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: Yeah, playing jungle must be a good choice to climb and i also try to feed the adc, the difference is that i usually play support, maybe it's time for me to learn another role
I would highly suggest learning jungle as it will always be an impactful role. I suggest playing VI, sejuani to learn how to play efficiently. It might also help with your support skills as you know when it's more appropriate to ask for a gank. On top of this the problem with playing supp at this elo is that most adcs are shit as its the hardest role to do well in. You are better off getting a carry jungler/midlaner fed than an adc at this elo.
Arkadium (EUW)
: I don't want to be that kind of person but soloqueue feels like throwing a 50% coin
I know the feeling mate. Just managed to get to plat a few days ago and I worked out what I changed to achieve this. Last season I one tricked with Wukong Top to Plat using my mechanical skill on him alone. I didn't place any pink wards last season and I found it easy to achieve plat. However this season I found it much harder to climb past gold 2/1 as wukong top isn't strong atm and I am only good on a select few champs. However 2/3 weeks ago I tried my main (Wu) out in the jungle and I've found lots of success and I've worked out it's because if you can get bot ahead then it makes the game 10x more winnable. And the easiest position to do this from is the jungle. So my advice is to find a jungler you enjoy and are strong at and then start spamming them in ranked. Also learn that champs counters and try not to force ganks (keep farming). Hope this helps you climb a little further.


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