and sticked to her. Last-hitting is important to improve quickly, but my main focus wasn't that IIRC. My main advice is just to play. Play normal games. I know that it sounds obvious, but you learn so much just from playing games! Everything from decision-making to map awareness. You learn a lot from your mistakes, even if you don't want to admit them every time. I would also recommend playing with friends who are higher-ranked. This may seem pointless if you feed, but I found this to be a very helpful experience and a great way to challenge yourself. A lot of my improvement comes from playing against skilled opponents. Some misc. things that might or might not have helped me when I started out; - Don't push your lane with spells. This was the advice everyone gave me. I guess it worked? I mean, now it feels pretty natural as I got more comfortable with deciding when to push and when to freeze or let the enemy push towards me. I don't have a lot of raw knowledge actually, as I still don't know exactly how minion waves work. Which leads us to the next point... - Don't think too much about the details. This might differ between players, but a lot of my current game knowledge and skills feel pretty natural? There are tons of details I might not know, and there are still several champion abilities that I'm not sure about/aware of. I'm not saying that this is good in any way, but I've survived and I feel that I don't need to think too much about the details when I'm plaing. Everything from hitting skillshots to knowing when to roam has been built on experience from a lot of games. When I started out, I just grabbed a guide for Lux and played her. The guide was nice for item builds and lane difficulties, but I didn't need it for anything else really. I hope that this helps as a start! Later on, my best advice is to not get angry. Just the mentality of not getting mad at flamers, afk'ers and trolls and just focusing on my own performance helped me climb. A lot.
zorock (EUNE)
: kennen top laner?
Kennen top is pretty fun! A good choice to pick when your team is heavy AD and you have a tank somewhere else, like in the support or jungle role. He doesn't do well against everyone of course, but since he is ranged and can stun easily, he does well against most melee champs top. He is also really scary when he roams and gets into teamfights. Try him out if you are interested in playing him! His playstyle might or might not suit you, but play him a few games to see for yourself.
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