: NEW MAP & GAMEMODE! The Forest Pathway.
Heyhey :3 this concept is awesome *-* I would love to play this. <3 {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} Just one little thing: Theme: Middle Age vs Future
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Thread looks good but wel every jungle champion can gank very easily at lvl 4. Many will say differently but level or champion dont apply to agressive jungler. I dont like the last point that the jungler will not gank when laner is 3/0, add there that the jungler will gank with the help of another laner through communication. A positive mind will always find a way to assist your allies. You should also mention that people need to be friendly with the jungler. There are some junglers who dont like any negative attidude towards them, maybe they fail to gank sometimes and get yelled at, sometimes they mute and ingore you whole game and the teams moral will fall. But as long as the team supports the jungler, jungler will always try again to help you.
Thank you for your response. :) I did add your point about positiv attitude and about communcation.
Vasquez39 (EUW)
: About point 4. Of the no gank section, I think it's debatable. It really depends on the lane, who the enemy jungler is, hwho my fed teammate is and other factors. Sometimes I just prefer to help him crush the other laner even more (mostly on the top lane) and get the turret quick so he can start roaming and help the rest of the team with his advantage. The rest is pretty spot on, especially 7 of the same section. If you died 6 times to the enemy Riven already, don't count on me. She is probably strong enough to get a double kill by this point, and I have othesr not-lost lanes to help.
Hey thank you for your response :) But to say something to your argument: You will not be able to get so much gold if the enemy laner is already 0/4 or something like that. Sure its nice if you get help from your jungler to push your turret but in my opinion its better to "crush" other lanes. You should be able to push your Tower by yourself with 4 kills (sure its not possible as a hard tank like malphite etc.) but its possible and easy as 4/0 riven,wukong,voli etc.
S04 Lurox (EUW)
: ***
I didnt know that he did a video like this and i didnt want to make a copy of anything. sry for this ^^ I did add his link.
: That's a really good list. Just one thing is bothering me: Point 1 in "Situations where your Jungler should gank" is not aligned with the others. It's killing me from the inside. Please fix it!!!
I´m glad about your response. :) Yeah i did see it now and its fixed.
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Seaquence (EUW)
: Ok so I thought they might be some kind of passive since I saw them at lvl 1. So how exactly does a team "own" them? Can the enemy team use them to their advantage or...?
Just stand at the middle of the circle for some seconds and it will be yours. You dont get any advantage from it its just skarner will not get his debuffs if the enemy team did take this points.
Seaquence (EUW)
: Strange metal circles on the map?
Its not a bug. Its the new passiv of {{champion:72}} . Skarner gets Buffs if he is fighting at this circles,
: Rekt for top and wukong for top or jungle... Any build that goes well with him and I'm just asking which one is more worth the buy.
In my opinion wukong is better because you get much more teamfight potential with his ult then with renekton. Renekton is the better tank but wukong can turn a whole teamfight with his ult instead of renekton who can just stun one target.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Isn't it a demotion tho? :s Baby sounds lower than Junior. :(
xCillion (EUW)
: Update: http://www2.pic-upload.de/img/28541117/LuckyBaby.png
: Buying RP = Immunity to chat restriction.
Its just like Humpel already said. It doesnt matter how much money do you spend into LoL. You will get banned if you did something wrong.
Raentwo (EUW)
: Riven players are ridiculous
Its not becaus he/she did play riven.^^ This happens with every champ. It is necessary how the player act not which champ the player will take.
: So what do I do with a report I didnt deserve?
Hey, no need to worry about this reports. If you didnt to anything wrong you wouldnt get punished so stay calm and enjoy your game. :)
: cant demote from gold 5 to silver 1
You can get demoted from G5 to S1 if you lose your games BUT you cant get demoted if you are not playing ranked. Plat or higher will get demoted if they are not playing any ranked sometimes but you cant get demoted and Gold or lower if you are inactive.
Raentwo (EUW)
: Can we get a report system in champion select? And a vote that requires 3 votes to veto the match?
This system wouldnt work becaus its like shiwah already said your queue time would increase massively because if anyone dont like the matchup (because of champs or whatever) he will try to cancel this match.
Melonizer (EUW)
: [BUG] Warwick Ultimate cancel works, damage continues
Hey, idk if its rly a bug. Maybe you/we are just able to "cancel" his stun and not his dmg. It will be like qss so you can cancel this stun but not his dmg. Its the same with fiora -> i could cancel his stun but not his dmg with my W (parry)
PixzleR (EUW)
: Make another draft gamemode where only level 30 players can go to
Hey, this "low level" will be play together with this Platinum guy probably so he will get matched with lv 30.
Orkanos (EUNE)
: [BUG] Warmog not triggering passive
Hey, did you maybe forget that you need 3000 life to get this passive ? I did buy warmogs too at some of my last games and i did never get this bug.
: J4,voli or skarner as jungler?
