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: This has been the way tie breakers have worked for years... changing it for TSM now would be unfair for not just RNG but for everyone who didn't get a tiebreaker this way before
I hadn't realised that this was the way it had worked and maybe i'm being salty because it's TSM but in general it seems like a stupid rule but not much we can do now
Estti379 (EUW)
: RNG did beat TSM twice, isn't that enough proof that RNG is better than TSM?^^ Even if there was still a "tiebreaker match" for TSM and RNG which TSM would have won, that would make it so that the overall score between RNG and TSM would be 2-1 In favour of RNG. Would it be fair to let TSM advance?
To your first point it would be proof that RNG is better vs TSM in that particular matchup and if TSM did win a tie breaker then they'd be 4-3 and RNG 3-4 which is proof that TSM is overall better though maybe not vs RNG - apologies if this sounds pedantic but i do think if they did have a tiebreaker it would be justified though maybe i'm just salty over their loss
: This wouldnt be fair to RNG who won 2 times against TSM :)
If anything it would be fair considering the tournament is about the best team not the best team in a certain matchup
: RNG won twice against TSM, so a tiebreaker was off the table already. In group A there was a tie for first place. Both Albux Nox Luna and Rox tigers won a game against each other, so a tiebreaker was needed to see who came out ahead.
i get the reasoning but ffs they could at least give tsm one last chance - FeelsBadMan
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Smerk (EUW)
: Option to disenchant them will probably appear with the next patch
yea forgot it wasn't a new patch, cheers
: probably has some connection to why the other SKT skins were getting disabled. they're probs hella _buggy_
i didn't realise the others were getting disabled was that earlier today or on release?
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blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
that was a different roster and when they won in a different season, they're defo working on it because it was previewed on Skin Spotlights but they took them down to improve them and Riot haven't said anything else
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
SKT won worlds in season 5 and haven't received their skins yet but i'm not quite sure what you're asking
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Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Im the Doctor,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Nt2B1cMd,comment-id=000100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-09T10:01:51.407+0000) > > Sorcery ~~doesn't~~ work like you think it does. It doesn't. > (Now, admit to this guy, that what he was thinking was right, and it does increase Q damage, again I dont care what is better furry or sorcery, and I dont require any math to compare them, just admit that the guy was not wrong, and what he was thinking is right) You lack some understanding abilities, it seems. I already stated the he wasn't neither right nor wrong. He made an assumption, the assumption is incorrect. He was thinking that Sorcery > Fury on Draven. Read his initial post and you'll see that is the meat of his question. What he was thinking IS WRONG. That doesn't mean that everything he said was incorrect. He stated a true premiss but got to a wrong conclusion. Keep spamming.
Well thank you for the detailed discussion, i think i understand what you guys are saying and i can see how using fury would help more
TTekkers (EUW)
: I'm not 100% sure what sorcery does (I thought it was AP? lol), but assuming it buffs your flat damage, I would still say Fury because the AS is multiplicative damage with your Q and first items you'll buy - and higher AS always feels nicer and smoother to play with than higher damage.
sorcery increases ability damage (so like a xerath q is an ability like a zed q is an ability) instead of increasing AP
amorally4 (EUW)
: Nothing. Cos he's bad. Just ditch him and pick a different champ.
this was purely for when i'm having fun in normals
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: We are still wating for the 6th skin for Easyhoon.
a bit of an update would be nice tho
Najns (EUW)
: I'd rather wait a bit more to have good skins.
i know but i'd like to know when
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: How do i handle ranked games?!
Plat 4 rn so i know what it's like, basically ignore the fact that they're promos, doesn't make any difference in game so it shouldn't change anything with your mindset. Nightblue3 constantly says that if you aim to improve then you'll go up ranks but if you look to go up in ranks then you're not going to improve or go up the ranks. There are tons of videos aimed at improving, i think Redmercy did one recently and in essence improve decision making like go to this side of the map because it gets us this, ward here so we can take drake in a minute etc and look at your mini map every 5 secs or so, so you can see if your top laner for example is getting ganked so you go for a roam or your bot is being ganked so you take rift herald/get deep wards with your jungler.
