: > [{quoted}](name=ADCarriesMe,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=I77PbRBE,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-12-13T12:53:32.795+0000) > > When you had one of those games. Review it after an hour. You don't even have to look at stats. > Answer some questions like. How did I contribute to the outcome? I have x Deaths, are all of them worth? What can I do to improove my performance. > Close the case and repeat the next game. > > Shorten the break you take after these games step by step. Eventually you will reach a point where you can reflect what was happening in realtime in the game. Take the red pill, become analytic and forget about your pride to become better in lol and a more pleasant person. Thank you for the advice kind sir, I will certainly give it a try :)
May I add that for the first few months you might add reviewing your negative emotions and thoughts during the match (write them down on a piece of paper as the game is going if you'd like) and to try and challenge those thoughts when your temper has cooled a bit.
Gebba (EUW)
: And you're not alone. It's quite shocking really to have such an attitude towards a service you paid for. That being said, this is pretty damn rare. I've never seen it from a gold or high-silver player.
As a scientist, I can't help but find these (for now anecdotal) correlates fascinating. Do you happen to remember the educational level of this particular student? I'm not insinuating there might be a correlate there (as I'm secretly hoping there isn't).
: Help With Bad Mentality?
What you describe here are all to common ego-defenses. However, recognizing when you are doing so and then challenging your own (emotionally charged) thoughts on the matter is arguably the hardest part, so you are well on your way of tackling them! Keep it up!
Gebba (EUW)
: He didn't say it was good or bad, he simply dodges it but justifying his plays and decisions by how he was thinking. It's kinda like fishing for sympathy, you don't look for the right or wrong you just make the explanation.
Ah yes, a very commonplace ego defense, indeed. I'm just (somewhat) surprised you would see this type of behavior in a student / teacher dynamic (in which the student is even paying said tutor, which would make me assume the student would at least be receptive from the outset).
Kyle001 (EUW)
: I've posted the tickets I've gotten below somewhere, Not sure if that's allowed, but I cut out their names. They're taking 20+ hours to answer every time, i'll expect an answer by the time I wake up tomorrow. I've posted much of this in the tickets, including that leblancs history etc. I don't know if they've looked at it. Like I said, no matter the outcome, Ty :D Friendly regards
Just caught on to the conversation, hope the emissary will be able to help you out!
Gebba (EUW)
: It's not just the in-game community in my opinion. Reddit, forums, and discords have the most dumbfounded people that have no idea what they're talking about who refuse to listen or even attempt to understand how you could have such a different opinion from them. I got paid to coach this one guy who was just constantly arguing with me, trying to justify and validate his choices and making that the main topic instead of moving on to talk about what he could have done and improve. To make some people understand the game on a higher level and have a more civil (or god forbid professional) conversation, you have to first go through psychotherapy and philosophy to re-wire their brain to make them receptive, and then you can **finally** begin to teach them the freaking game... I mean wow. People think that their own personal experience is 100% justifiable evidence. My point would be there are way too many polarizing opinions and borderline half the community just puts the blame on the opposer which never gets anywhere. You die to Yasuo as Syndra in melee range? Whoa, go figure. He must be freaking broken as ever-living hell! Zed smurfing? More like Zed broken. I haven't coached as many people as a regular coach has i believe, but i have no problems coaching people who enter with an open mind that're able to take responsibility for their gameplay, because with power comes responsibility- and vice versa. If you take responsibility for your gameplay, you have the power to change the course of said gameplay. People who just shift the blame to something like ''Yasuo broken'' will not learn. I'm not perfect, but i at least attempt to be better.
This is so interesting. So, you are saying a paying student deemed his plays and decisions to be impeccable?
Kyle001 (EUW)
: clips from the game, takes age to upload the whole thing
I would like to see a detailed report from Riot's support staff on how they conclude this is intentional. As an 8 year veteran in this game, this does not look obvious to me at all. Yes, you got stomped. Yes, you made some decisions that weren't exactly "challenger tier", but gosh.
: > Even though there are some points I can't completely agree with you on Just out of curiosity...what exactly? I don't want to argue, I promise I won't even reply if you don't want me to, no need to stretch this discussion unnecessarily. But I am way more interested when people disagree with me, because...well...I might be wrong. And if I am wrong and other people tell me why, I can learn something. I'm just interested in hearing your opinion.
I admire all your candor and goodwill, but as the adage goes "do not cast pearls in front of swines". This individual is -judging by his identity as he performs it in this anonymous environment - tragically suffering from ideation that is very close to what you would see in personality disorder subtypes I will not further specify as I won't go as far as to medicalize his issues here.
: Banned for two weeks.
Interesting, fringe case if I've ever seen one. Very strictly speaking (as mr. Timethief49, the legal aficionado, already pointed out), inting is against the SC. This being said, I honestly do understand you and your friends' sentiments wanting to end a game fast when an individual is in a game with the only intent to be obstructive. The worst part about situations like this is that if you didn't end the game like this, you would have been stuck for at least 20 minutes, since you know the individual would also vote no on the early sur's just to grief longer. I am really unsure what an actual solution would look like. In a nutshell: consequence of implemented law/legislation and justice are not the same thing.
