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InTheory (EUW)
: I have seen many of these accounts too, so I decided to make a List of such accounts and keep an eye on them. I check their match histories and once I get 10 of them I send a request to Riot and ask them to check these accounts personaly. Allready reported some of these accounts that were playing 24/7 until reaching lvl 30 and having stats of 0/15/0 in every single game (coop) without buying any items and suddenly being renamed and starting to play ranked in Gold division. Try this and help the community to clean up with these accounts as long as you can see their misbehavior. Greets
Great idea il will start doing the same, thank you for ur time
: ARAM Games are plagued by bots
I agree, in the co-op games there are almost only levelling bots, i know because i played with a friend that just started playing league and so we played some bot games, but u cant find any living person there
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