FlutchV4 (EUNE)
: why did i get banned for this
I hope you are kidding right? You used the N word more times than a slaveseller did during the 17th century.
AlexGdwin (EUW)
: Championship Riven/Zed etc.
I am almost 100% sure they will.
: Can I get perma banned for AFK after 14 day suspension
Weird, usually riot games NEVER bans someone for their first time AFK.
ScumbagAce (EUNE)
: IP's of server
I really recomment to remove your ip adres from the forums. Wrong people can do wrong stuff with it.
mbbk (EUW)
: Let's make a petition for permanent URF !
They won't make it permanent. It will remove the fun after 2 weeks and nobody will ever play it again. Adding URF 2 or 3 times a year makes it kind of exciting to play
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: What does "surviving lane phase" mean?
Exactly, I picked up gangplank recently, and its the same story with him. Both gp and vayne are late game carries, but suck in the early game. Farming with these champs can be hard if you are getting bullied by early game champs like lucian. If you "survive" laning phase (Dont die, farm safely). You will be able to win teamfights during the lategame more easily. I hope i could explain it a little bit (soz for bad english)
Aparation (EUW)
: 10 Bans and Yasuo.
You could also question yourself why people want him banned so much. His winrate "might" be balanced, but his kit just isn't. People hate to play against him, and of course all the yasuo "mains" who have over 500K on the guy and go 1/10 after 20 minutes, blaming their junglers. So yeah, you get the point
: Nerf Gragas
Gragas broken? LOL He got nerfed really big on his ulti past season. He is barely above playable
: Plat 4 smurf ruined my game - n -
so.... what are we supposed to do with it..... ?
: critic my op.gg
Play more twitch, vayne and MF. Your winrate is good on them which means you should climb relatively fast
: If I was Riot's CEO
But wait..... Isn't that exactly what riot is doing?
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: ***
squishy? what does that even matter if you can 1v5 the enemy within 5 seconds. The champion's kit is just unhealty and unbalanceable. They need to give his windwall an amount of HP so it can break after a decent amount of damage/projectiles
: Fiora can't 1 v 5 and if stunned, that's her basically her fate sealed. It's like Yi in a way but more of a constant threat
so a champ only needs to be nerfed if it can 1v5? LOL get your shit together
: Bring back old rengar
old rengar + not able to crit = even more trash
: PulseFire Cait and One Question
Its probably the ugliest 1820rp skin in my opinion. Her Q looks like she is shooting a tampon.
: If you don't own the champion it'll be added to the price at the same discount.
weird because i do own the champ
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nope, we are not ;(
Wαrdwick (EUW)
: maybe all those bronze to diamond ppl are gold 5 in flexQ too. most elostalking sites like lolskill only show soloQ rank, wich is in no way related to flexQ rank. so u can have very unbalanced matches if u only take soloQ rank into account. same problem as in normals
oh yeah of course, that could be the case. I always was at lolskill while in loading screen. I thought it would show the rank of the current game mode. thanks anyway!
: Some buffs to lethality items?
I like your idea, but no. It would be way too broken just like it was. yes, midlaners (AP) will most of the time get banshees which gives a free shield, but buffing lethality with another 25% would just completely ruin the meta again. Youmuus is fine as it is, and edge of night just became a harder item to use because the shield lasts shorter. But making items harder to use is maybe not so bad at all.
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: Elementalist Lux sale
So? you already have the skin? so why does it matter? You seem to forget that you already have the skin for 6 months, while people who will buy the skin at sale did not.
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: Why are mid laners considered the best players?
Probably since the midlane is one of the most important roles in the team, you dont just play in lane. But just like the jungler you can help others to win lane, make decisions and carry a game. And of course, Faker just plays every role like an absolute god. But yeah, i do agree with you that its weird that only midlaners get so much attention :/
Infernape (EUW)
: Because it makes more sense to start them off where the average person lies and drop or raise them depending on their performance.
the average person starts in bronze 3, not in gold 5.
