: I Want to Say This to Riot, LOL & the Player Base
Finally i see someone posting an actual positive post and not just some hate towards riot. For all of you who don't agree or look down on this person's view ... instead of forcing your thoughts on riot on others, please just appreciate and accept that not all people hate, but actually love riot for their game. I for one love league but also ofc get annoyed when up against someone who's extremly broken. Then again would people play a game that doesn't have some op content in it? I think people would get tired of a game that static which is why every patch some get buffs and some get nerfs to make the game shift around in order to keep it interesting. Your champ get nerfed whilst it's counterpick get buffed like crazy? So what! Just play around it or try a different champ for once. Posting a postive meaning in a broad community like this takes a lot of courage so Death ov Glodra creds to you. Many people who feel the same way as you don't want to post their feelings towards riot because of all the negative comments they probably would get. You did something not all dare to. Keep that courage and it will help you out in so many ways.


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