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: Scared of ranked.
I've only played 2 ranked games this season, but felt more relaxed going into the queue than previous seasons because I would always get my 2 favourite roles.
Rismosch (EUW)
: To difficult pressing one extra button? :P
Like I said, I'm used to not having to lock in. You used to be able to pick your champ, then open mastery page and think about masteries and everything would be fine. It gave you 30 extra seconds to think which, admittedly, isn't needed when you're first pick, but very useful when you're last pick. So no not difficult, just not used to it. Idk why ppl have to downvote when i'm just saying that I find it annoying. It's not like I'm saying riot sucks for introducing this or anything. But ok w/e, guess you can't voice your opinion here.
Goat02 (EUW)
: A player did not lock in their pick or ban. Your group was returned to matchmaking.
The ban/pick confirm thingy is so annoying. I'm so used to not locking in my champ so I have a bit of extra time to think about my runes / masteries. Idk why they can't just lock in the champ you chose lol.
Sveh (EUW)
: This is not worth a punishment.
Might have something to do with the fact that you already have been restricted once so they're more strict about your behaviour? I must say though, the mindset of "my lane is most important, jungler MUST gank me" is so annoying for a jungler. Imagine having multiple games in a row where you get blamed by a lane even though you helped other lanes to the best of your ability. I'm not surprised someone would report you for that tbh.
: > [{quoted}](name=AeonValefor,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=8N3LKoGf,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2015-12-03T15:00:48.586+0000) > > Not saying that's a valid reason to report you, but it's really annoying that ppl don't help junglers in bot games. Everyone helps their junglers in normal games, how are ppl new to jungling / specific champs gonna learn how to jungle if they're not getting help. Its pretty annoying that people are jungleing at all in botgames when you are powerleveling. In botgames you can do whatever you want and the only thing you hade to accept is thet your teammates does whatever they want to.
botgames aren't meant for powerleveling. You can't expect ppl not to try new stuff just because you want to get your lvls faster. And only takes 10 seconds to help. Idk it's just a nice thing to do i guess.
: Would you say that Ekko is well designed?
Only thing I don't like about him is his ult. "Oh I'm an idiot and facechecked a brush with full enemy team in it" "np: R".
DireXcon (EUNE)
: The most annoying kind of players
I think adcs that tank every skill shot that gets thrown at them and say I suck for missing a hook are more annoying
chill22518 (EUNE)
: Mana potionss, we miss you
: for not helping the jungler... in a bot game..
Not saying that's a valid reason to report you, but it's really annoying that ppl don't help junglers in bot games. Everyone helps their junglers in normal games, how are ppl new to jungling / specific champs gonna learn how to jungle if they're not getting help.
: Please DO NOT touch Sona!
Touch Sona? Giggity
Emo Kïd (EUW)
: What champs do you love the most?
{{champion:432}} I used to get really angry whenever something went wrong. When playing bard I never get angry. Idk he's just goofy and I dont care if I die. And whenever i get caught out, I just tunnel myself to safety. Best champ
: If YOU were a champion in LoL..
Passive - Teemo's passive Q - Teemo's passive W- Teemo's passive E - Teemo's passive R - Teemo's passive
Puckab (EUW)
: I have to say: Goodbye LoL community :/
: Riot may hate the idea, but True Damage isn't that bad. It is countered by health and, for the most part, either very low numbered yet constant or else high damaging yet rare. Normal True Damage is a clear counter to tanks, **but still gives tanks the option to weather the damage-type**. Tanks can't hold a game to ransom when True Damage is available, nor can squish carries walk as freely as they would like. The formula was simple. Yet, now with more and more Percentage Maximum Health True Damage, the balance is all off. Tanks are useless as there is **absolutely nothing** they can do against this kind of damage. The True Damage already make any resistances redundant, and the Percentage Maximum Health aspect removes any counter play to the threat! Saying that killing them before they kill you is not a valid counter play point. There rarely is time to kill them first as the percentage of your maximum health is just so massive. It isn't a "tank counter" at all really as **a percentage of your maximum health on anyone is still a percentage of your maximum health**. Taking 10% of your max health is still 10% of your max health gone in one stroke, no matter how much damage was actually taken. There is no counter play if there is no way to change the number of attacks required to kill you. If an attack deals 10% of your Maximum Health as True Damage, then it will always take 10 of those attacks to kill you. Doesn't matter if you have 1000 Max Health or 4000 Max Health. And that is wrong. True damage should always be flat. % Max Health should always have a resistance to counter it since the mechanic itself already counters health.
yea agreed. True damage isn't the problem, it's % health true damage that is the problem.