Shingetsu (EUNE)
: Talon remake?
tbh you have to snowball the early and you'll obliterate people otherwise he's pathetic though riot did say that they were looking to do an assassin rework which may come around a bit before worlds
DragonH (EUW)
: I need you guys opinion (skin related)
Forsaken Jayce is a peng skin though as others have said you can save them till you get something you do want
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Fawkz (EUW)
: Maybe they don't get them because there is already a SKT T1 skinset? Or maybe they will so beautiful that they took a while longer to make ;)
they're already made you can check on skin spotlight, just wondering when they're going to come out
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porps (EUW)
: i think the problem may be that mana problems tend to only exist in the early game - mana hungry champions have items available which make mana a non-issue later. The mana resource is used as a power gating mechanism in many cases and riot might be quite concerned about the knock on (early game) balance effects of giving a champion something that can bypass that.
mm fair point maybe an item that passively gives mana or some shit like talisman gives hp per minion death but instead the mana goes to the adc, not a lot but enough that if you use it effectively it's a good source of sustain in the early game
Cypherous (EUW)
: We used to have a champion that could give other people mana, it made botlane stupid as you could never effectively trade and on champions like lucian or ezreal an infinite source of mana is silly
but what about a champ that gave champs mana for a delayed amount of time so like a mana shield or just like a kayle ult for mana instead of an infinite source
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: {{champion:10}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3124}}
probs something i'll look into forgot about kayle
: {{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} Broken as hell
might try fizz but unless you get fed with yas, zed will shit on you late game
ExileSorrow (EUNE)
: {{champion:103}} works... really she works. Maybe you have mentality problem
tbh vertigal ( an ahri main) says that it's more of a losing matchup and i've not tried it in a while because of it so maybe i'll revisit that
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: They're delaying them now and making them better. Also adding an Azir skin.
oh shit nice, well that's brightened my day thanks
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eke (EUNE)
: How do i counter assassins?
learn to play lulu
Grammos (EUNE)
: Is Kassadin worth buying?
he's not that good atm and a bit different to other assassins because of how he scales so i'd say save up for ekko becuase you can also play him tank when you need to but is still good when ap
Medusa (EUNE)
: A Kha'Zix Montage
really good man, like what you did at the drop but i would say you could suddenly put it into normal or even saturated colour when the drop hits but still really good!
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
cheers and no i hadn't thought of that Thanks!
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: Let him push to your tower, and stand in between the minion wave and him. If he walks up to the minion wave just stun him and do your damage. With Nasus its all about postponing his lategame until it's too late, not stopping it completely, so whilst he is trying to recover from his laning phase at mid game, go down and help your team so that you can win before he gets the chance to become powerful. [] ooo {{champion:58}} {{champion:75}} [] [] is a tower ooo is the minion wave
i'll try that but surely i'd just end up tanking a shit ton of a oooo
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Don't get paranoid about "deny nasus or gg", it's fine if you can do it, otherwise just play normally, let him push, freeze near to your tower and it'll be a lot easier for your jungler to help you.
what champs would you say this is best/easiest to do with
: You've got to keep pressure up 24/7... freeze the lane in the middle of out side of your tower to force him out of his tower, and every time he comes up to Q punish him for it with a trade. The goal is to force him to stay away from the minion wave and to deal more damage than he healed when he does come up. If you are successful then nasus isn't going to be able to stack much in time, thus becoming useless. And if you can get kills on him then do so, that usually handicaps his ability to farm as well.
but when i try to poke him or harass with say renekton, i end up ripping up the wave making mine push
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Raentwo (EUW)
: Yeah he'll probably be released on New Years Day
on the vid the vi one comes out on the 2nd so not sure it'll be released on new years day
: The tankiest champion?
right so ali's ult makes him hella tanky but won't last that long (kinda long but not that long) rammus is tanky but has a built in thornmails but tahm can get quite tanky but when his grey shield is used it's liked getting him really low then him just getting all his hp back so just try them out and grow your champ pool
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