Kyle001 (EUW)
: if you tell me how, i'll give it a shot tomorrow, getting a bit late
> [{quoted}](name=Kyle001,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Hw2Bncbw,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-12-08T23:09:27.010+0000) > > if you tell me how, i'll give it a shot tomorrow, getting a bit late I think you can get a new account, look up your old account profile (main menu > profile > search bar), find the game in question and download the replay, then play the replay whilst recording your game with OBS. Gnight :) PS. Do not forget to disable summoner aliases in the environment, as we want to avoid naming and shaming here.
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Mike Mew is god,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZVAdsZPw,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2018-12-07T21:21:59.055+0000) > > Bye. > > Meanwhile it's been a few days since the ban and I'm already higher elo than you've ever been in your life playing 1/10 number of games you played this season XD > > Keep stewing in your own snowflaky juices while strong players will shit on such snowflakes like you both in-game and IRL. LMAO > > > P.S I'm sure you are a virgin having low self-esteem and cucky personality like yours, but if you ever find a girlfriend by some miracle - let me know, I'll always be happy to come %%%% her and have you watching the whole process. > > These are what cuckolds like you are born for, right? Nah, not strong or thick skinned. Just an douche. Bye douche.
Kyle001 (EUW)
: How many tickets can you make?
Intriguing case this, in particular because of your tenacity. Can you go on another account, find this game, record the replay and post it?
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=FeelTheVoid1,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZYg5Ezza,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-07T00:02:51.100+0000) > > CAnt imagine how poor u are son.Get a life stop being keyboard warrior xD Insulting people who plainly explain the conditions of a perma to this degree and you wonder why we don't want you here? Laughable. (Please don't create/buy a new account).
SeanGoku (EUW)
: League community in a nutshell
My .6 cts: - Chat macro: it could fully replace the free chat imo, it's a time-sink and some people mostly use it to develop their creative insult writing. - Accounts linked to phone verification: yes please, I am tired of the "we can't get rid of perma-banned players" excuse. I don't think Rito will bite though, they are WAY to dependent on these players opening up new accounts and sinking those sweet micro-transactions into them. I've been playing for a long time and the ratio of games ruined by obstructive player behavior has not gone down at all. Apparently, the number of players that quit due to the highly toxic environment do not weigh up to the paying toxic players they retain.
: Your classic "Why was I permanently banned?" thread
100% deserved. Bye. "I know that the majority of EU are cucky snowflakes" Please go find a game where you can be the asshole you are so deep inside. Bye.
GLurch (EUW)
: Nothing's wrong with it, but I'll never do it :^)
Did you come up with that analogy yourself? It is quite brilliant and stomach turning at the same time :)
Baki (EUNE)
: Why the *** you get banned so easily on EUW? I've seen soo many threads from banned EUW players,and the reason of their ban is SO DAMN ridiculous like this one.
Don't worry! No ban! Just a report threat. But yes, this was quite a ridiculous threat.
: its a natural rule of an system discriminating quality. High quality can relies on rare raw material, thats why we value them as precious. It's the story behind gold actually. It became valuable because egyptians(?, maybe older) couldn't find it at will. It served no purpose at the beginning it wasn't even melted to be forged and shaped. It can also requires a very long time to reach that level of quality (aging, maturing, crafting...). Both of these criteria requires effort/time and since time is our ultimate resource. It roots the perception of being highly valuable. When it comes to the social/human, it's a little bit different, it requires time to find the matching spirit, to evangelise it or brainwash subject about it, but mostly despite being from the same specie, human have something unique: consciousness (I would not argue if you tell me animals might have and we will never know). Yet, this distinctive trait split our specie to the individual. From there, it is barely impossible to find consciously a true common value at the same time. so we can do what we are really good at: share (in very various form) opinions: philosophy, politics, "religions" (Maybe not, I'm agnostic and I do not want to offend anyone), From there, any set of core values; Evil adepts of the Apocalypse or Samaritans of the world, will never federate every humans. The community will be a gradient of commitment, zealot ahead and skeptical followers in the long tail. The only way to ensure one idea to rule them have been sadly already attempted: cleansing the subversives and brainwashing the youth > player traction/retention is probably Riot's most important goal. It might be true or still true, yet this is also now extremely related to how the community welcome newcomers and delight them (or do not disgust them too much) to keep reconnecting.
Interesting, do you have a reference/source on this material?
: You can int in many ways , like afk farming jungle while they kill your towers and inhibs etc But anyway dying 0 times is really bad. You should die 1 time to get a good KDA. You have to be strategic and think 2 steps ahead
0 deaths = infinite kda ;)
: I lost count on how many times I've gotten reported for flaming in a game I haven't said a thing in.
Oh that's a commonplace one. Or blatantly "for toxic", when you haven't used chat at all.
: Let me guess, the person who said that was feeding like a fat bloke at a buffet? Amirite?
Actually, he went on to stand around in the enemy jgl as a "ward" (he was playing Teemo). Not even joking. We were winning (and won!) the game, to make matters stranger.
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