: Homeguard changes
Hm i never thought rammus' clear was that bad tbh. I think my main issue is the early game teleport homeguard powerball ganks.
Weelah (EUNE)
: Snowdown preview
Not a fan of the bard skin. Meh
: So I just played my first ever game as the wonder that is braum...
Don't like playing as him. Love playing with him and hate playing against him. I think he's really good, but I'm just bad with him.
: What Champ makes you tryhard the most?
Udyr probably. Low cd abilities that give a speedboost when cast. So i'm constantly smashing buttons to catch up to or get away from someone.
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: Mordekaiser Should Be Able To Get Ghost Of Rift Herald ^^^
No. And dragon ghost should be nerfed or removed.
: Wtf rito teambuilder???
happened to me last week
Bombardox (EUW)
: Is it really a problem that i play tahm kench as supp ?
I really hate playing against a tahm supp unless I play a passive supp. So stupid if you get a perfect combo with brand or something and the tahm just eats the adc. It's just lame.
: Who are the best Junglers in 5.22?
: Lets set up a poll for riot so they know if they should change preseason.
Idk why people are complaining, it's not like so much has changed lol.
Unmandao (EUW)
: Cull: less damage, sustain and hp gets you killed in lane, loss 170g + the cost of losing lane
That's the decision you make. You trade stats for gold. Doesn't mean the item is useless.
: Cull is a noobtrap.
Doran's blade: cost: 450 sell: 180 loss: 270 cull: cost: 450 passive: 400 sell: 180 profit: 130
Kunkel (EUW)
: what if i told u most people don't want to spend half a day reading these patch notes. Yes i know u forum guys all do it but the average play doesn't.
You don't know what the average player wants or doesn't want. Just because you are too lazy to spend 10 minutes reading the patch notes and instead ruin the first few games for your teammates doesn't mean everyone is like you. and yes, you are ruining other ppls games if you dont read the preseason patch notes. Everyone knew it was coming, there have been multiple warnings about it in the client as well, you don't need to be a "forum guy" to know it. Stop being a lazy bum and read the damn patch notes.
: Before you play the new patch:
Also: read the damn patch notes.
Brolando (EUW)
: Servers have been stable for months, for me at least and it's not like I have a really good internet provider and my computer is pretty old.
Ppl will keep complaining about servers just so they have something to complain about.
Kaesik (EUNE)
: Rip Leauge of Legends
Idk why everyone is complaining lol. Yea some champions are really strong now, but there are strong champions every patch.
Dixi Pixi (EUW)
: Considering the fact that TRINKET UPGRADES AUTOMATICALLY
Even had supports that don't buy sightstone anymore lol. They just buy ap items and use trinket to ward.
: Patch 5.22- The whole world is UNbalanced
PsychoRex (EUW)
: Question to the preseason 2016 Masteries
Summoner spells perhaps edit: mandatory halloween icon: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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ST Paws (EUNE)
: Well, seems like its never going to happen...
Better to wait for their reworks. Having an awesome splash art and shitty ingame graphics is so stupid lol.
: I have received 3 Honor crests within 24 hours!!! I LOVE EVERYONE!
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Axelney (EUW)
: My face when my adc wants to teach me how to support...
Honestly I'm open to tips when I support someone. I dont mind if adc's tell me to be more aggressive or they want me to ward somewhere. What I really love though is when I'm support and my adc tells me to get out of bot lane cause i'm useless. Helping jungler with ganks is so much more fun than just sitting in lane.
alasarcher (EUNE)
: What do you mean "refuse to play role they are supposed to"? Who decides what someone is supposed to play?
The summoner's code actually. "Being a good team player begins at champion select. Be open minded when considering the needs of your team. If you're the last one to pick, try to fill a niche in your team that hasn't already been filled."