Hey, i would prefer J4 or skarner. I dont like voli because you have only one little gapcloser (Q) and this movementspeed isnt so high. J4 is strong if you need knockups (maybe for yasuo) or to jump into the team and zone anyone with your ult. Skarner is strong if you want to pick someone with your ult and pull him into your team or just take anyone out of the fight till your team can focus him. This are my general opinions about this champs. I hope i was able to help you and if you have questions just ask :3
Joe 2nd (EUNE)
: I agree on most of things you say, but Azir don't have weak early... He can with no problem 1v2 if played well.
yeah i know but i did think about a decent player not about any azir pro who can play him very well. but yeah you are right if you are able to play azir very well then you can easily play a 1vs2.
: Azir or Victor
Azir Pro: -High mobility if you can manage the Q E combo -nice disengage with E Q combo and ult -nice zoning with his ult Con: -Squishy (but nice disengage with his E Q and R) -Weak early if he get ganked -did lose much dmg after the last patches (less movementspeed, no knockup with his E , less dmg with his Q) -not much CC except the ult (wall) Viktor Pro: -High dmg output -aoes (R,E) -stun (its awesome if you can manage to hit it in teamfights) -can oneshit squishys easily (if you are not behind) Con: -no escape except his little movementspeed and stun -Squishy (weak early and most of the time easy to gank) its just my personal opinion but i hope i could help you with your decision. and btw i pref azir becaus i like champs with mobility. :)
Eveninn (EUW)
: Yes, but kinda same goes for Akali. Akali hardly gets in range for anything pre 6, and lategame 1 CC often is enough to kill her. (since she will be in the middle of the enemy team)
Its just like Gpet already said. Its just hard for you if you get 1 CC. Thats why i would say Kata is better. You can cleanup after a fight faster/easier with Katas ult and resets (but you need to wait till you can engage otherwise you would get CC till your death )
: Thank you for your assistance! ^_^ Could you please elaborate further on why Kat would be better? Like, some more pros of Kat?
ok i will tell you every pro and cons of kata in my eyes: Pro: -at "low elo" easy to play because not everyone knows how to play vs kata (Bronz - Plat) -high dmg output at teamfights (ult) -high snowbal potential -if you get fed then you will win most of the tfs (normaly) -basicaly no skillshot (ult more or less but thats it) Cons: -difficult at high elo because most of the people will know how to play vs kata ( Dia or higher) -you will be down easily if you get cced -if you are behind its difficult to come back into the game (you will need some "clean ups" or picks) -no cc/escape (except your jump) Its just my opinion so not everyone will agree with it but i hope i could help you with it. :)
: Katarina or Akali?
I think kata would better in general. TTekker did say most of the things already but i have just one point to add. its rly hard to play champs who have only stealth as their escapes (akali) because of sweepings and pinks.
: Rammus' Taunt and Dragon/Baron
I think that it dont need any changes because its (more or less) nice for the jungle and dragon/baron because you are reducing some armor with this taunt. So all in all every ad champ will deal more dmg against it. But dont worry i know your feel to taunt dragon instead of the enemy jungler. xD
: When premades are reporting you
No need to worry. If you didnt act wrong then you will not get any punishment.
: Azir....
Yeah azirs sand soldiers are still a bit buggy with his auto attacks sometimes. "My" sand soldiers didnt deal dmg sometimes with any auto attack. Its just randomly but it happens.
Malenheim (EUW)
: Other people
Hey, my best tip for some improvement at every game and specialy at league : Play with premades. I did this every time if i can and i got better at league with this. Your premades can help you to do better at general things like farming and you will see how your premades are playing (if they are playing better then you).
Pale Horn (EUNE)
: Hello there everybody!
its just like everyone already said. If you didnt do anything wrong then you dont need to worry about it.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Played 4 ranked games yesterday...
Nice to hear such things. :3 Rankeds would be much better if everyone would think like your team. Good luck at your next ranked gpet :P
: A decent enemy team
Hey, yeah its rare but it happens. Its sad that so many people are still flaming after this reset. But glad to hear that you didnt flame back. good luck at your next games
Kilinah (EUW)
: Am I getting worse? (Some Help needed)
Hey, i dont know how you are playing so i cant say anything specific about you. But you should focus on everything a bit. If your team is doing bad or flaming each other just ignore it and focus on your own gameplay and try to get fed/catch up with everyone. So you will be able to carry your team in tfs sometimes. Another thing is that you shouldnt focus yourself too much at this "i´m doing bad". Just play and try to improve everything (farming,mechanics,decision making etc.). Look at your own games and think about it what you did wrong and what you should improve by yourself.
: i go smite jungle if i have to pick a support
Support arent there to fight someone 1vs1 like fighter/assassins. They should support someone with skills/items so the partner can get kills. Fighter/Assassin items wouldnt fit the role as support. But you can still play something like annie to have a bit dmg if you like it to deal dmg as support.
: is the system working?!
Hey, i dont think thats only division V. Every divison (bronze - challenger) do have people who are flaming/trolling or something else. And in my opinion most of the people actualy think that every get a clean account for chat restrictions so they can start acting toxic till they get their first warning/punishment.