: I am very sad about Rakan
too weak? you are doing something wrong for sure. he is more than strong
: > [{quoted}](name=African Baboon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PRg3F2UM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-01T14:30:14.410+0000) > > lul, salty because you lose vs them? > {{champion:157}} = high risk high reward, although most players suck at him > {{champion:103}} = just a strong midlaner, but nothing too special. just build some mr and you're fine > {{champion:64}} = interesting, since lee is probably the shittiest jungle champion in the late game. Play safe early game vs him and you have no chance of losing that game. Nope, just tired of them getting favorable treatment because they happen to be popular. There are loads of champions are simply ignored by Riot on the other end of the spectrum. I am tired of seeing them every game because of how versatile and loaded that their kits are. {{champion:103}} is only in the game for fan service and to appeal to horny teenagers. She is a misogynistic and sexist depiction of a fantasy woman.
te%%%%? special treatment? when was the last time either of these champs got buffed? And they are picked so much not because they are strong, but because their kits are just really fun to play. but neither of these kits are overloaded. and about ahri, are you just having a %%%%ing laugh? or are you %%%%%%ed? you could say the same shit about mf having massive tits. get your shit together
: Riot should create a new champion class,
lul, salty because you lose vs them? {{champion:157}} = high risk high reward, although most players suck at him {{champion:103}} = just a strong midlaner, but nothing too special. just build some mr and you're fine {{champion:64}} = interesting, since lee is probably the shittiest jungle champion in the late game. Play safe early game vs him and you have no chance of losing that game.
: I think Autofill supp should be removed
Play normals then. they added the autofill for a reason, which is 60 minute queue times. Tbh i dont mind playing 1/10 games as a role i usually dont play. Plus you SHOULD be able to play every role decent, since that is how it was before season 6. So dont cry, learn support or play normals instead.
Moaazz (EUW)
: Dat leave buster though o.O
> [{quoted}](name=Moaazz,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=TIKJy1jj,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-01T13:26:18.304+0000) > JUST MY OPINION! <333 exactly, just your opinion. in my opinion it should be risen to an hour, because %%%% dodgers and people who go afk.
Biuvoc (EUW)
: LULU WONT GET NERF??And botrk??
{{champion:64}} you do realize that if this guy misses a Q, or kicks wrong he is basically screwed right. plus he is probably one of the most (if not the most) shittiest late game champion.
: Syndra R Suggestions
I do agree that her ult should be modified, although i disagree with people calling syndra a "press r to oneshot" champion. Yes , her ult can be incredibely strong in the late game, especially when casted on an adc, but she has 0 mobility, which will punish her if she goes too deep into the enemy backline to kill the adc. I think people who say that adc's are garbage in this meta/season, are the people who misposition during teamfights, because thats basically whats it all about. +1
Fake Masks (EUNE)
: Jinx isn't any easier than Vayne, if something, harder than vayne.She has no mobility and needs to have a good positioning + she has skillshots which Vayne doesn't. Vayne is pretty much one of the most braindead adcs honestly, idk why some people think shes hard.Literally all u have to do is right click
vayne is probably one of the hardest champs in the entire game, although it is kinda rewarding if you can play her properly. you cant say that she is a right click champ, because one wrong tumble and you are dead af.
KingNeonMan (EUNE)
: I constantly get matched with better players than me
No offense, but in that elo you should not play vayne at all. if you want to climb (which i assume) you should play adc's like jinx or something. champs like vayne,zed ,riven , yasuo are just not really played well in that elo. good luck anyway
: Is Aatrox worth picking up?
i think picking up a trash can is going to have more succes than aatrox, now seriously, he is utter shit so dont even botter pickin him up
: [VERY WIP] Azir Rework Concept
azir does not need a rework
Mangekyu (EUW)
: Ive surpassed 2500 games.
where did you check that
Canni (EUW)
: Kick intentional feeders
ehhh, you seem to forget that 4 premades can kick someone just to troll
Wangel (EUW)
: Balance Warwick
"Balance is weakness"{{champion:238}}
codeas (EUW)
: My account permanent banned
"but it wasnt me who was playing"\ thats another reason to get banned since you may not share your account
Materisna (EUNE)
: Doesn't work for an adc ##ADCin2k17
Rioter Comments
Yolo Ekko (EUW)
i can't believe people are actually changing their runes in this "fun" gamemode
ImCrazyVex (EUNE)
: Builds and keystones for Warwick jungle?
titanic hudra -> cinderhulk -> frozen gauntlet -> dead mans plate -> merc threads -> GA keystone: fervor this is the best warwick build
iEatGodZ (EUNE)
: Stolen account
no offense, but do you even have proof that the account is NOT from the person currently playing on it...?
: How to farm minions well on Elise?
ehh? do you mean that you wanna play her mid? wtf?
: (rus) на twisted treeline спавнится 2 волка (не 3)
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