: [Ranked Games] Chat/Team Composition Problem
They were working on a draft pick teambuilder, not sure if it got shelved or if they're still working on it though..
Takeoff (EUW)
: Champions to climb with
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: there is bug with Kindred
You sure? You can't mark an enemy and immediately kill him. You need to wait a bit until the circles around the marked target are gone.
Iskierka (EUW)
: New Ability Ideas for a Support Champion
I like his E skill. I like the idea of setting up traps to slam someone against the wall or throw them over walls or something.
Suijin (EUNE)
: Instalock
What's the difference between calling a role and not wanting to give it up and instalocking? player 1: jungle! player 2: jungle pls player 1: i was first haha!! player 2: but i want to jungle... :( player 1: I dont care i was first lalala you can go support I see a lot of complaining about instalockers, but there really is no difference
Rïvén (EUNE)
: The "trollpick" did nothing wrong when he went jungle with Rengar. The "meta" is an unwritten rule and if a person sees something viable (I.E. Double jungle or anything else of the sort.) Then the person cannot be punished for it. I'm pretty sure there was a time when people said that our current meta is a "trollpick" Honestly, I think it is kind of a dick move, but considering the summoner's code he hasn't broken any rules of the game.
considering the summoner's code, he actually has broken the rules.
: I'm afraid of the Shen gameplay update
New shen will be like ninjas from final fantasy xiv. Mudras pls.
: im pretty sure i got exactly what the point is. its the same point as every jungle thread ever written that isnt complaining about the strength of one particular jungler. its a rant thread. its a "laners are so bad, heres all the bad things they do" thread. you make 'em because you're mad and know that its easy to get junglers to circle up and cry together on the forums. same reason comedians use racial stereotype jokes when they know they can get away with them, because they are easy and get exactly the response you want to get. dropping an edit after your post and claiming its now about something else dosent do a thing. i may as well post a "omg nerf X champion cz it beat me" thread and then try and claim its actually an intelligent discussion about the relative balance of X lane regarding Y item. i DO jungle. i've been here since season 2, back when people bothered to learn ALL roles and ALL perspectives. i've played as every type of jungler under the sun from yi (pre-sated) to shaco to lee sin, reksai, ww the lot. i know the problems they have, but at the same time i know the problem the JUNGLE COMMUNITY has is its tendancy to fill forums with "omg laners right?" threads for sympathy. its not good for anyone involved. voicing your opinion just because you want it parroted back at you for affirmation is the same kind of poor logic that caused tumblr. dont be that guy/girl. dont be tumblr. everyones got problems. the proper way to go about fixing them is "how do i better deal with/cope with/ avoid my problem" not "omg i got problems, dont you have problems? our problems are soooooooo big right? like, tell me about it". as for my comment about your opinions on laners.... you know what subtext is right? its the implied sentances that the overall post has, but dosent overtly say. by listing out a ton of problems that junglers frequently encounter to a group full of junglers, you make the problems seem obvious and therefore imply that laners cant spot obvious problems, so the great and wise jungle community's gotta spell it out for them in little words and bullet points so they can read it. putting laners on full blast and having neither a good word to say for them nor a bad word to say for junglers isnt exactly the post you write when you are trying to stir up a reasonable conversation. things like "if you lose your lane its not my fault, learn ur champ better". what do you think that implies about that laner? pretty sure you werent going for "well maybe hes having a bad day" or "its ok some matchups are hard". dosent take a genuis to see that means "laner didnt know his champ or the matchup and he blames me for it". i can allready picture the toplane in your game that caused this. cz most of the time it IS toplane. picks are more important there, lanes snowball harder and jungle ganks matter WAY more. a 100% easy lane matchup can be lost in 2 visits from lee sin. it can be won back in 2 visits from... i dunno udyr or something. but in my experience its more likely that udyr will sit punching wraiths while lee sin carries his team, taking more time to type "not my job eugh laners allways flame junglers" then to just pop up top for a visit after taking scuttle crab. but go on the forums and its like i must be playing another game! junglers are only ever saints that want the best for everyone, ask any forum-going jungler and they tell you the same. its enough to make me thing all these forum junglers are actually just 1 guy with 200 accounts.
No I'm pretty sure you did not get the point. I'm also sure youre the kind of laner this thread was aimed towards.
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