Hey, it would be a bad idea becaus everyone would exploit it if they dont like anyone at the champ select. Example: You are starting a normal and you get into the champ select. Now 3/4 people dont like your match history/your champ pool or whatever and they did start this vote to kick you out of the champ select. That would happen every third game i guess. Yeah sure riot could to it if nobody would exploit it. But do you think that the whole community wouldnt exploit this "vote kick" ?
kingpromen (EUNE)
: i said that to myself exactly 14 times
Yeah but it will happens sometimes. You just need to keep playing and try to do your best. I know it will not help you but this is the only thing that you can do or stop playing ranked for some weeks/days and play normals. So you can try to get better at normal.
kingpromen (EUNE)
: Actually half of my promos were with with a duo parthner and i do play only like 4 champions...I know every matchup and every mechanic about them and etc... I tried playing morde adc yesterday .. guess what , i won 3 games and i got to promo and then i lost 2 :/ . Its in my match history if you don't believe me :D
I believe you dont worry :P but promos havent much difference compared with normal rankeds generaly. And as a tip try to play 2-3 champs for every role so you can play every role more or less. Btw i did have the same at the season beging that i lost much promos but now i can say that you just need to keep playing and it will be better.
kingpromen (EUNE)
: I lost 15 promos . Help me!
Hey, i dont know how you play so i will just talk about general tips. If its a promo or just a ranked game for XX LP you shouldnt care about it just play it like every normal game and do your best. Look for some champs which you can play and which are op atm. (i know it sounds like a normal answer "Play op champs" but sometimes its nice to play op champs if you can play them decent) or look for any champs which you are able to main ( i did main wukong/reksai as example and i did well with this both at most of my rankeds). Try to duoq with any premade maybe it will help that both of you can carry the game as duo bot or mid/jngl top/jngl. I hope it will help you a bit and good luck at your promos. :)
Blu3Hawk (EUNE)
: got reported for nothing :/
Its just like everyone did say it. Dont worry about it if you are not toxic. Its just a warning.
: It doesn't stack with the slow from your Q and your passive or the passive from dead mans plate. If you don't care for more damage 20 AP shouldn't matter 15 magic pen + guaranteed liandris double % health dmg (thx to frozen heart) actually offers much more dmg and you scale better vs people that build magic resist or lots of health. And it's just common sense to build liandris on a champion that has lots of stuns and slows.
As i said idc about the dmg from Liandris. I know that the slows wouldnt stack together but so your E and your ult also apply this slow of rylais and thats why i love rylais with ekko. And yeah maybe its better if you go vs people who build mres but as i said i like it more with the extra slow.
: Should I report everyone
Hey, i think that it doesnt matter how often you report after a game. If the person did something wrong then you can report him and you dont need to worry to get punished for this.
: What is the point of getting {{item:3116}}? I think {{item:3151}} would fit much better into that build.
{{item:3116}} is better in my opinion becaus it gives you more health/ap in general and you get a slow from every skill which is better to get someone. {{item:3151}} just gives you more dmg (with the passive) and nothing else (compared with {{item:3116}} ) All in all : More health/AP and just more cc as tank for your team.
villamlovag (EUNE)
: Ekko Jungler
Hey, it depens at your teamcomp. You can play him as tank or as ap champ. But i would say that the tank part is better for soloq/teamranked because you can engage/disengage everything for your team. Example: {{item:3725}} or {{item:3724}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3110}} (thats my favourite build as tank ekko).
YukaniEU (EUW)
: Self-handicapping
Hey, yeah rly much people start saying stuff like "you such , i cant carry you " or something else. I always try to ignore this and keep playing and focusing at myself. I think its not ok to do it. Sure everyone will have a bad game but that will not allow you to flame your team.
: When there's a smurf...
Hey, ignore people like this. Keep playing and enjoy your game instead of thinking about it.
: Why is it when someone says...
Hey, its not only premades. Sometimes i did see solo players which did the same things like flaming each other or "feeding" becaus everyone else did "feed". So its the player who makes the flame not the premades.^^ I did see alot of premades who didnt flame anyone. They just keep motivating everyone to keep playing.
: I am getting sick of people who pick RIVEN
Hey, it will not depends at the champion which another player is playing. I did see the same reaction from rly much player and it doesnt matter which champ they did play. Just try to ignore it and focus on playing your favourite champion riven. :)
xMidnight (EUW)
: Oh, but the bans still start from square 1?
i think bans (2 weeks,1 month etc.) are still in the system like always and you will not start at 0. Just if you did get a chat/ranked restrictions ( i did say this before) you will get a reset.
xMidnight (EUW)
: No, all bans have been reset, so right now u start at 0. Ur first ''offense'' will give u 10 game chat ban and then follow in the order of the new system
Not every ban get a reset. Just Chat Restrictions and Ranked Restrictions did get a reset. https://m.ask.fm/RiotLyte/answers/132426888898
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